Why Do I Need an Expungement Lawyer? 

Technically, you do not need an expungement lawyer. But going in without one is to your own detriment. The expungement process is detail-oriented with what must be filed and served. And the hearing involves State opposition from trained attorneys and even questions from the Court about the merits of your request.   

Expungement lawyers at North Star Criminal Defense have a proven process that has been meticulously built and developed to get the best possible outcome when showing up to court. And when we say best possible outcome, that almost always means getting the expungement granted. 

 There is a lot at stake for your expungement, this is your second chance, so reach out for an expungement lawyer who has been through this process countless times and get the result you deserve. 

 For questions about the process or if you are eligible contact North Star Criminal Defense at 651.330.9678   

Expungement lawyer