To see just how successful our approach is, here are some representative results:

State v. B.S.

October, 2021
Charges: 6 counts of felony tax crimes

Plea to amended counts of a gross misdemeanor failing to file tax returns. The original offer was to plead guilty to felony counts and serve upwards of 180 days via custody and home monitoring. The plea agreement drastically improved this. The client will only be convicted of a gross misdemeanor crime and serve no more than 30 days, via 3 days in custody and the balance on home monitoring. The remaining terms of probation are minimal and only for two years. The best part is this plea agreement leaves the client in a much better position to salvage his professional license and, therefore, his career. Even when facing daunting felony charges, the North Star team pushed through with a strong strategy to achieve the client's goal and keep him on the right path moving forward.

Types of Charge(s): Felonies, Tax

State v. T.L.C.

August, 2021
Charges: 1st Degree Drugs Sales / Possession - Felonies

Stay of Imposition with no further jail to serve. This is a MASSIVE victory. The client was facing a mandatory commitment to prison for many years. Worse, this mandatory commitment was based on TWO separate statutory reasons applicable in her case. And the client had no viable defense to the charges. Yet, unfazed by these significantly difficult facts, the North Star team worked with our client to get her in a strong position to improve our negotiation position. Armed both her good behavior since the incident, proactive steps, and a clean overall record, we were able to negotiate an outcome that kept her out of prison or jail, and she will earn a misdemeanor after her probationary period, which only includes minimal terms. When all is said and done, she'll have a misdemeanor conviction with no further time to serve, all completed within the time frame that she would have been in prison under the presumptive commitment law. An absolutely incredible outcome by the North Star team.

Types of Charge(s): Drug Crime Case Results, Felonies

State v. Y.V.

June, 2021
Charges: Theft by Swindle - Felony

Plea to a gross misdemeanor theft count. The client was caught on camera swapping UPC code stickers to purchase expensive items for much cheaper. Needless to say, we had no actual defense to these charges. Despite this - and a County Attorney who was none too pleased with our clients behavior and belief that his actual wrongdoing far exceeded what they could prove - the North Star team got a plea agreement to a non-felony and no jail to serve. The client could not be happier to avoid the felony outcome and not have to do any time in custody.

State v. Confidential

June, 2021
Charges: Third and Fifth Degree Drug Charges - Felonies

Stay of Adjudication. Client visits North Star looking at his third felony, with possible prison connotations, for more than four hundred (!!) prescription pills and a bill with a testable amount of powder cocaine on it, all within his possession. After intense negotiations and motion practice, the State alters its offer to a stay of adjudication on two drug counts at fifth degree; no jail to serve--not an hour, and no real additional consequences past a $50 fine; the matter is not a conviction, and will be dismissed in anticipation of an expungement in as little as a year. This, notwithstanding a full confession.... When you or someone you care about gets trapped in a terrible spot, which lawyer you retain to salvage what can be saved makes all the difference. All the difference....

Types of Charge(s): Drug Crime Case Results, Felonies

State v. M.K.

June, 2021
Charges: First Degree Drug Case - Felonies

North Star takes a call from a young woman, facing (with her mother) a mandatory minimum sentence on first degree drug counts, suitcases full of uncut methamphetamine, and an entrenched and talented prosecutor. Motions had already been filed, and lost... yet Mr. Adkins secured an almost insane outcome. No jail--not one hour; two years of essentially unsupervised probation or less; no real fine, no treatment requirement, no letters of apology... and most importantly, no requirement that she testify against her mother, or anyone else, itself a deadly obligation, always to be avoided where possible. Staggering result, one you won't see in other firms or on other similar cases.

Types of Charge(s): Drug Crime Case Results, Felonies

State v. M.A.

June, 2021
Charges: Motor Vehicle Excise Tax Evasion - 3 felony counts

Gross misdemeanor conviction to one count, with the other two counts dismissed. Additionally, the client has no jail to serve, received the minimal fine, and is placed on unsupervised probation. And, perhaps most importantly, the outcome ensures the civil ramifications on the business's license will not be revoked for a full year, which was the likely outcome to a felony conviction. Now, with the gross misdemeanor record, the business will not be hit hard at all by the state regulatory agency. This is exactly what the client needed and the North Star team accomplished.

Types of Charge(s): Felonies, Tax

In re: Juvenile Case Matter

May, 2021
Charges: Second Degree Assault - Felony

This juvenile matter involved multiple stabbings, including on the victim's spine--but the result will be a sponged record, no jail or similar confinement, a letter of apology, and a reacquired future. Endless creativity and hustle was required for this troubled client, but the team at North Star possess both traits in surplus.

Types of Charge(s): Assault Case Results, Felonies, Juvenile

State v. A.S.

May, 2021
Charges: Fourth Degree Assault on a Peace Officer, False Information - Felony

This client, who permitted her car to be driven by a murderous gangster, was looking at a felony life-changer, just as she brought her first baby into the world. Instead, she has some volunteer work to complete, no felony, and the capacity to remove the matter entirely, in less than a year's time. A thoughtful judge agreed with Mr. Adkins that the injuries received were less onerous than the average such attack, that the client could be trusted not to abuse or dismiss this win, and justice prevailed. Massive win.

Types of Charge(s): Assault Case Results, Felonies

State v. J.N.

April, 2021
Charges: 3 Cases out of Dakota County: (1) Domestic Assault by Strangulation (Felony); two misdemeanor domestic assaults; (2) domestic assault - misdemeanor; (3) Violating a DANCO - misdemeanor

Stay of adjudication to one misdemeanor domestic assault charge and two misdemeanor domestic assault convictions. The felony domestic assault by strangulation charge and third case of violating an order for protection were dismissed. This is a remarkable outcome because the initial offer was to plead to the felony count and serve custody time. But, the North Star team raised a creative and new argument that the strangulation count was a specific intent crime, thereby allowing the client to raise a voluntary intoxication defense at trial (which was clear as day that he was seriously impaired). The county attorney initially scoffed at such a motion. The Court did not, though, and agreed with our arguments. That was a game-changing motion as it led to a plea deal to non-felony counts, no additional jail time, and the dismissal of a third case. And after the client successfully completes probation, the stay of adjudication will result in a dismissal of the second case entirely, too. The client is thrilled with the fight given to him by the North Star team.

State v. C.F.

February, 2021
Charges: Felony Theft by Swindle

Client agreed to a diversionary outcome, meaning she is neither convicted nor even offers a plea of guilty as part of the agreement. And so long as she abides by the minimal terms of the diversionary agreement, the matter will be dismissed in one-year. This is a great result for a deserving client. Fearful of facing a felony for switching UPC codes while at Target - and no meaningful defense to it - the client is thrilled to walk away without a criminal record.

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