I hired James Gempler as my lawyer to not only represent me but also navigate me through the legal process. Upon being released from jail and hiring James, he had recommended some “homework” for me to complete. I put my trust in to his recommendations and experience. I completed these recommendations that helped me return to my house and family. Even though through out the court process we had big roadblock that didn’t seem to budge he insured me that this roadblock sucks but it is only helping my case. I took a plea deal from the prosecutor dropping a felony charge to a misdemeanor. On my sentencing date because James recommended some items at the beginning of this process, they seem to have a huge pay off. A low fine, unsupervised probation, no further jail time or community service. I couldn’t have went through this process without James and his team fighting for the best outcome for me. In the high hopes of never having to have hire a lawyer again, James will be my first call if Im in need a defense lawyer. Thanks James for all your hard work in representing me.