Arson & Negligent Fires

Arson & Negligent Fires

To see just how successful our approach is, here are some representative results:

State v. Confidential

September, 2020
Charges: Assault and Arson - Felony

In another of a string of juvenile criminal matters this summer, Messrs. Adkins and Gempeler continue to secure non-conviction outcomes, even where the rights accorded to the accused are all but nonexistent, the State controls nearly every aspect of the proceedings, and the stakes can involve records of permanent impact. Far from simply securing a term of probation or stayed adjudication, North Star seeks to include expungement in the initial agreement, to ensure that no record survives the first year of supervision, worst case. We are your go-to, when your child faces obstacles.

State v. Confidential

July, 2020
Charges: Arson and Reckless Fire - Felony Charges

This case, concerning the accidental complete destruction of the Lolo restaurant (and the pavilion at Bde Maka Ska) initially received massive local media attention and threatened to derail a promising young man's future. Mr. Adkins labored mightily to move the case off obvious calendars, avoiding cameras and intrusive media demands, and put the case into a form of stasis until the attention reduced. North Star will never seek to gain attention from the troubles their clients face, simply never; our job is to reduce pain, not profit from it. Incredible creativity on Mr. Adkins' part, and an accountable and hustling client, meant this case resolved with no restitution to be paid, notwithstanding more than $1,000,000.00 in damage; client won't spend a single hour in custody, and Mr. Adkins created a form of restorative justice for his client that will involve the client contributing directly to the rebuilding of a treasured community landmark. In nearly three full decades of practice, Mr. Adkins is as proud of this result as any. Please come join North Star, and create your own story of rebirth, and recovery.

Types of Charge(s): Arson & Negligent Fires, Felonies

In Re: Confidential - Juvenile Matter

June, 2020
Charges: Arson, Criminal Damage to Property - Felonies

Stay of Adjudication. In his latest foray into juvenile court, Mr. Adkins secured a stay of adjudication notwithstanding multiple thousands of dollars worth of damage from a fire set by his client in a fit of asshattery. Client worked his tail off to get volunteer hours completed before a meaningful hearing, which helped immensely, but Mr. Adkins' negotiations turned the tide from a case that could have had adult record ramifications, down to essentially a brief term of probation and no record of adjudication or conviction. Massive win.

State v. T.L.

April, 2018
Charges: 1st Degree Arson - Felony, Mandatory Prison Commitment

Stay of Imposition to an amended count of 3rd Degree Arson. In addition to getting a stay of imposition in which the client's criminal record will be a misdemeanor after successful completion of probation, the State also agreed not to charge an additional felony count. The client has half the time in jail the State was requesting and minimal conditions for her to follow in order to earn that misdemeanor record. For a single mother with a bright future, the client was thrilled to avoid prison and a felony record.

Types of Charge(s): Arson & Negligent Fires

State v. M.G.

June, 2016
Charges: 1st and 3rd Degree Arson, and Negligent Fires. All felonies.

Client pled guilty to negligent fires as a gross misdemeanor. It was of utmost importance to keep a felony off of his record. The facts pointed to his actions causing the fire. Still, through diligent and strategic negotiations, the client is only convicted of a gross misdemeanor offense. The State didn't even agree to this plea deal, but remained silent, meaning the Court had to be convinced this was the right and just result - which was no easy feet considering the victim gave a powerful victim impact statement at sentencing. The client is thrilled with the outcome.

Types of Charge(s): Arson & Negligent Fires

State v. C.G.

August, 2015
Charges: Felony Arson and Negligent Fires

Expungement granted. Juvenile client pled guilty to a felony count of negligent fires. After demonstrating to the court that he has made positive strides in becoming a respectful and hard-working young man, the court granted the expungement in full over the State's objection. The State's attorney was unfamiliar with the new expungement law as it pertains to juveniles, which allowed Mr. Gempeler to educate the Court about the proper interpretation - to the benefit of the client. This expungement will permit the client to pursue his future careers without fear that this felony will hold him back.

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