Some stats can better put into perspective just how important an expungement can be:

  • 1 in 4 Minnesotans have some form of a criminal record
  • 87% of employers perform background checks on job applicants
  • 26% of employers would not extend an offer to an otherwise qualified candidate because of a non-violent misdemeanor conviction.

So, you are probably wondering: how can I take advantage of this new law? There are a number of different options and which one applies to you will depend on your particular case. Speak with a North Star Law expungement lawyer today, (651) 330-9678.

Grounds for an Expungement

A statutory expungement permits the court to order the sealing of the court records and records held by other government agencies – like the BCA and Department of Human Services. There are several statutory grounds for an expungement based on how the case was resolved. Importantly, convictions of all levels of crimes are eligible for an expungement, with certain limitations for felonies. Depending on the manner in which the case was resolved, a waiting period will likely be involved that will determine when you are eligible. For more on the grounds for an expungement and when you will be eligible, read more here.

The Expungement Process and Analysis

The expungement process takes approximately 5-6 months to complete. At the outset, there are two mandatory 60-day waiting periods both before the hearing and after the judge issues his or her order. After allowing some time for the judge to make his or her decision and to complete the petition paperwork, you can see why it can take 5 months or longer.

To start the process, you need to file and serve the appropriate expungement paperwork: the notice of hearing and petition, proposed order, filing fee, and affidavit of service. Assuming you want various government agencies ordered to seal their records, it is crucial that you serve them correctly and timely.

A hearing is held, during which you will have an opportunity to further argue to the court why you both need and deserve the expungement. Each government agency whose records are impacted may, and likely will, argue against the expungement being granted. The court will issue its order in the coming weeks following the hearing.

There are different burdens of proof that apply, depending upon the grounds the petitioner seeks the expungement. And the court analyzes 12 factors when making its decision. For more information about this, please click here.

Expungement of Juvenile Records

If you are seeking to expunge a juvenile record, the process is very similar to the above. But, there are some notable and key differences: it is eligible for all convictions, the burden of proof is different, and the court looks to different factors when deciding whether to grant an expungement. For more details on expunging a juvenile record, please read more here.

Why You Should Hire an Expungement Lawyer

You are seeking an expungement because you no longer want your past to impact your life moving forward. The new law is called the Second Chance Law for a reason – it is your second chance. You should hire a Minnesota expungement lawyer so that you give yourself the best opportunity to get your second chance.

An expungement lawyer will know how to navigate the special procedures that need to be accounted for in serving and filing your petition. They can help you turn a mediocre case into a good case by exploring how you can better present yourself to the court. An expungement attorney knows how to handle the multiple factors the court will consider when analyzing your case.

North Star Criminal Defense is not like other criminal defense firms for a couple of reasons. First, expungement lawyer James Gempeler, of North Star Criminal Defense, believes so much in second chances that he has devoted a significant part of his practice to this niche practice area, something few other defense attorneys have done. Second, we pride ourselves on offering more affordable and reasonable rates so that you can get the professional help you need to get your second chance. And third, Mr. Gempeler prides himself on being at the forefront of this new law change. He has spoken about the changes to other defense attorneys, prosecutors, and judges, and has even been published by the Minnesota State Bar Association magazine. Mr. Gempeler is a leader in this area.

Contact a Minnesota expungement lawyer at North Star Criminal Defense now to start the process of getting the second chance you deserve.