Minnesota Drug Crime Case Results

To see just how successful our approach is, here are some representative drug crime case results:

Police armed with a proper search warrant who turn a trailer almost completely inside out could not justify a further search of Dan’s client, including tearing his jacket apart, when they mishandled the manner of the search; a trial court finding that the search was excessive and insupportable was affirmed on appeal, and the client avoided a potential 100-month+ prison commitment. Yet another example of a case aggressively argued from bail hearing through early appearances and in a contested evidentiary hearing including a jury trial (if necessary) and most importantly artfully argued before the Court of Appeals. This represents one of Dan’s favorite cases to date, where the wins just kept coming, due in large part to a client dedicated to the best outcomes and to cautious, thoughtful conduct during the litigation process. Sobriety, law-abiding conduct, and timely assistance to your legal team mean the world, and helped immeasurably to make this outcome possible. Be the result you seek, is a great epigram for this case.

Client avoided designation as a Career Felony Offender, and thereby avoided a prison term of at least twenty years; he will serve only 2-6 months additional incarceration over the term he was already serving for a prior Kidnapping conviction (in that matter, the client avoided a possible Attempted First Degree Homicide prosecution, and received less than 20% of the time he would normally have had to serve). Multiple complex negotiations were required, and artful work with a particularly talented and well-regarded prosecutor. The client will be home to give his children back a father in less than 18 months, armed with a new lease on life.

Dismissed. This fantastic result was obtained due to the development of a personalized legal strategy that pushed the right legal defenses that were leveraged during negotiations with the prosecutor. The client's breath alcohol concentration came back at .056, yet the officer still demanded a blood test to determine the presence of a narcotic in his system. But, the client had a valid prescription for the narcotic, which was an affirmative defense raised via motion. The failure of the officer to do any further testing - such as a drug recognition evaluation - proved costly as the State was left with no evidence that the client was under the influence of the narcotic. This is a terrific result for a great client/veteran.

Case dismissed. Mr. Gempeler successfully raised the immunity defense during pre-trial negotiations. The client was only discovered due to a possible overdose. A new statute grants immunity to those that need immediate medical assistance. Through careful research and investigation, Mr. Gempeler had this defense ready for a contested hearing, prior to the County dismissing the case entirely.

Expungement granted from the bench. Client obtained a statutory stay of adjudication - pursuant to Minn. Stat. 152.18 - of a felony drug possession charge. The client was an RN that obtained drugs from her place of employment. Due to the thorough petition and arguments at the hearing, the judge made the rare decision to grant the expungement from the bench.

Stay of imposition, Misdemeanor 4th Degree Drug Sale. The client was facing three separate counts of drug sale and possession offenses that ranged from 5th degree possession to 2nd degree sale. Due a prior drug conviction, the client was facing a three-year mandatory prison commitment. Based upon the client's extensive rehabilitative efforts and negotiations by North Star, the client will receive a misdemeanor conviction upon completion of three-years probation, which includes a year in jail - not prison - where the client has work-release privileges so he can keep his life on track. While the year in jail is tough to swallow, the client avoids the lengthy prison term, can keep progressing with his rehabilitation efforts, and will only have a misdemeanor conviction on his record. In a county that is notably tough when it comes to drug sentencing, this was a great result.

Complex negotiations with police officials at the University of Minnesota resulted in a decision to nolle prosequi, or declination to prosecute, for a worried young man wrestling with extreme anxiety and some unwise decisions. Relief at the outcome for the client was palpable.

Client with massive immigration exposure resolved a prison-commit narcotics matter with a sentence consistent with a gross misdemeanor! No prison term, minimal terms of probation supervision, a stay of imposition of sentence, no additional jail time past the days served upon arrest. All this, and no deportation. Client retained the ability to fight to recover cash assets taken in the search of his home, though that is an uphill battle--just the capacity to ASK is of value. Staggering result!

This matter proves we will go ANYWHERE for you, to get the best conceivable result. A client dead-to-rights on violating his probationfor a new conviction walked with nothing more than time served, due to exceptional hustle to confirm sobriety and treatment-orientation.

