Questions to Ask Your DUI Lawyer

At North Star Criminal Defense, our attorneys have over 45 years of combined experience. So, needless to say, as DUI lawyers, we’ve seen it all and know how to handle any type of DUI case, from the routine to the complicated. And through this experience, we regularly hear from individuals during our first interaction that they’ve never been in this type of situation before and don’t know what to ask. So, here’s some guidance on that: What questions should you ask your DUI lawyer after you are you are charged with a DUI?

1. Criminal Charges

This may seem obvious, but the best place to start is to make sure you understand what your criminal charges are. Are you facing misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor, or felony charges? And if you are facing one of the latter two, why? What are the aggravating factors making it a more serious charge? And you’re likely wondering why you are facing two DUI charges, rather than one. Make sure the DUI lawyer answer these questions for you. It is so important to just have this basic understanding of what you are facing when starting the process.

2. Potential Criminal Consequences

After getting some answers on what criminal charges you are facing, it’s helpful to get a general understanding of what your possible criminal consequences may be. A first-time DUI most likely does not require jail time. Knowing this can be extremely helpful for your mental well-being so you don’t unnecessarily stress about possibly going to jail. Gross misdemeanor and/or felony DUI’s may require time in custody. Knowing this can help in formulating a strategy on how to avoid this possible criminal consequence. And knowing this can make sure you have a good grasp of what you are facing, even if it is bad news because bad news doesn’t get better with time. 

3. Collateral Consequences

The potential collateral consequences are the most immediate in a DUI case and the most difficult to understand, too. It is critical to understand what these collateral consequences are and how they will impact you from the start. The potential collateral consequences are: license revocation, license plate impoundment, and vehicle forfeiture. Which of these consequences apply and for how long depends on each individual case. And you need to know the deadlines that apply for fighting these consequences too (most likely, 60 days from the date of the incident). Understanding all of this at the outset is critical, especially for your options on how to drive while revoked: i.e. a limited license vs. ignition interlock. Make sure you walk away from your initial call or meeting with your DUI lawyer understanding these collateral consequences, what applies to you, and your options for addressing them.

4. Responsiveness and Care

Finally, you need to be sure that your DUI lawyer will be responsive to you, and show you the respect and care you deserve. Truth be told, most criminal defense attorneys have handled their fair share of DUI’s. As a result, it can lead to complacency with your case and not giving you the respect, responsiveness, and care you deserve. As a former prosecutor, Mr. Gempeler witnessed this first-hand in his negotiations with defense attorneys who came in and plead their client out at the first hearing without much of a true negotiation or even effort. Here, at North Star, we take pride in making sure our clients get the respect and diligence they and their case deserve. And we do not roll over our clients to take a plea the first opportunity we get. There is a reason we have a track record of pulling off incredible results for our DUI clients that have saved their careers and even personal life. And this isn’t an overstatement because our DUI case results prove it.


Minnesota DUI/DWI Attorneys

These are just a few of the basic questions you should ask your DUI lawyer. From these, you should be able to form a good opinion as to whether your DUI lawyer is both knowledgeable and the right fit for you. And trust me when I say this, the team at North Star is the right fit for you. We have handled countless DUI cases not only in Minnesota, but in other states, too, including Wisconsin. Call us today if you’re in need of a DUI lawyer.