Divorce/Family Law

To see just how successful our approach is, here are some representative results:

In re Marriage: H.B.

September, 2022
Charges: Dissolution

A couple visited North Star, agreed to work cooperatively and amicably, and got fully divorced in roughly six weeks... both parties treated fairly, documents on hand immediately, and the matter closed on time. In the rare instance of such an agreeable need, with or without ample property, children, etc., North Star can get you where you want to be. Our network of compatible and supportive attorney referrals is massive, for those matters that need special attention. If we can't help, we know who will... and more often than not, North Star has what you need.

Types of Charge(s): Divorce/Family Law

In re Welfare of the Child; State v. S.W.

April, 2022
Charges: Combination of child custody and domestic abuse type crimes.

HRO's dismissed, and a mom and her daughter are reunited over strenuous objection from a belligerent father. North Star handles family matters with the same care and attention as the criminal cases, particularly where the two types collide and overlap. Messrs. Adkins and Gempeler worked mightily hard to protect this mom on all fronts, and to advocate for her artfully and well. One of the more meaningful victories, because so many people are affected and lives so strongly improved.

In re: OFP Matter for L.C.

March, 2020

Mr. Gempeler represented the petitioner for an Order for Protection against her sister, who was facing felony assault charges. Despite strong evidence to support these charges - and therefore, the OFP petition - the opposing party opposed the OFP and had legal counsel that she demanded push back at all costs. Thankfully, Mr. Gempeler saw through the bluster and strong tactical approaches from the opposing party and was able to negotiate an agreed-upon OFP with conditions that actually resulted in greater protection for the client than the Court would have imposed had there been a hearing. Avoiding the hearing - which would have required the client to testify - was paramount for a client with troubling medical issues and anxiety in testifying. She could not have been happier to retain Mr. Gempeler and the North Star team to fight on her behalf.

Types of Charge(s): Divorce/Family Law

Order For Protection Matter - Hennepin County

June, 2018
Charges: OFP allegations in the nature of stalking and sexual predation

O.F.P. DENIED, Court considering sanctions on Petitioner. How many lawyers actually contest OFP requests, or DANCO matters, or a Harassment Restraining Order, with any level of success? THESE FELLOWS DO. A litigant with a growing record of abuse of the court system sought to complicate the life of Mr. Adkins' client with an OFP--which would mean no more gun rights, no retention of a high-paying job, etc.--on the basis of outrageous but impactful allegations of misconduct. Mr. Adkins ensured the trier of fact knew the Petitioner's history of falsehoods and manipulation, and after two pointless trips to the courthouse, the judge is now considering the exceptional remedy of actually sanctioning the petitioner financially for her tomfoolery. Justice ACHIEVED.

Types of Charge(s): Divorce/Family Law

In re: OFP Against C.G.

June, 2018
Charges: Order for protection sought against C.G.

Order dismissed with prejudice. This matter, concerning the same fellow below and one day later, concerned a woman claiming maltreatment by a man with an extensive criminal record, who simply refuses to be judged solely thereby. The Court ruled in his favor, dismissing all demands to restrict his conduct, and is now considering our request that the petitioner pay our client back the funds he paid to US. Hired tigers, folks, and you will never wonder if you are being protected, or if your interests are being advanced.

Types of Charge(s): Divorce/Family Law

Confidential Dissolution Matter

September, 2017
Charges: Divorce involving children

Nasty, insult-filled breakup, inclusive of domestic assault charges (resolved by Mr. Gempeler with a stay of adjudication on disorderly conduct, nicely done!), began a year-long tussle to divide a young family. Mr. Adkins achieved exceptional results for a mom putting together a new home, restarting a great career, returning to complete a college degree, etc. Mediation employed effectively, and strategic decisions on property-split are bearing fruit as the opposing party fails to keep his promises.

Types of Charge(s): Divorce/Family Law

Confidential Annulment Matter

September, 2017
Charges: Annulment of Marriage

In what appears to be the first successful annulment filing in the State in some time, North Star and Mr. Adkins convinced a Dakota County Judge to not only annul (essentially, erase from ever existing) a marriage notwithstanding cases disfavoring this remedy, but to grant her protection from creditors and other valuable relief. Client is ecstatic, with good reason--her name is utterly restored, and she can leave this troubling timeframe completely behind.

Types of Charge(s): Divorce/Family Law

Confidential CHIPs Matter

August, 2017
Charges: CHIPs case - allegations involve excessive punishment

After ensuring her children were returned immediately after the intervention of Children Protective Services in this matter, where a child was punished arguably in a felony manner by a third party, this mom successfully navigated the State's often maze-like process to confirm custody and proper parenting, in short order and with high praise from the participants. North Star routinely handles these mixed family-court/criminal matters, and our results are unmatched. We combine early and thoughtful intervention with constant contact and a long and inclusive list of preferred therapeutic providers to achieve outstanding results. Visit with us immediately if you are in these straits--the sooner you stop the bleeding, the sooner you get to recover and move on as a family.

Types of Charge(s): Divorce/Family Law

B.W. and V.F.

August, 2017
Charges: Child Custody/Contempt case - Family law matter

Mediation scheduled over opposing party's objection, and contempt citation completely avoided notwithstanding pretty aggressive conduct on the part of our client. Getting North Star involved in your child custody matter early is key, but any time is the right time to get the sort of exhaustive and comprehensive assistance that we provide, particularly when the welfare of your offspring is at issue. Fantastic result, and the subsequent mediation session was only icing on a well-created cake.

Types of Charge(s): Divorce/Family Law

E.R. v. D.W.

November, 2016
Charges: Order for Protection

Dismissed. North Star represented the Defendant against trumped up allegations of sexual misconduct. The OFP was vacated and dismissed at the contested hearing.

Types of Charge(s): Divorce/Family Law