A guideline sentence projected into the 180-month range will be concluded in less than a year in state prison, for this fortunate young man. A client with an extensive criminal history, for a variety of complex offenses, was able to negotiate (after ample proof of treatment-readiness and a commitment to sobriety) a Challenge-Incarceration-Program-eligible (call for an explanation of this program for clients with a long history of convictions) sentence of less than forty months. God willing and the trains on time, that client will be back in his family's arms in less than eight months; this, notwithstanding facing a true term of more than ten years for the (amply proven) alleged misconduct. No client is a lost cause, no case is too difficult, no circumstances are too damning for the lawyers at North Star.

After more than two years of negotiations, motion practice, court appearances, and arguments, an Assistant United States Attorney for a neighboring State moved to dismiss an indictment that called for many years of federal incarceration pursuant to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. Among other amazing effects from this decision, the client got his passport back by next-day air, returned to his business without interruption, attends plays with his kids, moves on with life, and is the biggest fan North Star Criminal Defense has ever had. It doesn't matter where you face challenges, or for what--North Star has the connectivity and the creativeness and the sheer stamina to put your situation to rights. No fight is too big, or too small, no government is too powerful, no opponent too imposing.

Stay of adjudication. In yet another extra-state matter handled by North Star, a client facing a life-altering conviction for drug distribution will avoid any serious implications for a two-year term of stayed adjudication, and the judge himself crafted a creative exit if that term is completed successfully--the matter will be returned to court, dismissed formally and expunged, notwithstanding far stricter rules on that remedy in Wisconsin. The client was visually amazed, and physically triumphant, at the outcome, and has been given a new lease on life--quite literally.

Client was approved for a program that will avoid not only a brutish mandatory minimum sentence of five years in prison, but also the guideline sentence of up to twelve years--in favor of an intensive drug treatment program at the Department of Corrections, which will have him home nearly as fast as if he had entered the Boot Camp/Challenge Incarceration Program (which typically shortens any sentence of 72 months or less to roughly 8 months in prison and the balance on conditional release). Client had complications in his record and on this case that disqualified him from Boot Camp, but continuous hustle and creativity on Mr. Adkins' part resulted in a highly rare and welcome discount for the client.

Client faced a mandatory expansion, by nearly a decade, of her existing prison sentence, for introducing drugs to a jail while she was serving a prison term. Negotiations and aggressive investigatory work by the North Star team - particularly Mr. Adkins - resulted in less than three months' extra time to serve. A fantastic outcome for a client working her tail off to rehabilitate herself.

Further proof that North Star has become the ONLY place to take a family member or friend with a raft of open matters, facing a multitude of sentences for a rash of misconduct. This client faced a massive hit in a neighboring state for violations of parole, and had enough open cases in Minnesota to face an almost larger term HERE. Mr. Adkins worked with prosecutors all over the state to reduce her exposure to no additional jail time, and prepared her to return to a program back in her state that will permit her to be home for the holidays this Fall. When you need your lawyers and their team to handle this sort of complication, and this many opposing prosecutors and cops, you'd be foolish not to call North Star. We have perfected this challenging effort.

Drug Diversion. This client had been advised he did not qualify for a sentence pursuant to Minn. Stat. § 152.18 due to the sale components in his narcotics arrest; within three months, with hard work and dutiful attendance to Mr. Adkins' advice, diversion was achieved, and the matter is in line to be fully expunged upon successful completion of an eminently achievable program. Client was overjoyed.

Plea to an amended count of gross misdemeanor theft. The client was facing mandatory prison time based on the charge and the State was initially seeking a plea to the count as charged with significant jail time to be served. For an older client without any criminal history, avoiding a felony and any jail was imperative. The client ultimately earned a non-felony, no jail, and probation to the court after taking proactive steps and through Mr. Gempeler's proper guidance and negotiations.

Stay of Adjudication. Client is a young man with an incredibly bright future. The North Star team critically analyzed the facts and defenses of the case, and successfully obtained this important outcome - one that will ensure the client's clean criminal record will remain clean. After a brief probationary period and following through with the conditions of probation, the case will be dismissed.

