Domestic Assault Case Results

Domestic Assault Case Results

To see just how successful our approach is, here are some representative results:

State v. B.R.

October, 2021
Charges: Order for Protection Violation - Misdemeanor

Continued for dismissal. Client was alleged to have violated an OFP that protected the ex-wife of the protected party. The allegations had holes in them and investigation into the accuser revealed damning information that led to an ability to leverage this rare, but outstanding outcome. The client was thrilled to avoid the risk of trial and get a resolution that included no risk and just time until the case is ultimately dismissed. He is thrilled he retained the North Star team to guide him through this maze and get him back on his feet.

State v. J.A.

July, 2021
Charges: Two domestic assault charges (misdemeanors); two assault charges (misdemeanors); and a misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

Case dismissed. The client had a viable self-defense claim and the allegations were nebulous, as well. We pushed for a trial, knowing the complainant had a history of false allegations and not further pursuing them in the criminal justice system. The North Star team successfully negotiated an almost no-lose proposition with the State. IF the witness reasserts herself, they would still offer a diversionary outcome, which would still mean no conviction. As the trial approached, the North Star team corresponded with the prosecutor about the case and he ultimately realized the right decision was to dismiss the case entirely. Another fantastic result by the North Star team.

State v. R.C.

May, 2021
Charges: Domestic Assault - Misdemeanor

Case Dismissed. This was a unique case in how it proceeded after the incident. Clearly showing that he was not the victim in the alleged dispute, the complainant repetitively contacted our client through all channels of communication with threats, thoughts of making up, and other mental health concerns. The client never responded, as ordered to due to the no contact order. And, on top of abiding by her conditions of release, our client sought therapy to help gain a better understanding of herself and the relationship. With the continued volatility of the complainant and our client's proactive and smart steps, the prosecutor realized this was not a case to pursue and dismissed it well before a trial was even scheduled to begin. Another great win for the North Star team and a most deserving client.

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State v. J.R.

May, 2021
Charges: Interfering with a 911 Call - Gross Misdemeanor; two domestic assault charges - misdemeanors; and a misdemeanor disorderly conduct

Stay of adjudication to the lowest count, disorderly conduct, with minimal terms and requirements while on one-year probation. For someone facing a gross misdemeanor interference with a 911 call and having admitted to many of the allegations, this is an incredible result. Despite these challenging facts, the North Star team leaned on its great relationship with the prosecutor and persuaded her that this was the just and right outcome for the case. The client could not be happier he chose North Star Criminal Defense to fight for him and to get this result.

State v. J.N.

April, 2021
Charges: 3 Cases out of Dakota County: (1) Domestic Assault by Strangulation (Felony); two misdemeanor domestic assaults; (2) domestic assault - misdemeanor; (3) Violating a DANCO - misdemeanor

Stay of adjudication to one misdemeanor domestic assault charge and two misdemeanor domestic assault convictions. The felony domestic assault by strangulation charge and third case of violating an order for protection were dismissed. This is a remarkable outcome because the initial offer was to plead to the felony count and serve custody time. But, the North Star team raised a creative and new argument that the strangulation count was a specific intent crime, thereby allowing the client to raise a voluntary intoxication defense at trial (which was clear as day that he was seriously impaired). The county attorney initially scoffed at such a motion. The Court did not, though, and agreed with our arguments. That was a game-changing motion as it led to a plea deal to non-felony counts, no additional jail time, and the dismissal of a third case. And after the client successfully completes probation, the stay of adjudication will result in a dismissal of the second case entirely, too. The client is thrilled with the fight given to him by the North Star team.

State v. Confidential

August, 2020
Charges: Domestic Assault - Misdemeanor

Stay of Adjudication to a Disorderly Conduct charge. Mr. Adkins was retained by a long-ago former client, who had utilized a number of other high-profile firms for her criminal interactions in more recent years. In this matter, after beating her partner bloody with a shoe, she was certain she faced weeks in local jail and a set of onerous conditions on probation. After careful negotiations and aggressive orientation toward therapy and treatments, Mr. Adkins secured a stay of adjudication on disorderly conduct, an incredible result--made all the more remarkable for the prosecutor involved, a former police officer known for his inflexible approach. We mean business, at North Star, and our results continually prove this out.

State v. D.B.

July, 2020
Charges: Domestic Assaults; Five Distinct Felony Matters

This client, facing more than a decade in prison (at mandatory minimum levels!), ended up getting released from local jail after less than six months, due to the thoughtful and hustling intervention of North Star and Mr. Adkins. Creative therapeutic options created an increased trust level for the judges involved and quieted the shouting from prosecutors; even where the facts are damning, and actual defenses don't exist, North Star and this team of pros can achieve results other firms couldn't imagine, let alone create.

State v. L.Y.

July, 2020
Charges: Domestic Assault, Disorderly Conduct - Misdemeanors

Continuance for Dismissal. This matter, concerning a new mom and her partner navigating allegations of battery and threats, could have been catastrophic. Instead, after careful and creative negotiations, the matter has been continued for dismissal. After the payment of mild prosecution costs... and no other sanction, our wonderful client can continue with an amazing life; she won't face 1. crushing impacts on her employability, or 2. impossibility of an apartment lease or a home mortgage, or 3. the permanent loss of her right to possess or carry a firearm, in a case that was looking like a necessary (and complicated, in light of ample photographic and other evidence of the assault) jury trial. Indeed, Mr. Adkins obtained this agreement from perhaps the most conservative prosecutor in the county, perhaps in the state, due to kickass negotiating talent.

State v. N.H.

July, 2020
Charges: Disorderly Conduct with a Domestic Assault Enhancer (Wisconsin Case)

Client received a deferred judgement of conviction - the equivalent of a stay of adjudication in Minnesota - to the disorderly conduct charge solely, as the domestic assault enhancer was dropped. For a young man that intends to pursue further schooling, maintaining a clean record was imperative. Yet, with a motivated complaining witness and no true defense for pre-trial litigation, the North Star team was able to negotiate this fantastic result, which not only gives the client a second chance, but minimizes his risk in the process too. The client was very pleased to have the North Star team by his side - even in Wisconsin.

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State v. S.S.

July, 2020
Charges: Domestic Assault - Gross Misdemeanor

In a change of pace, Mr. Adkins was retained by the complainant wife in a domestic assault case, to seek a removal of all Domestic Abuse No Contact Orders (there are two open cases for this same fellow). Mr. Adkins engaged careful and creative motion practice, crafted a compelling affidavit for the wife, and convinced a terribly conservative judge to remove nearly every restriction on the couple as they attempt reconciliation. Even if your loved one hires alternate counsel, we may be able to obtain positive results for you; it never hurts, and it never costs a dime, to contact the lawyers at North Star to discuss next steps and the best ways forward. Smashing results for folks that deserve the same.

Domestic Assault Case Results

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