Drug Crime Case Results

Drug Crime Case Results

To see just how successful our approach is, here are some representative results:

State v. J.R.

October, 2020
Charges: 2 counts of Felony 5th Degree Drug Possession; Gross Misdemeanor False Information to Police Officer; and Misdemeanor Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor; and a separate case for Extradition on an out-of-state Felony Parole Violation

Plea to two gross misdemeanor crimes - one drug possession and the false info. The client had a small amount of two drugs found on his person, but with a prior drug conviction, the client was facing two felony charges. Complicating things further, the client had a warrant for a parole violation in Texas and facing an extradition case separate from the underlying criminal case. Thankfully, the client was afforded bail on both cases, checked himself into rehab, gained sobriety, and proved to the Court that he was facing his past, rather than running from it. Mr. Gempeler then leveraged a legal motion challenging the evidence for one of the drug charges to get the needed outcome - a non-felony record. Now with this outcome, the client has a chance to avoid further incarceration on his old warrant. Even when faced with long odds, the North Star team knows how to fight to get the necessary results for its clients.

State v. Confidential

July, 2020
Charges: Pre-Charge on Drug Crimes - Felonies

This matter, concerning a relatively massive haul of multiple drugs and at least four firearms, could have cost the client more than five years' prison time, and had the matter gone federal.... Instead, Mr. Adkins was able to convince the County Attorney's Office to dismiss all charges before the matter was actually publicly filed, and before a single court appearance. Truthfully, these sorts of results are not common... but they happen here, at North Star, more than you'll find at any other Minnesota firm.

State v. B.S.

July, 2020
Charges: Probation Violation on Mail Theft and Drug Crimes - Felonies

Early Discharge from Probation. This probation violation was supported by reams of documentation of failures on the part of Mr. Adkins' new client, but a term of restorative work (and commitment to sobriety) by the client and artful arguments via Zoom technology meant the client is not only not headed to prison or jail, but will be released from probation early with a stern lecture.... If your family member (or you) faces allegations of failure on probation, please don't hesitate to contact North Star immediately. You'll be stunned how much aggressive representation can change the outcomes.

State v. B.P.

June, 2020
Charges: Controlled Substance Violations - Felonies - Multiple Counties

In another huge win for a client with multiple cases in multiple counties, Mr. Adkins secured gross misdemeanor convictions only for a client with a recent history of drug convictions, who was facing a mandatory trip to prison, and who will now suffer no more than the time she voluntarily spent in treatment and relapse prevention. Stunning reversal for a great, beloved client of this firm's.

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State v. J.B.

May, 2020
Charges: 3rd Degree Controlled Substance Violation - Felony

Client facing a mandatory prison commit, due to level of offense and criminal history, receives instead a radical reduction in count and nothing more than home monitoring for just over a month. Suppression issues that were not likely to succeed, in conjunction with a responsive and thoughtful client, resulted in the saving of a life, a career, a home, and a family. North Star prides itself on positive outcomes for cases that look unwinnable, and this was just such an example.

Types of Charge(s): Drug Crime Case Results

State v. G.D.

March, 2020
Charges: Complex Traffic Matters - Misdemeanors

Continuance for a dismissal, over initial State's objection. Client was stopped for pretty radical driving misconduct, and narcotics are located in the vehicle, but due to some misstatements of law by the arresting officers, most of the evidence against our client was suppressed, and agreement was reached to dismiss the matter after six months, and unsupervised conditions. Client, who is a professional, is overjoyed.

State v. A.L.

February, 2020
Charges: 5th Degree Drug Possession Charge - Felony

Dismissed. The client was eligible for a diversion outcome, which would have resulted in a dismissal of the case after probation. And he had done a lot prior to being charged that would have made probation easier for him to finish. Nonetheless, even with an easy and great outcome available, the North Star team decided to take a more aggressive approach with a contested hearing to raise constitutional issues. The aggressiveness paid off - the State dismissed the case just prior to the hearing. Another great outcome for a deserving client.

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State v. M.P.

November, 2019
Charges: 1st Degree Drugs Possession - Felony

Departure granted. Stay of execution on prison time. The sentencing guidelines called for a presumptive prison commitment on this most serious drug offense. But, the client turned the page on her life the minute she was arrested. After fifteen months of sobriety and doing everything right, the North Star team was able to convince probation and the Court that a prison hit was not necessary and/or appropriate. THIS is why our relationships with county attorney's and judges matter. We save our clients lives with these types of outcomes. And we couldn't be more proud of our client doing what she needed to do so that we could get this outcome on her behalf.

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State v. M.M.

September, 2019
Charges: Multiple felony drug charges out of two separate counties - Hennepin and Goodhue

Stays of Adjudications in BOTH counties. A young client with minimal criminal history hired Mr. Adkins for two separate incidents, only a couple of weeks apart, involving drug possession at the fifth degree felony level. Notwithstanding two completely distinct sets of facts and two counties far apart in Minnesota, she will exit both cases without a conviction, and has less than nine total months of unsupervised conditional release until those dismissals are in hand. Remarkable result, for a great person now equipped to return to a bright future. North Star's creativity in these circumstances is essentially bottomless.

Types of Charge(s): Drug Crime Case Results

State v. L.L.

August, 2019
Charges: 5th Degree Controlled Substance Violation - Gross Misdemeanor; Misdemeanor trespass; and misdemeanor drug paraphernalia

Plead to the misdemeanor trespass charge and the remaining drug charges were dismissed. The State initially sought a plea to the drug charges with significant custody time. After leveraging potential legal defenses and bringing a motion to dismiss the case, the Defendant jumped at the opportunity to take a plea to a non-drug charge and have no jail to serve. Through this outcome, she eliminated all risk of possibly losing and ending up with a plea to a drug charge, which would have negatively impacted her career.

Types of Charge(s): Drug Crime Case Results
Drug Crime Case Results

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