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St. Paul Criminal Defense Attorneys North Star Criminal Defense has over 30 years of combined experience in representing defendants facing the full range of criminal charges in both state and federal courts. Through this experience and our Not Always Minnesota Nice approach, we routinely get favorable results for our clients – and often results that seemed out-of-reach before we were hired. And when all is said and done, this is what matters most. This is why our clients jump at the opportunity to refer us to those that need our services.

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Minnesota Criminal Defense

On the right is a menu of the different types of charges one may face in Minnesota. The information contained on those pages is intended to offer general information for you to learn more about any charges that you may be facing. If you wish to gather more specific information about your case or if you don’t see a specific charge listed, contact us immediately and we can schedule a time to meet and start the process of developing a personalized legal strategy that best tackles the issues important to you.

Minnesota DWI Lawyers

We have an entire section of this site devoted to the DWI law and its expansive reach. The DWI law is far from straight-forward and it includes a number of significant and serious collateral consequences that every person facing a DWI needs to be aware of. Because of this, the DWI law pages are intended to provide as much general information about what a person facing a DWI is likely facing. If you have specific questions, contact us immediately to schedule a time to meet – doing so immediately is imperative due to the tight deadlines that must be met in order to fight collateral consequences, such as the loss of your license.

Minnesota Expungement Attorneys

Finally, we pride ourselves on helping individuals get second chances through the new expungement law. To that end, we have included an extensive section of our website to this new law. The several pages will explain the eligibility requirements, the process, and what you need to know when deciding whether or not to pursue an expungement. Mr. Gempeler is one of the best in the business and one of the few criminal defense attorneys that devotes a significant amount of his time and practice to expungements. Through publications and multiple speaking engagements, Mr. Gempeler has set himself apart from most criminal defense attorneys that merely do expungements as they come in. If you have questions about your eligibility for an expungement, contact us now to schedule a time to meet.


St. Paul Robbery Defense Attorneys Robbery (often called mugging) in Minnesota is defined as taking personal property from the person while either using force or threatening to use force under Minnesota Statute 609.24 and 609.245. The robbery charges… Read More

Sexual Assault

Minneapolis Sexual Assault Attorneys Facing a criminal sexual assault or contact charge is daunting. And the stigma associated with a sex crime charge lasts a lifetime – even when you are not convicted. The team at North Star Criminal Defense a… Read More

Domestic Assault Attorney

Domestic Assault Attorneys It goes without saying that Domestic Assault in Minnesota is a serious offense. Minnesota Statute 609.2242 defines domestic assault as: “Whoever does any of the following against a family or household member … commits a… Read More

Drug Crimes

Minnesota Drug Crime Attorneys Prosecution of drug crimes has become a high priority at both the state and federal level. Charges must be met with a focused defense strategy. The consequences of a drug crime charge can include fines, jail time, and a… Read More

Marijuana Defense Attorneys

Minnesota Marijuana Defense Attorneys Crimes involving marijuana are the most commonly charged drug crime in Minnesota. The amount in your possession or sold is what determines the charges and potential consequences. Due to changing attitudes towards… Read More

5th Degree Drug Crimes

5th Degree Drug Charges In Minnesota, drug crimes are divided into five different degrees and the degree will primarily depend on the amount, and whether the drug was being manufactured or offered for sale. 5th degree controlled substance crimes are… Read More

4th Degree Drug Crimes

4th Degree Drug Crimes In Minnesota, drug crimes are divided into five different degrees and the degree will primarily depend on the amount, and whether the drug was being manufactured or offered for sale. 4th degree controlled substance crimes are a… Read More

3rd Degree Drug Crimes

3rd Degree Drug Crimes In Minnesota, drug crimes are divided into five different degrees and the degree will primarily depend on the amount, and whether the drug was being manufactured or offered for sale. 3rd degree controlled substance crimes are a… Read More

2nd Degree Drug Crimes

2nd Degree Drug Crimes In Minnesota, drug crimes are divided into five different degrees and the degree will primarily depend on the amount, and whether the drug was being manufactured or offered for sale. 2nd degree controlled substance crimes are a… Read More

1st Degree Drug Crimes

1st Degree Drug Crimes In Minnesota drug crimes, are divided into five different degrees and the degree will primarily depend on the amount, and whether the drug was being manufactured or offered for sale. 1st degree controlled substance crimes are a… Read More

Obstructing Legal Process

Obstructing Legal Process Attorneys If you are charged with obstructing legal process, arrest, or firefighting, you should immediately hire a respected, yet aggressive, Minnesota obstructing legal process lawyer. This is a very serious charge –… Read More

Probation Violations

Minnesota Probation Violation Lawyers If your sentence is not executed, the Court may impose any number of “intermediate sanctions“. These are your terms of probation and will be in place throughout the duration of your probationary period, unles… Read More


St. Paul Criminal Lawyers If you have been accused of murder, you need a Minnesota Murder Lawyer. North Star Criminal Defense has experienced Minnesota murder lawyers who know how to assert an aggressive defense on your behalf. There is no more serio… Read More

