City of Minneapolis Marijuana Laws Will Now Match State Laws

The City of Minneapolis – never one to hold back in pursuing criminal “justice” – is correcting a ridiculous inconsistency between its own laws and those of this State. The City Council voted unanimously on Friday to reduce po…
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Confidential Informant's Identity May Be Disclosed

Often, the State relies upon snitches (or, more politically correct – a confidential informant (“CI”)) to prove their case against a defendant. You see this often in drug cases. The State values this ‘insider’ informatio…
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Subsequent Drug Crime Convictions in Minnesota

EDITOR’S NOTE: The law has changed since this post. Here is a link about the law change on this topic: https://www.northstarcriminaldefense.com/drug-crime-sentencing-new-laws-effective-today/ For possession or sale drug crimes, the penalties im…
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