To see just how successful our approach is, here are some representative results:

State v. S.D.

October, 2020
Charges: Threats of Violence - Felony

Dismissed. Client was facing a felony case, resulting from an alleged incident with his significant other. The facts, though, simply didn't add up and the complaining witness was adamant that she did not want to pursue this case further. Add in a thoughtful motion to dismiss filed by the North Star team, the State finally concluded that they had to drop the case. And did so prior to the motion hearing date, demonstrating the strength of the argument and how the North Star team leveraged all of the circumstances to obtain this just result for the client. Another fantastic result achieved by the right balance of aggressive advocacy and thoughtful discussions/negotiations with the State.

State v. J.R.

October, 2020
Charges: 2 counts of Felony 5th Degree Drug Possession; Gross Misdemeanor False Information to Police Officer; and Misdemeanor Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor; and a separate case for Extradition on an out-of-state Felony Parole Violation

Plea to two gross misdemeanor crimes - one drug possession and the false info. The client had a small amount of two drugs found on his person, but with a prior drug conviction, the client was facing two felony charges. Complicating things further, the client had a warrant for a parole violation in Texas and facing an extradition case separate from the underlying criminal case. Thankfully, the client was afforded bail on both cases, checked himself into rehab, gained sobriety, and proved to the Court that he was facing his past, rather than running from it. Mr. Gempeler then leveraged a legal motion challenging the evidence for one of the drug charges to get the needed outcome - a non-felony record. Now with this outcome, the client has a chance to avoid further incarceration on his old warrant. Even when faced with long odds, the North Star team knows how to fight to get the necessary results for its clients.

State v. Confidential

July, 2020
Charges: Arson and Reckless Fire - Felony Charges

This case, concerning the accidental complete destruction of the Lolo restaurant (and the pavilion at Bde Maka Ska) initially received massive local media attention and threatened to derail a promising young man's future. Mr. Adkins labored mightily to move the case off obvious calendars, avoiding cameras and intrusive media demands, and put the case into a form of stasis until the attention reduced. North Star will never seek to gain attention from the troubles their clients face, simply never; our job is to reduce pain, not profit from it. Incredible creativity on Mr. Adkins' part, and an accountable and hustling client, meant this case resolved with no restitution to be paid, notwithstanding more than $1,000,000.00 in damage; client won't spend a single hour in custody, and Mr. Adkins created a form of restorative justice for his client that will involve the client contributing directly to the rebuilding of a treasured community landmark. In nearly three full decades of practice, Mr. Adkins is as proud of this result as any. Please come join North Star, and create your own story of rebirth, and recovery.

Types of Charge(s): Arson & Negligent Fires, Felonies

State v. B.S.

July, 2020
Charges: Probation Violation on Mail Theft and Drug Crimes - Felonies

Early Discharge from Probation. This probation violation was supported by reams of documentation of failures on the part of Mr. Adkins' new client, but a term of restorative work (and commitment to sobriety) by the client and artful arguments via Zoom technology meant the client is not only not headed to prison or jail, but will be released from probation early with a stern lecture.... If your family member (or you) faces allegations of failure on probation, please don't hesitate to contact North Star immediately. You'll be stunned how much aggressive representation can change the outcomes.

State v. J.W.

June, 2020
Charges: Domestic Assault by Strangulation - Felony

Misdemeanor conviction. Client facing a life-altering felony obtains an agreement from a very conservative county attorney's office to reduce all counts to a misdemeanor. Notwithstanding virtually no available defenses, and a full (and admissible) confession, Mr. Adkins was able to negotiate a radical reduction in exposure for the client, and even permission for the parties to reconnect and work together again. Client has reconnected with his therapist and made massive advancements on his personal life and issues that brought him to this stage. Wonderful stuff.

State v. D.B.

June, 2020
Charges: Order for Protection and Domestic Assault charges - Multiple counties - Felonies and Gross Misdemeanors

In the latest example of global-deal/high volume case-per-client litigation, Mr. Adkins successfully kept a young man out of prison, notwithstanding more than eight (!) open felony matters alleging inappropriate contact between his client and a number of domestic partners. Client faced multiple years, up to a decade, in prison, and actually served no more than the sixty days he spent voluntarily in treatment and aftercare. Client is back to work, sober, safe at home with his father, and overjoyed that he found North Star Criminal Defense.