Sex Crimes Attorneys

Minnesota Child Sex Crimes Attorneys Child sex crimes include a wide variety of different acts. They include but are not limited to child molestation, child pornography, statutory rape, and solicitation of a minor. Our team of experienced sex crimes… Read More

Criminal Vehicular Operation

Minnesota Criminal Vehicular Operation Lawyers Most traffic accidents don’t lead to anything more than a simple citation – if that. But, depending on the circumstances, a driver who caused an accident and injuries to another person may face felon… Read More

Weapons Charges

St. Paul Weapons Charges Attorney If you have been charged with illegal use or possession of a firearm you will need a Minnesota weapons defense attorney. Both state and federal laws regulate the use and ownership of firearms, and there are specific… Read More


Minnesota Assault Attorneys Charged with assault in Minnesota? An assault conviction can lead to devastating consequences for you long term, making it more difficult to find employment or housing. If you have been charged with assault, reach out to t… Read More

1st Degree Assault

1st Degree Assault 1st degree assault occurs when the assault results in great bodily harm to the alleged victim, which means an injury that creates a high probability of death, causes serious permanent disfigurement, or causes a permanent or protrac… Read More

2nd Degree Assault

2nd Degree Assault 2nd degree assault occurs when the assault involves the use of a dangerous weapon. Again, this is a felony-level offense and carries a maximum penalty of 7-years and/or a fine of $14,000. But, if the assault results in substantial… Read More

3rd Degree Assault

3rd Degree Assault 3rd degree assault is an assault that causes substantial bodily harm, like a broken bone. This is another felony-level offense. The maximum penalty is 5-years and/or a fine of $10,000. In addition, a third-degree assault occurs if… Read More

4th Degree Assault

4th Degree Assault 4th degree assault is when the assault is committed against a certain class of individuals, including, but not limited to the following: police officers, firefighters, emergency medical personnel, correctional employees, prosecutin… Read More

5th Degree Assault

5th Degree Assault 5th degree assault is basically a common fight. It can also involve intimidation or threats. It is a misdemeanor-level offense, carrying a maximum penalty of 90 days in jail and/or a fine of $1,000. A simple assault can be enhanced… Read More

Arson & Negligent Fires

Arson Defense Attorneys Arson charge in Minnesota involves the destruction or damaging of a building or personal property by means of fire or explosives. The severity level of the offense depends upon the type of building burned, whether it was occup… Read More


Burglary Defense Attorneys Burglary charges are very serious and may result in devastating criminal and collateral consequences. It is usually a felony offense, resulting in a loss of your fundamental rights – such as your voting rights and likely… Read More

Child Neglect Attorneys

Minnesota Child Neglect Attorneys Both child neglect and child endangerment charges stem from how a child is cared for or treated while under the care of a parent, guardian, or caretaker. The potential actions include not properly taking care of a ch… Read More

Federal Crimes

Federal Crime Attorneys It is imperative to have an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer involved in your federal case. Federal crimes involve those specifically defined in the federal criminal code. Federal courts have jurisdiction when the c… Read More

White Collar Criminal Defense

White Collar Crimes Attorney White collar crimes generally refer to those types of crimes involving financial fraud, misrepresentation, or scams. Both state and federal statutes list a wide-rage of white collar crimes, and they all carry serious cons… Read More

Gun Rights Restoration

Gun Rights Restoration Lawyers The Second Amendment protects your right to bear arms. If you are concerned about your firearm rights, you need to know that both state and federal law restrictions are in play – sometimes working in unison and other… Read More


Minnesota Theft Attorneys Theft charges carry serious and lasting consequences on a person’s life. The criminal consequences to a theft charge can range from significant prison and/or jail time, plus heavy fines and lengthy probation. The colla… Read More

Pre-Charge Representation

Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorneys It is critical that you have an attorney to protect your rights. If you are the subject of an investigation or if authorities have contacted you about an ongoing investigation, the first thing you need to do is co… Read More

Traffic Violations

Minneapolis Traffic Ticket Attorneys If you received a traffic violation and are reading this, you are doing the right thing. You are considering hiring a Minnesota traffic violations defense attorney. So, let me tell you why you need to hire one. Pa… Read More

Malicious Punishment of a Child

Malicious Punishment of a Child Attorneys Malicious Punishment of a child in Minnesota is a serious offense that can be charged as either a gross misdemeanor or a felony depending on the circumstances. It is charged for when the State believes a pare… Read More

Threats of Violence

Minnesota Threats of Violence Attorneys If you are charged with threats of violence (formerly known as “terroristic threats”), it probably goes without saying that you need to fight this charge and do everything possible to avoid this conviction.… Read More

Disorderly Conduct

Minnesota Disorderly Conduct In Minnesota, a disorderly conduct charge is one of the most frequently charged crimes, due in part to it being viewed by many police officers and prosecutors as a “catch-all” crime – meaning, it’s… Read More

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