Stay of Imposition, no jail. This client, already on probation for a felony narcotics matter, avoided a mandatory minimum prison sentence for a marijuana grow operation in massive scale, and will serve exactly no days in jail for the plea. Tenth District practice is tricky, and requires lawyers with a key understanding of the personalities and the quirks in that region, running from Buffalo out west to Hinckley up north and to Cottage Grove and Afton in the south Metro. Do not hire just anyone in this arena--go with pros, who have practiced artfully here for decades in Dan's case, and with incredible early success in James'.

No additional custodial time. This matter concerned a gentleman charged in both Minnesota and Wisconsin for methamphetamine distribution, with qualifying prior convictions and large weights being moved. Mr. Adkins labored mightily to reduce his exposure in Minnesota, successfully, so that the client could apply for (successfully!) the Boot Camp program and planned release by January 1, 2019. However, a judge in neighboring St. Croix County considered a consecutive sentence, or otherwise delaying the client for as much as 18 months before starting that boot programming. Shirlene Perrin and Dan Adkins convinced that judge to settle for the time client had already spent in his local jail, and his entry into the Minnesota programming is back on track. North Star has made itself the most successful multiple-jurisdiction criminal defense firm in the Upper Midwest, with care and foresight and hard, hard work.

Stay of Adjudication. This prosecution, concerning a relatively massive amount of marijuana, marijuana oil, butters, gummies, etc. being transported from the great state of Colorado to points east (past Minnesota, as it happens), presented solid issues for a challenge to the stop of the defendant's vehicle, and a possible challenge to the expansion of the stop to search the trunk thereof. However, three passengers' having resolved their felony counts with guilty pleas meant the issues were not optimal, given the bench and its proclivities, so Mr. Adkins sought a resolution that would not entail an accepted guilty plea, would involve exactly no jail time or other sanctions other than a promise to behave, and would permit the defendant to return to his home state without onerous probationary conditions. He was successful, notwithstanding a semi-automatic firearm was also found in the trunk, and attributed to the owner and driver of the affected vehicle--our client. Remarkable result for a remarkable client, one with more to lose than most. Ask us about this matter, particularly if your matter concerns a foreign national or a person with multi-state criminal exposure.

Stay of Imposition, no jail. This client, already on probation for a felony narcotics matter, avoided a mandatory minimum prison sentence for a marijuana grow operation in massive scale, and will serve exactly no days in jail for the plea. Tenth District practice is tricky, and requires lawyers with a key understanding of the personalities and the quirks in that region, running from Buffalo out west to Hinckley up north and to Cottage Grove and Afton in the south Metro. Do not hire just anyone in this arena--go with pros, who have practiced artfully here for decades in Mr. Adkins' case, and with incredible early success in Mr. Gempeler.

Stay of adjudication. 3 years probation, no jail, minimal fine, and simply the need to follow the recommendations of the CD assessment and submit to random UA's. Considering a rifle and significant cash was also found in the client's bedroom (i.e. in his possession), obtaining a stay of adjudication was not automatic. With the counseling of the North Star team to get a CD assessment, become sober, find full-time work, and get a fresh start on life, the client put himself in a position to earn this important outcome, which is ultimately a dismissal of the case in just a couple years when he's discharge from probation early.

Plead to the misdemeanor trespass charge and the remaining drug charges were dismissed. The State initially sought a plea to the drug charges with significant custody time. After leveraging potential legal defenses and bringing a motion to dismiss the case, the Defendant jumped at the opportunity to take a plea to a non-drug charge and have no jail to serve. Through this outcome, she eliminated all risk of possibly losing and ending up with a plea to a drug charge, which would have negatively impacted her career.

Dismissed. The client was eligible for a diversion outcome, which would have resulted in a dismissal of the case after probation. And he had done a lot prior to being charged that would have made probation easier for him to finish. Nonetheless, even with an easy and great outcome available, the North Star team decided to take a more aggressive approach with a contested hearing to raise constitutional issues. The aggressiveness paid off - the State dismissed the case just prior to the hearing. Another great outcome for a deserving client.

Continuance for a dismissal, over initial State's objection. Client was stopped for pretty radical driving misconduct, and narcotics are located in the vehicle, but due to some misstatements of law by the arresting officers, most of the evidence against our client was suppressed, and agreement was reached to dismiss the matter after six months, and unsupervised conditions. Client, who is a professional, is overjoyed.

