DWI law


Traveling to Canada After a DWI

Among the several collateral consequences that come from a DWI, one of the more surprising ones – and one that often doesn’t become an issue until it’s too late – is that a DWI conviction can bar entry into Canada. Whenever you travel to Cana…
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Temporary Reinstatement of Driving Privileges Following a DWI

One of the most impactful collateral consequences following a DWI happens almost immediately – your driver’s license is revoked seven days later for a lengthy period of time. This happens administratively, meaning it’s automatic and without jud…
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Requesting an Additional Test When Arrested for DWI

When you are arrested for a DWI, you will be asked by the Officer to submit to a breath test, or either provide a urine sample or have blood drawn in order to determine your blood alcohol concentration (“BAC”) level. What the Officer likely will…
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