Drug Crime Case Results

Drug Crime Case Results

To see just how successful our approach is, here are some representative results:

State v. J.N.

February, 2021
Charges: Felony Criminal Vehicular Operation; Felony 5th Degree Drug Possession; and Misdemeanor DWI

Client pled guilty to a gross misdemeanor criminal vehicular operation and received a stay of adjudication on the drug crime. As a result, the client will never be convicted of a felony. Additionally, the sentence did not call for time to serve in custody and only requires him to stay sober - which he has proven for the last year. This is a remarkable outcome because the facts are not pretty. He was both drunk and had a controlled substance in his system - plus pills found in his vehicle. He ended up rolling the vehicle, causing his passenger to be thrown from it. Luckily, the passenger did not suffer serious injuries. And, due to some aggressive discovery requested by the North Star team, we got the records to verify that the injuries sustained were not nearly as serious as initially feared, resulting in the opportunity to plead to a non-felony CVO. The client is ecstatic that he will avoid a felony conviction and jail time. Even the judge commented that he normally sends defendants to jail on these type of allegations, but the plea agreement took that decision out of his hands.

State v. J.N.

January, 2021
Charges: 5th Degree Possession of Controlled Substances - Felony

Stay of adjudication. The client was busted for having marijuana found in his residence in various spots, accumulating a good amount. On top of that, the cops discovered multiple marijuana plants in the back garden area - far from an ideal fact for what could've been deemed a simpler possession case. Despite these troublesome facts, the North Star team achieved a dream outcome in which he will not be convicted of the felony (thereby keeping his record clean) and he avoids any time in custody. So long as he stays clean for up to three years, this case will be dismissed after his completion of probation.

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State v. A.A.

December, 2020
Charges: Felony Controlled Substance Crimes

Client with multiple concerns, and a relatively large amount of money at issue, receives an incredible discount to a stay of adjudication, and the return of his cash, with no untoward consequences from the federal government. Client is overwhelmed and happy.

Types of Charge(s): Drug Crime Case Results, Felonies

State v. B.K.

December, 2020
Charges: 2 separate cases, a year apart in the same county. 1st Case: 5th Degree Felony Drug Possession and Misdemeanor DWI. 2nd Case: 5th Degree Felony Drug Possession, and multiple gross misdemeanor DWI counts.

Stay of adjudication to the drug charges in BOTH cases and a single conviction to a misdemeanor DWI as a stay of imposition. The client quite literally committed the same offense twice within a years time frame. He drove drunk, was found slumped over in his car on a county highway, and had drugs in the center console. If this wasn't bad enough, the second offense was committed just shy of his sentencing on the first case, where the North Star team was going to argue that he learned his lesson. Still, despite the two separate cases and problems that causes, the North Star team counseled the client on the correct proactive steps to take - treatment, aftercare, and continued alcohol monitoring to prove sobriety. And by the time of the sentencing for both cases nearly a year and a half later, the client was able to convince the probation department and ultimately the Court - with our help, of course - to receive a stay of adjudication on BOTH cases. The result is that the client will NOT be a convicted felon and only have one DWI conviction on his record. Avoiding the felony drug possession conviction was critical for the client, too, because he received federal aid as a farmer, which would have been in jeopardy with such a conviction. The client is incredibly thankful he chose the North Star team to help him on his two cases. An early Christmas present for a deserving client!

State v. N.J.

December, 2020
Charges: 5th Degree Drug Possession (Felony); 3rd Degree DWI (Gross Misdemeanor); and 4th Degree DWI (Misdemeanor)

Plea to the 4th Degree DWI and no jail sanction. On top of that fantastic outcome, the State agreed to dismiss the original case entirely, agreed to an expungement of it, and then recharged a new case for just the DWI. This outcome was critical to the client because he did not want even the drug charge record to exist - even though it was going to be dismissed as part of the plea deal. Armed with a strong defense, the County Attorney relented after much negotiation to take this unusual path to a plea deal. Now, after the expungement is granted, the client's record will remain clear of any drug record and he'll only be left with a plea to a misdemeanor DWI as a standard first-time DWI. This is truly a fantastic result, but also a very creative one, once again showing how the North Star team fights for its clients and pursues the just and sometimes creative results for our clients.

State v. J.R.

October, 2020
Charges: 2 counts of Felony 5th Degree Drug Possession; Gross Misdemeanor False Information to Police Officer; and Misdemeanor Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor; and a separate case for Extradition on an out-of-state Felony Parole Violation

Plea to two gross misdemeanor crimes - one drug possession and the false info. The client had a small amount of two drugs found on his person, but with a prior drug conviction, the client was facing two felony charges. Complicating things further, the client had a warrant for a parole violation in Texas and facing an extradition case separate from the underlying criminal case. Thankfully, the client was afforded bail on both cases, checked himself into rehab, gained sobriety, and proved to the Court that he was facing his past, rather than running from it. Mr. Gempeler then leveraged a legal motion challenging the evidence for one of the drug charges to get the needed outcome - a non-felony record. Now with this outcome, the client has a chance to avoid further incarceration on his old warrant. Even when faced with long odds, the North Star team knows how to fight to get the necessary results for its clients.

U.S. v. T.R.J.

September, 2020
Charges: Federal Controlled Substance Violations - Felonies

NORTH STAR PULLS OUT A MIRACLE! In one of the first such results in this federal district, Mr. Adkins and a team of lawyers convinced Judge D. Frank to cut short a federal sentence more than six years early, due to both the arguments of counsel and the threat of COVID-19 in the federal prison system. An ARMY of defendants with similar cases are denied every day, here and around the country, but a creative set of arguments and a compelling young life far from lost combined to work an act of incredible grace. Mr. Roberts will be home in days, and can look forward to returning to his life nearly a decade early, with real prospects for success. Incredible results.

Types of Charge(s): Drug Crime Case Results, Felonies

State v. Confidential

July, 2020
Charges: Pre-Charge on Drug Crimes - Felonies

This matter, concerning a relatively massive haul of multiple drugs and at least four firearms, could have cost the client more than five years' prison time, and had the matter gone federal.... Instead, Mr. Adkins was able to convince the County Attorney's Office to dismiss all charges before the matter was actually publicly filed, and before a single court appearance. Truthfully, these sorts of results are not common... but they happen here, at North Star, more than you'll find at any other Minnesota firm.

State v. B.S.

July, 2020
Charges: Probation Violation on Mail Theft and Drug Crimes - Felonies

Early Discharge from Probation. This probation violation was supported by reams of documentation of failures on the part of Mr. Adkins' new client, but a term of restorative work (and commitment to sobriety) by the client and artful arguments via Zoom technology meant the client is not only not headed to prison or jail, but will be released from probation early with a stern lecture.... If your family member (or you) faces allegations of failure on probation, please don't hesitate to contact North Star immediately. You'll be stunned how much aggressive representation can change the outcomes.

State v. B.P.

June, 2020
Charges: Controlled Substance Violations - Felonies - Multiple Counties

In another huge win for a client with multiple cases in multiple counties, Mr. Adkins secured gross misdemeanor convictions only for a client with a recent history of drug convictions, who was facing a mandatory trip to prison, and who will now suffer no more than the time she voluntarily spent in treatment and relapse prevention. Stunning reversal for a great, beloved client of this firm's.

Types of Charge(s): Drug Crime Case Results, Felonies
Drug Crime Case Results

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