No Charges Filed. Client was pinched for a serious felony drug case. With the guidance of the North Star team, the client negotiated an agreement with local law enforcement to become an informant. Needing a team of attorneys by his side to enforce the agreement with law enforcement, the North Star team worked closely with the parties to ensure the expectations were reasonable and understandable, and that the objective was achievable. Otherwise, often the terms are due unrealistic, leading to failure and charges being levied, despite an informants best efforts sometimes. Even though the cops may come across like they're acting in good faith, always remember, their first priority is their interests only. This young client was thankful for the North Star team by his side to allow him to avoid the lifelong impact a felony drug case can have.

Stays of Adjudications in BOTH counties. A young client with minimal criminal history hired Mr. Adkins for two separate incidents, only a couple of weeks apart, involving drug possession at the fifth degree felony level. Notwithstanding two completely distinct sets of facts and two counties far apart in Minnesota, she will exit both cases without a conviction, and has less than nine total months of unsupervised conditional release until those dismissals are in hand. Remarkable result, for a great person now equipped to return to a bright future. North Star's creativity in these circumstances is essentially bottomless.

Departure granted. Stay of execution on prison time. The sentencing guidelines called for a presumptive prison commitment on this most serious drug offense. But, the client turned the page on her life the minute she was arrested. After fifteen months of sobriety and doing everything right, the North Star team was able to convince probation and the Court that a prison hit was not necessary and/or appropriate. THIS is why our relationships with county attorney's and judges matter. We save our clients lives with these types of outcomes. And we couldn't be more proud of our client doing what she needed to do so that we could get this outcome on her behalf.

Early Discharge from Probation. This probation violation was supported by reams of documentation of failures on the part of Mr. Adkins' new client, but a term of restorative work (and commitment to sobriety) by the client and artful arguments via Zoom technology meant the client is not only not headed to prison or jail, but will be released from probation early with a stern lecture.... If your family member (or you) faces allegations of failure on probation, please don't hesitate to contact North Star immediately. You'll be stunned how much aggressive representation can change the outcomes.

In another huge win for a client with multiple cases in multiple counties, Mr. Adkins secured gross misdemeanor convictions only for a client with a recent history of drug convictions, who was facing a mandatory trip to prison, and who will now suffer no more than the time she voluntarily spent in treatment and relapse prevention. Stunning reversal for a great, beloved client of this firm's.

Client facing a mandatory prison commit, due to level of offense and criminal history, receives instead a radical reduction in count and nothing more than home monitoring for just over a month. Suppression issues that were not likely to succeed, in conjunction with a responsive and thoughtful client, resulted in the saving of a life, a career, a home, and a family. North Star prides itself on positive outcomes for cases that look unwinnable, and this was just such an example.

This matter, concerning a relatively massive haul of multiple drugs and at least four firearms, could have cost the client more than five years' prison time, and had the matter gone federal.... Instead, Mr. Adkins was able to convince the County Attorney's Office to dismiss all charges before the matter was actually publicly filed, and before a single court appearance. Truthfully, these sorts of results are not common... but they happen here, at North Star, more than you'll find at any other Minnesota firm.

Client with multiple concerns, and a relatively large amount of money at issue, receives an incredible discount to a stay of adjudication, and the return of his cash, with no untoward consequences from the federal government. Client is overwhelmed and happy.

In this latest example of bulk-arrest/pending cases/global negotiations, Mr. Adkins secured a boot camp comprehensive sentence for a client facing decades in prison for a variety of open cases, in five separate counties. The client's commitment to sobriety, documented over three distinct treatment protocols completed, and helped push the prosecutors to our preferred outcome. James and Dan are consummate professionals, but more often than not, a dedicated and open-minded client will prove to be the linchpin in a successful recovery and negotiation. Be that client.

This case, concerning a young man giving his friends a ride--not realizing he was permitting large amounts of narcotics and a recently-stolen firearm into his car--being forced to consider a permanent felony, a lengthy stint in jail, and a crushing fine, resolved highly favorably--no conviction, no jail, a minor costs payment, and no debilitating record, for this remarkable fellow. Hard hustle, endless creativity and the right personnel on the bench and in the prosecutor's role mean nearly perfect outcomes, and North Star excels at these efforts.

