Limited License MN

A limited license – also known as a work permit - allows a driver whose driving privileges have been revoked due to a DUI conviction or implied consent violation to drive pursuant to certain limitations. A limited license is only available to a small subset of DUI defendants – those that do not have any priors and either the defendant had an alcohol concentration level below 0.16 or refused to submit to any breath, urine, or blood testing. If these parameters are not met, the defendant must enroll in the ignition interlock program.

To be eligible, a person needs to prove that:

  1. Their livelihood or attendance at a chemical dependency treatment or counseling programs depends on the use of the limited license;
  2. The use of the limited license by a homemaker is necessary to prevent the substantial disruption of the education, medical, or nutritional needs of the family; or
  3. Attendance at a postsecondary institution of education by an enrolled student of that institution depends upon the use of the limited license.

In order to prove your eligibility, the application for a limited license requires a showing that you are unable to rideshare or take public transportation as an alternative.

The limited license will have specific conditions and limitations on your driving privileges. For instance, you will be limited on the specific times you can drive, where you can drive, and for how many hours each day and week you can drive. The maximum number of driving hours each week can be 60 – but, your work permit will specify how many you can drive. And you must pick one day each week in which you cannot drive.

There is a waiting period before which you may apply for a limited license. It is 15-days, which starts after the 7-day temporary license expires. During this waiting period, though, you may start – but cannot finish – the application process:

  1. Pass a written test that is related to drinking and driving issues. Study chapters 7 and 8 of the Driver’s Safety Manual in advance. Taking this test can be done before the revocation period even begins.
  2. Pay a reinstatement fee of $680.00.
  3. Complete a license reinstatement application and pay a new license fee. This new license application is where you will need to show that a rideshare or public transportation is not a reasonable alternative.
  4. Upon completing the above and when your license is revoked and the waiting period has expired, you apply for the limited license and meet with an evaluator or administrator from the DPS Office at your testing site for approval. Be sure to bring copies of your test score.

You should be aware that violating any condition or limitation of the limited license or failing to have it on your possession when driving is a misdemeanor offense.