Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorneys

It is critical that you have an attorney to protect your rights. If you are the subject of an investigation or if authorities have contacted you about an ongoing investigation, the first thing you need to do is contact a Minnesota pre-charge representation attorney. Remember, the prosecution and police are doing everything in their power during this pre-charge process to build a case against you. You need legal representation to make sure the state does not twist your words around only to be used against you. You need experienced criminal defense attorneys to take control and proactively defend you. Retaining a criminal defense attorney during this process effectively builds a barrier between you and the state officials trying to contact you. James Gempeler and Daniel Adkins will be your legal wall between you and the state.

Our goals are to reduce the likelihood that you will be charge and, if you are charged, to mitigate the facts working against you – for example, preventing you from making any self-incriminating statements during the investigation process – so that you are better positioned to fight the charges. We do this by employing many tactics, including some of the following:

  1. Enforce your constitutional rights – You have no obligation to speak with the police if they request a statement. And you may not even have to speak with them as a witness if you fall into a privileged category of witnesses, such as a spouse.
  2. Contact the detective and advise him/her to direct all future contact with you through North Star Criminal Defense. Refuse to speak with the police or investigators.
  3. Investigate the facts and legal bases for the underlying investigation, which may involve retaining a private investigator. Depending on the investigation, we may be armed with information by which to divert the focus of the investigation onto someone else or present sufficient information demonstrating your innocence.

Schedule a polygraph or a risk-assessment on a confidential basis, where the results of such exams would not be revealed to the prosecution or investigator, unless helpful to you. This may help to exonerate you as a target of an investigation.

  1. Demand the presence of North Star Criminal Defense at all times when you are speaking with a state official. Alternatively, demand that we speak on your behalf.
  2. Inform the prosecutor that you would like to present evidence to the Grand Jury in the event the State decides to seek an indictment.

This list is not exhaustive, but it gives you an understanding of what experienced Minnesota pre-charge representation attorneys like Daniel Adkins and James Gempeler can do to help you during this crucial time.

Failing to retain a pre-charge attorney will allow the police to continue contacting you – potentially even showing up at your home or work. Police officers will claim that they have just a few simple questions to clear things up, or will say something that will cause you let down your guard. Still, do not speak with them before consulting with North Star Criminal Defense. They are trained in the art of questioning and may be able to get enough information from you to justify bringing charges against you. And, this can happen regardless of whether you may actually be innocent. You wouldn’t be the first innocent person to be charged with a crime.

If you are worried about what is happening, then you probably need an attorney. The police are professionals and have guidance from the prosecutor or county attorney. So, why shouldn’t you get a professional to help you too?

There are many occasions when our pre-charge representation has resulted in convincing the police or prosecution not to file charges against our clients at all. It is critical that you retain an experienced Minnesota pre-charge representation attorney to aggressively fight for you.

Contact North Star Criminal Defense today, before it’s too late. Take a look at our pre-charge case results to see just how successful we have been for other like individuals. Their offices are located conveniently in St. Paul on Cathedral Hill, but Daniel and James will meet you wherever you are, if necessary—justice doesn’t sit in an office waiting for the police to make mistakes.