Plea to two gross misdemeanor crimes - one drug possession and the false info. The client had a small amount of two drugs found on his person, but with a prior drug conviction, the client was facing two felony charges. Complicating things further, the client had a warrant for a parole violation in Texas and facing an extradition case separate from the underlying criminal case. Thankfully, the client was afforded bail on both cases, checked himself into rehab, gained sobriety, and proved to the Court that he was facing his past, rather than running from it. Mr. Gempeler then leveraged a legal motion challenging the evidence for one of the drug charges to get the needed outcome - a non-felony record. Now with this outcome, the client has a chance to avoid further incarceration on his old warrant. Even when faced with long odds, the North Star team knows how to fight to get the necessary results for its clients.

Plea to the 4th Degree DWI and no jail sanction. On top of that fantastic outcome, the State agreed to dismiss the original case entirely, agreed to an expungement of it, and then recharged a new case for just the DWI. This outcome was critical to the client because he did not want even the drug charge record to exist - even though it was going to be dismissed as part of the plea deal. Armed with a strong defense, the County Attorney relented after much negotiation to take this unusual path to a plea deal. Now, after the expungement is granted, the client's record will remain clear of any drug record and he'll only be left with a plea to a misdemeanor DWI as a standard first-time DWI. This is truly a fantastic result, but also a very creative one, once again showing how the North Star team fights for its clients and pursues the just and sometimes creative results for our clients.

Stay of adjudication to the drug charges in BOTH cases and a single conviction to a misdemeanor DWI as a stay of imposition. The client quite literally committed the same offense twice within a years time frame. He drove drunk, was found slumped over in his car on a county highway, and had drugs in the center console. If this wasn't bad enough, the second offense was committed just shy of his sentencing on the first case, where the North Star team was going to argue that he learned his lesson. Still, despite the two separate cases and problems that causes, the North Star team counseled the client on the correct proactive steps to take - treatment, aftercare, and continued alcohol monitoring to prove sobriety. And by the time of the sentencing for both cases nearly a year and a half later, the client was able to convince the probation department and ultimately the Court - with our help, of course - to receive a stay of adjudication on BOTH cases. The result is that the client will NOT be a convicted felon and only have one DWI conviction on his record. Avoiding the felony drug possession conviction was critical for the client, too, because he received federal aid as a farmer, which would have been in jeopardy with such a conviction. The client is incredibly thankful he chose the North Star team to help him on his two cases. An early Christmas present for a deserving client!

NORTH STAR PULLS OUT A MIRACLE! In one of the first such results in this federal district, Mr. Adkins and a team of lawyers convinced Judge D. Frank to cut short a federal sentence more than six years early, due to both the arguments of counsel and the threat of COVID-19 in the federal prison system. An ARMY of defendants with similar cases are denied every day, here and around the country, but a creative set of arguments and a compelling young life far from lost combined to work an act of incredible grace. Mr. Roberts will be home in days, and can look forward to returning to his life nearly a decade early, with real prospects for success. Incredible results.

Stay of adjudication. The client was busted for having marijuana found in his residence in various spots, accumulating a good amount. On top of that, the cops discovered multiple marijuana plants in the back garden area - far from an ideal fact for what could've been deemed a simpler possession case. Despite these troublesome facts, the North Star team achieved a dream outcome in which he will not be convicted of the felony (thereby keeping his record clean) and he avoids any time in custody. So long as he stays clean for up to three years, this case will be dismissed after his completion of probation.

This client, looking at upwards of 300 months for multiple probation and new cases, settled for a trip to Boot Camp, and a return to his home in roughly eight months, thanks to Mr. Adkins' compelling sentencing arguments and deep research by North Star. Our teamwork is nonpareil, and we are second to none on these types of matters, where all seems lost--the hustle and the creativity matter more, when others would cash in chips or quit the field. North Star just cares more.

Stay of adjudication to both counts, meaning the client will not be convicted of anything following this incident so long as he complies with minimal and easy terms of probation for just one year. The client had zero defense, as his ex-spouse's therapist witnessed the incident via a zoom meeting. Despite the evidence completely working against him, proactive steps and the thoughtful approach from Mr. Gempeler yielded this critical and incredible outcome for a deserving client.

