Deferred Prosecution for Veterans - Criminal Defense

The term “justice-involved veterans” describes former service members who are on the wrong side of a criminal investigation or criminal charges. Often, a criminal proceeding against a veteran has underlying connections to some sort of service-rel…
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Veterans Criminal Defense - Deferred Prosecution Law

Veterans are among the most selfless individuals in our community. They give up everything in order to serve and protect us. In doing so, unfortunately, it often comes with physical and mental health injuries. For the latter, it is not uncommon that…
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A Sentencing Attorney Can Positively Change Lives

The outcome in many criminal cases can hinge on a skilled and artful argument by a sentencing attorney. A successful one can take a case destined for a commitment to prison and convince the judge a probationary sentence, with no prison time, is appro…
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Diversion Programs in Minnesota

Counties across the State offer diversion programs as alternative options to the criminal court system. In lieu of proceeding through the many hearings leading up to trial, an individual may apply for acceptance in the counties diversion program –…
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