Your Minnesota Traffic Ticket Attorney

If you received a traffic ticket and are reading this, you are doing the right thing. You are considering hiring a Minnesota traffic ticket attorney. And the North Star Criminal Defense team knows how to navigate the traffic ticket process, negotiate with stubborn prosecutors, and find the just and favorable results for our clients.

Paying the fine is the easy route, but not the smart one. Even if it is a petty misdemeanor, you still have a moving violation on your record. And as a result, you have just increased your insurance premiums, moved one step closer to losing your license - if you haven’t already – depending on the number of priors within the past 12- and 24-months, and you missed an opportunity negotiate with the prosecutor to get the violation dismissed, amended to a different charge that would be beneficial, or pay a reduced fine. As a former prosecutor, I can tell you that most moving violations are negotiable – meaning, you can negotiate a resolution that is favorable to you, not the State.

North Star Criminal Defense has handled countless moving violations, including:

From experience, the North Star Criminal Defense will tell you that the defendants who retained counsel are the ones that usually obtained the best results. A seasoned Minnesota traffic ticket attorney knows what facts are critical to the case, knows how to plea bargain to achieve a positive resolution, and, above all else, is not afraid to try the matter. With ample experience trying traffic violations, North Star Criminal Defense has the traffic ticket attorneys you need fighting for your case.