Drug Crime Case Results

To see just how successful our approach is, here are some representative results:

State v. J.B.

June, 2023
Charges: 5th Degree Drug Possession - Felony; domestic assault - Misdemeanor

Stay of adjudication to both counts, meaning the client will not be convicted of anything following this incident so long as he complies with minimal and easy terms of probation for just one year. The client had zero defense, as his ex-spouse's therapist witnessed the incident via a zoom meeting. Despite the evidence completely working against him, proactive steps and the thoughtful approach from Mr. Gempeler yielded this critical and incredible outcome for a deserving client.

State v. K.B.

April, 2023
Charges: 4th Degree DUI - Marijuana - Misdemeanor

Acquittal at trial. Client was alleged to be impaired by marijuana in his system. But, the evidence was severely lacking and, worse yet, the arresting officer actively misled and lied about field test results in his reports. Needless to say, that led to a thorough dismantling of the officer at trial by Mr. Gempeler's cross-examination - even getting the officer to admit, under oath, that he lied in a search warrant affidavit that he submitted to a judge. The jury needed just 30-minutes of "deliberation" to return a verdict of not guilty. Mr. Gempeler's trial skills, once again, overwhelmed the State's case and made the jurors decision easy in returning this just and correct not guilty verdict.

State v. C.V.

January, 2023
Charges: Ineligible Person in Possession of a Firearm; Intentionally Pointing a Firearm at Another; Felony Drug Possession - All felony counts

Dismissal. Client was facing multiple serious charges relating to guns and drugs. Bad combo, to say the least. Client was alleged to have been one of multiple juveniles in a car that drove around, pointed a gun at other kids, and had drugs in their possession at the time of their arrest. A client who had no prior record was caught up with the wrong crowd. The North Star team was diligent in its review of the evidence and research. And, we were persistent in pressing the State to get us all of the discovery after initial disclosures were incomplete. Eventually, it led to the discovery that the evidence pointed to our client being innocent. We filed a motion to dismiss the case. And in the weeks leading up to the hearing, the State came to realize - North Star was right. It dismissed the case prior to the hearing, knowing we were right. The family is thrilled that we brought the fight and got the just result.

State v. J.H.

December, 2022
Charges: 5th Degree Drug Possession - Felony; 4th Degree DWI - Misdemeanor

Stay of adjudication on both counts. The client had no defenses to these serious charges. But, the North Star team worked with her to get the therapy and programming she needed, and then did a thorough job of humanizing her, explaining the issues she's been dealing with (namely, the trauma she's endured from being a victim of a recent sexual assault). Thankfully, the prosecutor was empathetic to these struggles and agreed to this incredible outcome. With this outcome, our wonderful client will not have a criminal conviction on her record, will stay on track with working through her trauma and programming, and can thankfully advance in her life without fear of a daunting criminal record. Typically, achieving a non-conviction record for both a felony drug and DWI case is damn near impossible - but not for the North Star team. We go above and beyond to fight for our clients that need and deserve these atypical results. We are so proud of our client for all that she's accomplished and thankful to help in her journey.

State v. J.S.

May, 2022
Charges: First Degree Drug Crimes

This client, looking at upwards of 300 months for multiple probation and new cases, settled for a trip to Boot Camp, and a return to his home in roughly eight months, thanks to Mr. Adkins' compelling sentencing arguments and deep research by North Star. Our teamwork is nonpareil, and we are second to none on these types of matters, where all seems lost--the hustle and the creativity matter more, when others would cash in chips or quit the field. North Star just cares more.

Types of Charge(s): Drug Crime Case Results, Felonies

State v. T.M.

March, 2022
Charges: Multiple Narcotics and Violent felonies, Multiple Counties

NO PRISON, and no jail! Client with near-career criminal history, picking up first degree felony counts while the first matter is being defended... enters aggressive treatment program, verifies sobriety for a year, and avoids any serious consequences. At least one prosecutor is stunned at the result, on motion practice; perhaps the largest cumulative discount in terms of months faced/not served in Minnesota this calendar year. Mr. Adkins labored his tail off getting the client oriented, getting the motions together and tight, and convincing judges to trust his client's new maturity and commitment to a sober and crime-free life. Glorious win.

Types of Charge(s): Drug Crime Case Results, Felonies

State v. T.L.C.

August, 2021
Charges: 1st Degree Drugs Sales / Possession - Felonies

Stay of Imposition with no further jail to serve. This is a MASSIVE victory. The client was facing a mandatory commitment to prison for many years. Worse, this mandatory commitment was based on TWO separate statutory reasons applicable in her case. And the client had no viable defense to the charges. Yet, unfazed by these significantly difficult facts, the North Star team worked with our client to get her in a strong position to improve our negotiation position. Armed both her good behavior since the incident, proactive steps, and a clean overall record, we were able to negotiate an outcome that kept her out of prison or jail, and she will earn a misdemeanor after her probationary period, which only includes minimal terms. When all is said and done, she'll have a misdemeanor conviction with no further time to serve, all completed within the time frame that she would have been in prison under the presumptive commitment law. An absolutely incredible outcome by the North Star team.

Types of Charge(s): Drug Crime Case Results, Felonies

State v. Confidential

June, 2021
Charges: Third and Fifth Degree Drug Charges - Felonies

Stay of Adjudication. Client visits North Star looking at his third felony, with possible prison connotations, for more than four hundred (!!) prescription pills and a bill with a testable amount of powder cocaine on it, all within his possession. After intense negotiations and motion practice, the State alters its offer to a stay of adjudication on two drug counts at fifth degree; no jail to serve--not an hour, and no real additional consequences past a $50 fine; the matter is not a conviction, and will be dismissed in anticipation of an expungement in as little as a year. This, notwithstanding a full confession.... When you or someone you care about gets trapped in a terrible spot, which lawyer you retain to salvage what can be saved makes all the difference. All the difference....

Types of Charge(s): Drug Crime Case Results, Felonies

State v. M.K.

June, 2021
Charges: First Degree Drug Case - Felonies

North Star takes a call from a young woman, facing (with her mother) a mandatory minimum sentence on first degree drug counts, suitcases full of uncut methamphetamine, and an entrenched and talented prosecutor. Motions had already been filed, and lost... yet Mr. Adkins secured an almost insane outcome. No jail--not one hour; two years of essentially unsupervised probation or less; no real fine, no treatment requirement, no letters of apology... and most importantly, no requirement that she testify against her mother, or anyone else, itself a deadly obligation, always to be avoided where possible. Staggering result, one you won't see in other firms or on other similar cases.

Types of Charge(s): Drug Crime Case Results, Felonies

State v. A.S.

June, 2021
Charges: Felony Drug Counts

Dan and James have been admitted in more than fourteen foreign and federal jurisdictions, and they happily travel to where you need them. In this instance, a young woman looking at a Class C felony in Wisconsin saw her counts reduced to Class I, her guilty plea will not be accepted, and her case is tabbed for expungement upon completion of 1-2 years of unsupervised probation--a highly unusual and completely favorable result, in this very different state (for expungement purposes). North Star has assembled an incredible team of attorneys throughout the country to assist you and your loved ones, regardless of the locale, or the charges faced. We go.

Types of Charge(s): Drug Crime Case Results