To see just how successful our approach is, here are some representative results:

State v. J.B.

June, 2023
Charges: 5th Degree Drug Possession - Felony; domestic assault - Misdemeanor

Stay of adjudication to both counts, meaning the client will not be convicted of anything following this incident so long as he complies with minimal and easy terms of probation for just one year. The client had zero defense, as his ex-spouse's therapist witnessed the incident via a zoom meeting. Despite the evidence completely working against him, proactive steps and the thoughtful approach from Mr. Gempeler yielded this critical and incredible outcome for a deserving client.

State v. B.G.

May, 2023
Charges: 3 counts each of: Attempted 2nd Degree Murder; 1st Degree Assault; 2nd Degree Assault with a Dangerous Weapon

Acquittal at trial on ALL nine counts. A vigorous case led to a trial that spilled in to a second week. The North Star team fought tooth and nail the entire case and prepared a strong self-defense and defense of others defense. While the video evidence supported these affirmative defenses, ultimately defending 13 bullets and two innocent minor bystanders getting hit is no easy task. But, Mr. Adkins and Mr. Gempeler were up to the task. After the case was submitted, the jury deliberated for only 3 hours (including the lunch hour) before returning Not Guilty verdicts on all nine counts. The client and his family got the justice he so rightfully deserved and they are thrilled they had the North Star team fighting for them when they needed it the most.

Types of Charge(s): Assault Case Results, Felonies, Murder

State v. C.V.

January, 2023
Charges: Ineligible Person in Possession of a Firearm; Intentionally Pointing a Firearm at Another; Felony Drug Possession - All felony counts

Dismissal. Client was facing multiple serious charges relating to guns and drugs. Bad combo, to say the least. Client was alleged to have been one of multiple juveniles in a car that drove around, pointed a gun at other kids, and had drugs in their possession at the time of their arrest. A client who had no prior record was caught up with the wrong crowd. The North Star team was diligent in its review of the evidence and research. And, we were persistent in pressing the State to get us all of the discovery after initial disclosures were incomplete. Eventually, it led to the discovery that the evidence pointed to our client being innocent. We filed a motion to dismiss the case. And in the weeks leading up to the hearing, the State came to realize - North Star was right. It dismissed the case prior to the hearing, knowing we were right. The family is thrilled that we brought the fight and got the just result.

State v. T.B.

January, 2023
Charges: Felony Intentional Discharge of a Firearm

Departure to a gross misdemeanor sentence, with no time to serve, over the State's objection. Client was charged with intentionally firing multiple rounds over a house in a neighborhood one morning. Multiple people were inside the residence at the time. Needless to say, very serious allegations with multiple "victims" - both inside the residence and neighborhood. Our client, though, was in the midst of a mental health breakdown and suffering from significant chemical dependency. Through North Star's guidance, he engaged in treatment, achieved sobriety, and entered counseling with his girlfriend. The last step was finding a judge who would be sympathetic to our arguments and efforts to get a non-felony outcome. After a few re-settings and finally getting the right judge, the North Star team submitted a strong argument and got the result the client wanted, in full - no felony and no jail. What seemed like a long-shot at the outset was realized thanks to North Star's team effort and smart advocacy.

Types of Charge(s): Felonies

State v. H.R.

January, 2023
Charges: 20 felony Counts of failing to file and failing to pay taxes, both individual and corporate

Stays of Imposition to 4 counts, no jail, minimal fine, and the only meaningful condition of probation was to comply with an audit, which we also ensured certain rights and arguments were preserved for the civil audit process. The client had a mess and faced the possibility of prison with these charges. Plus, when retained to replace a prior counsel - a notable tax defense attorney that had an undisclosed conflict of interest - the client instructed the North Star team that he was not going to trial, meaning our hands and leveraging ability were somewhat tied. Working closely with his civil tax attorney, we set out to achieve the best possible outcome and painstakingly negotiated an outcome that put him in the best position possible for the audit process. In the end, the client will be left with only misdemeanor convictions.