Dismissal. Client was charged with drug possession stemming from a routine traffic stop turning into a full search of his vehicle due solely to the odor of marijuana. With cannabis being legal in various forms, the mere odor of it does not permit a full vehicle search - as dictated by the Minnesota Supreme Court. On the day of the contested hearing, the State rightfully dismissed the case after it realized there was no basis to otherwise justify the search and subsequent discovery of the narcotics. Another fantastic win for the North Star team.

Client pled guilty to a gross misdemeanor criminal vehicular operation and received a stay of adjudication on the drug crime. As a result, the client will never be convicted of a felony. Additionally, the sentence did not call for time to serve in custody and only requires him to stay sober - which he has proven for the last year. This is a remarkable outcome because the facts are not pretty. He was both drunk and had a controlled substance in his system - plus pills found in his vehicle. He ended up rolling the vehicle, causing his passenger to be thrown from it. Luckily, the passenger did not suffer serious injuries. And, due to some aggressive discovery requested by the North Star team, we got the records to verify that the injuries sustained were not nearly as serious as initially feared, resulting in the opportunity to plead to a non-felony CVO. The client is ecstatic that he will avoid a felony conviction and jail time. Even the judge commented that he normally sends defendants to jail on these type of allegations, but the plea agreement took that decision out of his hands.

Dan and James have been admitted in more than fourteen foreign and federal jurisdictions, and they happily travel to where you need them. In this instance, a young woman looking at a Class C felony in Wisconsin saw her counts reduced to Class I, her guilty plea will not be accepted, and her case is tabbed for expungement upon completion of 1-2 years of unsupervised probation--a highly unusual and completely favorable result, in this very different state (for expungement purposes). North Star has assembled an incredible team of attorneys throughout the country to assist you and your loved ones, regardless of the locale, or the charges faced. We go.

North Star takes a call from a young woman, facing (with her mother) a mandatory minimum sentence on first degree drug counts, suitcases full of uncut methamphetamine, and an entrenched and talented prosecutor. Motions had already been filed, and lost... yet Mr. Adkins secured an almost insane outcome. No jail--not one hour; two years of essentially unsupervised probation or less; no real fine, no treatment requirement, no letters of apology... and most importantly, no requirement that she testify against her mother, or anyone else, itself a deadly obligation, always to be avoided where possible. Staggering result, one you won't see in other firms or on other similar cases.

Stay of Adjudication. Client visits North Star looking at his third felony, with possible prison connotations, for more than four hundred (!!) prescription pills and a bill with a testable amount of powder cocaine on it, all within his possession. After intense negotiations and motion practice, the State alters its offer to a stay of adjudication on two drug counts at fifth degree; no jail to serve--not an hour, and no real additional consequences past a $50 fine; the matter is not a conviction, and will be dismissed in anticipation of an expungement in as little as a year. This, notwithstanding a full confession.... When you or someone you care about gets trapped in a terrible spot, which lawyer you retain to salvage what can be saved makes all the difference. All the difference....

Stay of Imposition with no further jail to serve. This is a MASSIVE victory. The client was facing a mandatory commitment to prison for many years. Worse, this mandatory commitment was based on TWO separate statutory reasons applicable in her case. And the client had no viable defense to the charges. Yet, unfazed by these significantly difficult facts, the North Star team worked with our client to get her in a strong position to improve our negotiation position. Armed both her good behavior since the incident, proactive steps, and a clean overall record, we were able to negotiate an outcome that kept her out of prison or jail, and she will earn a misdemeanor after her probationary period, which only includes minimal terms. When all is said and done, she'll have a misdemeanor conviction with no further time to serve, all completed within the time frame that she would have been in prison under the presumptive commitment law. An absolutely incredible outcome by the North Star team.

NO PRISON, and no jail! Client with near-career criminal history, picking up first degree felony counts while the first matter is being defended... enters aggressive treatment program, verifies sobriety for a year, and avoids any serious consequences. At least one prosecutor is stunned at the result, on motion practice; perhaps the largest cumulative discount in terms of months faced/not served in Minnesota this calendar year. Mr. Adkins labored his tail off getting the client oriented, getting the motions together and tight, and convincing judges to trust his client's new maturity and commitment to a sober and crime-free life. Glorious win.

