DWI - License Revocation Law Change - 2018

One of the most immediate and difficult consequences that come from a DWI charge is the license revocation. A person charged with a DWI can have their license revoked for anywhere between 30 days and multiple years, including having a B-card restriction. Point being, it can be devastating consequence from a DWI.

Previously, this revocation only applied to a persons ability to drive a motor vehicle. It did not impact the persons ability to drive other vehicles, like an ATV, snowmobile, or boat. Effective today – August 1, 2018 – this changes.

Now, any DWI conviction not only results in the loss of a persons ability to drive a motor vehicle, but it also precludes a persons ability to drive an ATV, snowmobile, or boat. In the case of an ATV or snowmobile, the initial revocation period is one-year following a DWI conviction. It is 90-days for operating a boat. If the driver refused the breath test, then the boating revocation period is one-year.

With so much of our summers and winters spent on boats, ATV’s, and/or snowmobiles, this new law will have a tremendous impact on those convicted of DWI’s. It adds yet another reason why it is so imperative to have the right Minnesota DWI lawyer by your side to fight the case and guide you through this maze as best as possible.