Felony Expungement

A felony expungement is difficult to accomplish and to even get one, you have to have a conviction that can even qualify. The list of felonies that can be expunged can be found here. Additionally, the recent expansion of the expungement law to permit full statutory expungements of stays of imposition involving felony crimes makes a whole class of individuals now eligible for an expungement that previously were not.

You will not qualify for a pure felony expungement if the crime involved domestic abuse or sexual assault, or a violation of an order for protection, a harassment restraining order, stalking, a violation of a DANCO, any crime that requires registration as a sex offender. Similarly, most crimes of violence are also not eligible for an expungement. Call us first before determining if you are eligible or not.

Assuming your conviction is eligible, you will need to wait four years after the end of your sentence or five years after the stay of imposition to begin the process. It only gets more difficult after this point as you will need to convince the judge that the benefit of expunging your record outweighs the risk to the public that you may pose. Showing that you have made significant positive changes to your life or attained reliable employment is only one aspect, but you will also need to show that not getting a felony expungement is significantly holding you back from improving your life.

Do You Need an Attorney?

It is possible to get a felony expungement on your own, but its highly unlikely without an attorney. The only felony expungements that are easily secured are ones that are decades old. The court will resist as much as possible due to the inherent severity of felony crimes and you can expect a strong counter argument by a State attorney as well. Having a felony expungement attorney will ensure that the best possible argument is made on your behalf while you are free to continue living your life. Through our experience of obtaining expungements for our clients throughout the State, we know the ins and outs of the felony expungement law and what the court likes to hear. You can schedule a free consultation with us by contacting us here.

Not Yet Eligible?

Even if you are not yet eligible for a felony expungement, you may be eligible for a gross misdemeanor or misdemeanor expungement. The fewer crimes on your record, the easier it will be to obtain expungements down the road. Don't wait, schedule a free consultation today.

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