Stay of adjudication on both counts. The client had no defenses to these serious charges. But, the North Star team worked with her to get the therapy and programming she needed, and then did a thorough job of humanizing her, explaining the issues she's been dealing with (namely, the trauma she's endured from being a victim of a recent sexual assault). Thankfully, the prosecutor was empathetic to these struggles and agreed to this incredible outcome. With this outcome, our wonderful client will not have a criminal conviction on her record, will stay on track with working through her trauma and programming, and can thankfully advance in her life without fear of a daunting criminal record. Typically, achieving a non-conviction record for both a felony drug and DWI case is damn near impossible - but not for the North Star team. We go above and beyond to fight for our clients that need and deserve these atypical results. We are so proud of our client for all that she's accomplished and thankful to help in her journey.

Dismissal. Client was facing multiple serious charges relating to guns and drugs. Bad combo, to say the least. Client was alleged to have been one of multiple juveniles in a car that drove around, pointed a gun at other kids, and had drugs in their possession at the time of their arrest. A client who had no prior record was caught up with the wrong crowd. The North Star team was diligent in its review of the evidence and research. And, we were persistent in pressing the State to get us all of the discovery after initial disclosures were incomplete. Eventually, it led to the discovery that the evidence pointed to our client being innocent. We filed a motion to dismiss the case. And in the weeks leading up to the hearing, the State came to realize - North Star was right. It dismissed the case prior to the hearing, knowing we were right. The family is thrilled that we brought the fight and got the just result.

Acquittal at trial. Client was alleged to be impaired by marijuana in his system. But, the evidence was severely lacking and, worse yet, the arresting officer actively misled and lied about field test results in his reports. Needless to say, that led to a thorough dismantling of the officer at trial by Mr. Gempeler's cross-examination - even getting the officer to admit, under oath, that he lied in a search warrant affidavit that he submitted to a judge. The jury needed just 30-minutes of "deliberation" to return a verdict of not guilty. Mr. Gempeler's trial skills, once again, overwhelmed the State's case and made the jurors decision easy in returning this just and correct not guilty verdict.

Stay of adjudication - no conviction upon successful completion of probation. The client was accused of misappropriating prescription drugs from a nursing home she worked at. Thankfully, she responded the right way by understanding and addressing her addiction that led to this case. By doing so, the North Star team was able to obtain this fantastic outcome - one that is common for a first-time felony drug case, but can be elusive when the allegations include stealing of prescription medications from a workplace. The North Star team emphasized the client's proactive steps and leveraged our good relationships with the prosecutors to secure this needed and deserving outcome.

Continuance for dismissal. This is the best possible plea negotiation absent an outright dismissal. And this was achieved because of the strategic and aggressive approach by Mr. Gempeler and the North Star team. Based upon a recent Supreme Court decision that held the odor of marijuana alone cannot justify a vehicle search, Mr. Gempeler pressed on the State to achieve this outcome. Instead of pushing the matter at a contested hearing where the Court could easily rule in favor of the State, the client took the guaranteed outcome - one in which a dismissal is earned by simply not having any same or similar incidents. Another fantastic result by the North Star team.

Stay of adjudication to both the drug charge and fleeing in a motor vehicle. The end result - upon the successful completion of probation - is a complete dismissal of the entire case. This is a remarkable outcome due to the nature of the allegations, the fact the officers were not a fan of the client due to the alleged obstruction, and this was achieved in a notoriously challenging County against drug-related offenses. Despite these obstacles, Mr. Gempeler worked hard on the prosecutor to get this needed outcome that avoids both any felony convictions and the possible lengthy loss of license that comes from a felony fleeing conviction. Given that there were no defenses to these charges, obtaining this outcome was tough sledding, but one that the North Star team routinely achieves for its clients.

North Star Criminal Defense - Proven Success in Fighting Drug Charges

The Minnesota drug crime lawyers at North Star Criminal Defense have over 30 combined years of successfully defending drug charges of all degrees and throughout multiple jurisdictions, including federal courts in multiple states. We know the law, the defenses, and the strategy necessary in order to obtain resolutions that avoid convictions and jail time. We have helped countless clients overcome these debilitating charges and get back on their feet. If you have been accused of any type of drug crime, you need to contact us right away.