Types of Charge(s): Felonies, Tax

State v. C.R.

December, 2022
Charges: Threats of Violence - Felony

Plea to an amended count of disorderly conduct. No time to serve, minimal fine, and an easy year on probation. The case was in the midst of jury selection when the State finally came to its senses and gave us the outcome we've been seeking since the beginning. Though we were ready for trial and had an excellent trial strategy, the juror pool was admittedly less than ideal. But, with the added pressure of a trial looming and our prep on full display, the State came around and the client immediately jump at the opportunity to resolve this for a misdemeanor disorderly conduct. He avoided risking a felony trial and all that comes with it, and assured himself an outcome that can keep him on the right path moving forward. To say this is a win is an understatement. Client is thrilled with the outcome and North Star's hard work on his behalf.

State v. J.H.

December, 2022
Charges: 5th Degree Drug Possession - Felony; 4th Degree DWI - Misdemeanor

Stay of adjudication on both counts. The client had no defenses to these serious charges. But, the North Star team worked with her to get the therapy and programming she needed, and then did a thorough job of humanizing her, explaining the issues she's been dealing with (namely, the trauma she's endured from being a victim of a recent sexual assault). Thankfully, the prosecutor was empathetic to these struggles and agreed to this incredible outcome. With this outcome, our wonderful client will not have a criminal conviction on her record, will stay on track with working through her trauma and programming, and can thankfully advance in her life without fear of a daunting criminal record. Typically, achieving a non-conviction record for both a felony drug and DWI case is damn near impossible - but not for the North Star team. We go above and beyond to fight for our clients that need and deserve these atypical results. We are so proud of our client for all that she's accomplished and thankful to help in her journey.

State v. J.W.

November, 2022
Charges: 3rd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct; 4th Degree Criminal Sexual Contact - Felonies

Stay of imposition on the 4th degree sexual contact charge. The client was charged for statutory rape and had no defenses as DNA evidence was conclusive of the crime. Undeterred, the North Star team worked with the client to take meaningful proactive steps - even addressing minor setbacks that occurred along the way - that led to the needed leverage to negotiate this favorable outcome. More, at sentencing, Mr. Gempeler successfully argued for no jail time to be imposed, avoided random testing, and even avoided a no contact provision with the client's significant other's child - a must for him and his girlfriend. All in all, the outcome and sentencing could not have been better for the client. He is now on track to continue advancing in his life, without having this matter be an absolute holdup to his future.

Types of Charge(s): Felonies, Sex Crimes

State v. B.H.

November, 2022
Charges: Theft by Swindle, Felony, nearly $20K in restitution demanded

Stay of Adjudication. This case, handled initially by a well-respected dean of the criminal defense bar for more than 18 months and with no offer better than a lifetime felony (and cancellation of commercial license opportunities permanently), vs. a nearly impossible trial to win, presented Mr. Adkins with some sizable challenges. After five months of careful negotiations, Mr. Adkins and the North Star team secured a Stay of Adjudication, with absolutely no jail to serve, no work service, no fine, probation to the court, and as little as one year to dismissal and the start of an expungement campaign. Client is ecstatic, and can focus exclusively on building his growing business and caring for his extended family, without the fear or impact a felony record would necessarily bring. A massive win.

State v. T.F.

September, 2022
Charges: Murder in the Second Degree, Conspiracy, Aiding and Abetting

Stunning result... Client already in prison, serving a parole violation, gets essentially time served, rather than a possible life sentence, in a high-profile murder case, without the requirement to testify on behalf of the State. A lifetime in defense work has left Mr. Adkins in position to negotiate from strength, but with compassion and verve--and it matters, for complex cases, and clients facing such massive draconian results. His family cannot wait to have him back, and now they will, and soon.

Types of Charge(s): Felonies, Murder