To see just how successful our approach is, here are some representative results:

State v. Confidential

April, 2020
Charges: 4th Degree DWI - Expungement

Expungement granted for misdemeanor DWI. Typically, expunging DWI's have proven to be the most difficult non-felony records to get expunged. And that is especially true for those offenses that are within the 10-year look-back period for possible enhancement. Despite these obstacles, the North Star team successfully expunged a 4-year-old DWI record - and did so during the COVID-19 pandemic. North Star's proven approach with expungements - which includes a process unmatched by other firms - leads to these incredible results for deserving clients.

Types of Charge(s): Expungements

State v. C.G.

August, 2015
Charges: Felony Arson and Negligent Fires

Expungement granted. Juvenile client pled guilty to a felony count of negligent fires. After demonstrating to the court that he has made positive strides in becoming a respectful and hard-working young man, the court granted the expungement in full over the State's objection. The State's attorney was unfamiliar with the new expungement law as it pertains to juveniles, which allowed Mr. Gempeler to educate the Court about the proper interpretation - to the benefit of the client. This expungement will permit the client to pursue his future careers without fear that this felony will hold him back.

State v. S.R.

July, 2015
Charges: Expungement of 2012 Disorderly Conduct, Underage Consumption, and Obstruction of Legal Process matter

Mr. Gempeler successfully obtained an expungement of a 2012 matter in which the client was convicted of misdemeanor disorderly conduct and underage consumption. A charge of obstruction of legal process was dismissed at that time, making this matter one involving disobedience to the police – i.e. one that courts are reluctant to expunge typically. The success hinged on Mr. Gempeler’s ability to work with his client to build and improve the case by getting several letters of recommendation, transcripts, treatment records, and a diligent review of the 12-factors in the petition paperwork.

Types of Charge(s): Expungements

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