Speeding Over 100 MPH in Minnesota

For a normal speeding ticket in Minnesota, a driver merely pays a small fine (typically less than $150) and has a petty misdemeanor traffic ticket as a result. There is no automatic loss of license and insurance premiums may be impacted a little, depending on the driver’s record. This changes – and dramatically so – if the ticket is for speeding over 100 mph.

A conviction to a speeding over 100 mph ticket includes a much higher fine, a worse record, higher insurance premiums, and the loss of driving privileges. If you receive a ticket for speeding over 100 mph, it is critical to get an experienced speeding ticket lawyer to help you fight the case and navigate critical plea negotiations to protect you from losing your license and incurring a worse record.

Penalties for 100 MPH Speeding Ticket

To begin with, Minn. Stat. 169.14 includes a special subdivision specifically for “extreme speed.” In addition to facing a higher fine – likely in excess of $350 – a person who is convicted of speeding over 100 mph will automatically have their licensed revoked for six months. This loss of license consequence is one of the most severe penalties a driver can face from a traffic ticket. Avoiding this loss of license is often the top priority in fighting a speeding over 100 mph ticket.

Another collateral consequence to expect with a speeding ticket for over 100 mph is an increase in insurance premiums. Insurance companies regularly review driving records when renewing insurance contracts. Increasing the premiums is not uncommon when they see a ticket with “extreme speed” on a driving record. And while the fine is high, it is still a petty misdemeanor offense. Nonetheless, aggressive cops and/or prosecutors may try to tag a misdemeanor if the driving conduct put other people and property at risk. Worse yet, you could face careless driving or reckless driving charges.

Contact Experienced Minnesota Traffic Ticket Lawyers

Speeding tickets, especially ones for exceeding 100 mph, are difficult to navigate without a traffic ticket attorney. The team of traffic ticket lawyers at North Star Criminal Defense know how to approach this case and put the State to their burden of proof. Speaking as a former prosecutor, most of them take speeding ticket cases for granted and put little work into.

At North Star Criminal Defense, we know the evidence needed to pursue in discovery and the burden the State must carry in verifying the accuracy of the speed detection device used by the officers. We know that many cars are equipped with ‘governors’ that preclude the vehicle from going so fast, which can be used to call into question the cops alleged excessive speed allegation. Finally, even if the State’s evidence is convincing, we know how to leverage our strong relationships with city prosecutors to find a negotiated result that leads to very favorable outcomes, including having no loss of license stem from any speeding ticket conviction.

Point being, if you are facing a speeding ticket for exceeding 100 mph, you should call us right now to talk over the options and how we can help. We’ve done it many times before and know we can do it for you, too.