Fine Increase for Passing a School Bus Ticket

In August of this year, an overlooked law change occurred that will meaningfully impact Minnesotans. Most traffic citations include a fine in the $100-300 range. Real money, but it’s at least reasonable. In August, this change for those charged with passing a school bus violation ticket.

Prior to August, the ticket could be paid without a court appearance for $300 – which results in a misdemeanor conviction. Now, this minimum fine has increased to $500, along with the misdemeanor conviction. This is a stiff penalty increase – not only is this a lot of money, but it also includes a criminal record.

If you get cited for this school bus ticket, do not pay it. It’s a criminal record and a lot of money. Based on our experience, we’ve been successful in obtaining negotiated results that keep the driver’s record clean. This preserves your criminal record and also serves to avoid possible insurance spikes due to the record. We know how to get this accomplished and our strong relationships with prosecutors pays off for our clients when it comes to negotiating these positive results.