State v. B.P.

June, 2020
Charges: Controlled Substance Violations - Felonies - Multiple Counties

In another huge win for a client with multiple cases in multiple counties, Mr. Adkins secured gross misdemeanor convictions only for a client with a recent history of drug convictions, who was facing a mandatory trip to prison, and who will now suffer no more than the time she voluntarily spent in treatment and relapse prevention. Stunning reversal for a great, beloved client of this firm's.

Types of Charge(s): Drug Crime Case Results, Felonies

In Re: Confidential - Juvenile Matter

June, 2020
Charges: Arson, Criminal Damage to Property - Felonies

Stay of Adjudication. In his latest foray into juvenile court, Mr. Adkins secured a stay of adjudication notwithstanding multiple thousands of dollars worth of damage from a fire set by his client in a fit of asshattery. Client worked his tail off to get volunteer hours completed before a meaningful hearing, which helped immensely, but Mr. Adkins' negotiations turned the tide from a case that could have had adult record ramifications, down to essentially a brief term of probation and no record of adjudication or conviction. Massive win.

State v. T.M. / T.M. v. Dept. of Corrections

May, 2020
Charges: Habeas Corpus Petition and Request for Compassionate Release

CLIENT RELEASED, some fifty (50) months early. This client, who was represented by another firm when he entered a plea of guilty to First Degree Drug charges hoping for a sentencing departure to probation, was instead immediately remanded to state prison for a lengthy term. His health, already radically declining on the day he was sentenced, immediately disqualified him from any programming (such as the Challenge Incarceration Program, or 'Boot Camp') that would have ended his prison stay quickly or at any discount. The client hired North Star to be creative in challenging his sentence and to secure his release in any way humanly possible... and we DID JUST THAT, by way of an order recently permitting him to leave prison immediately. Mr. Adkins and his team used the habeas corpus petition process to get the Court's attention, and convinced the Court and the Department of Corrections' legal team that a release would not only be justified, but would save our client's very life. Compassionate release in the middle of this pandemic is logical, it is wise, and it is increasingly difficult to secure, as political implications infect hearings and conversations about true justice in the face of a deadly invisible enemy. If your loved one is serving a prison sentence, anywhere, and you believe their health is threatened (particularly if they suffer from a preexisting deadly condition or are likely to develop severe reactions to the coronavirus), please contact the team at North Star immediately. There are few lawyers on the planet who have successfully litigated these issues, and Dan and James would love to win for you, and yours.

Types of Charge(s): Felonies

L.J.C.D. v. Dakota County Sheriff's Office

April, 2020
Charges: Restoration of Gun Rights and a Carry Permit

CARRY PERMIT DELIVERED, directly in the U.S. Mail! In this matter, a client with as many as four (4) prior felony convictions from another state visited the North Star team, and asked if those cases (which were resolved in a number of unique ways, including a Veteran's Court and Drug Treatment Court in that far away jurisdiction) could be characterized in a way that would permit him to recover his right to self-defense, and a permit to purchase a firearm, and (eventually) a firearms carry permit. Client closely followed Mr. Adkins' directives, seeking clarification directly from the Sheriff's Department on the basis for his initial rejection for a permit to purchase; then Mr. Adkins investigated the matter in the other state with help of investigators and Client's legal team out west, before demand letters to the Sheriff's office resulted in a jackpot. Client did not simply recover the right to purchase and possess a firearm, at his home or place of business... the letter indicating his win included a laminated conceal/carry permit, for which he had previously applied/completed safety training/been summarily denied! Client was amazed, as he had been led to believe he'd have to restart the entire process over, and pass each and every careful step after getting the Sheriff's Department or a reviewing judge to agree regarding the impact of his record of conviction. It did not hurt his cause when Mr. Adkins notified the Sheriff's Department that Client would be entitled to recover all of his reasonable attorney's fees, in the event the County continued to mischaracterize his prior record and a Court ruled that a permit should have been issued. Careful creative negotiations, assertive and thoughtful investigative techniques, and a kickass demand letter have resulted in outright, rare and wonderful justice for this client.

Types of Charge(s): Felonies

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