Difference Between Burglary, Robbery, and Theft

The terms burglary, robbery, and theft are often thrown around interchangeably and the difference between the terms are often confused. Although all these crimes usually involve taking property from somebody else, they are all very unique crimes. Bur…
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Receiving Stolen Property - Is it Theft?

Continuing our theme of covering less common crimes in our blog posts, we will be covering the crime of receiving stolen property. Receiving stolen property is defined as any person who receives, possesses, transfers, buys or conceals any stolen prop…
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Shoplifting Attorney - Minnesota

Our team at North Star Criminal Defense has recently represented a number of clients accused of shoplifting, a form of theft under Minnesota law. A shoplifting attorney is critical for defendants to avoid long-lasting consequences from a poor decisio…
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Mail Theft Attorneys

You may be surprised to learn that mail theft – a potentially innocuous offense – is a felony in Minnesota. Because of this, such a simple act can carry long-lasting and potentially devastating consequences on an individual charged with f…
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Theft of Motor Vehicle - Court of Appeals Decision

A person commits a theft of motor vehicle whenever that person “takes or drives a motor vehicle without the consent of the owner or an authorized agent of the owner, knowing or having reason to know that the owner or an authorized agent of the…
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Minnesota Insurance Fraud

One of the more common cases we are seeing now is insurance fraud. It’s the result of the insurance companies asking the government to crack down on alleged improper billing by professional service providers – such as chiropractors. With…
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Identity Theft in Minnesota

Identity theft charges are becoming more prevalent in state and federal courts in Minnesota. If you find yourself facing identity theft charges, it is incumbent upon you to hire experienced and aggressive Minnesota identity theft attorneys to fight o…
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