Gross Misdemeanor

Gross Misdemeanor

To see just how successful our approach is, here are some representative results:

State v. J.R.

October, 2020
Charges: 2 counts of Felony 5th Degree Drug Possession; Gross Misdemeanor False Information to Police Officer; and Misdemeanor Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor; and a separate case for Extradition on an out-of-state Felony Parole Violation

Plea to two gross misdemeanor crimes - one drug possession and the false info. The client had a small amount of two drugs found on his person, but with a prior drug conviction, the client was facing two felony charges. Complicating things further, the client had a warrant for a parole violation in Texas and facing an extradition case separate from the underlying criminal case. Thankfully, the client was afforded bail on both cases, checked himself into rehab, gained sobriety, and proved to the Court that he was facing his past, rather than running from it. Mr. Gempeler then leveraged a legal motion challenging the evidence for one of the drug charges to get the needed outcome - a non-felony record. Now with this outcome, the client has a chance to avoid further incarceration on his old warrant. Even when faced with long odds, the North Star team knows how to fight to get the necessary results for its clients.

State v. S.S.

July, 2020
Charges: Domestic Assault - Gross Misdemeanor

In a change of pace, Mr. Adkins was retained by the complainant wife in a domestic assault case, to seek a removal of all Domestic Abuse No Contact Orders (there are two open cases for this same fellow). Mr. Adkins engaged careful and creative motion practice, crafted a compelling affidavit for the wife, and convinced a terribly conservative judge to remove nearly every restriction on the couple as they attempt reconciliation. Even if your loved one hires alternate counsel, we may be able to obtain positive results for you; it never hurts, and it never costs a dime, to contact the lawyers at North Star to discuss next steps and the best ways forward. Smashing results for folks that deserve the same.

State v. T.P.

July, 2020
Charges: Reckless Weapon - Gross Misdemeanor

Stay of Adjudication. Client, who freely admitted to firing arrows in his (suburban) backyard, some of which hit a neighbor's home, receives a stay of adjudication over mild prosecutorial objection (initially), due to aggressive negotiations and completely reformed conduct. This client will avoid any criminal record notwithstanding this was not his first longbow-rodeo, so to speak--he'd been cited for the same conduct previously.

Types of Charge(s): Gross Misdemeanor

State v. D.B.

June, 2020
Charges: Order for Protection and Domestic Assault charges - Multiple counties - Felonies and Gross Misdemeanors

In the latest example of global-deal/high volume case-per-client litigation, Mr. Adkins successfully kept a young man out of prison, notwithstanding more than eight (!) open felony matters alleging inappropriate contact between his client and a number of domestic partners. Client faced multiple years, up to a decade, in prison, and actually served no more than the sixty days he spent voluntarily in treatment and aftercare. Client is back to work, sober, safe at home with his father, and overjoyed that he found North Star Criminal Defense.

State v. M.K.

June, 2020
Charges: Obstructing Legal Process - Gross Misdemeanor; Fleeing on Foot, Underage Consumption, Fake ID, and Public Urination - Misdemeanors

Stay of Adjudication to the Fleeing on Foot charge and a petty misdemeanor conviction for the underage consumption charge. The remaining charges were dismissed. With a stay of adjudication, the client is never convicted of the offense, so long as he abides by manageable terms of probation for one-year. And after he does this, he will walk away from this case without a single criminal conviction on his record since the petty misdemeanor conviction is not a crime under Minnesota law. For a college student who was doing well and has a bright future, avoiding a long-lasting criminal conviction record was necessary. Thankfully, he heeded North Star's advice to take proactive steps that convinced the prosecutor that he was a good kid, who just made some poor decisions one night. Another fantastic result for our client.

State v. M.A.

May, 2020
Charges: Criminal Vehicular Operation, 2nd Degree DWI

Client, staring down a six-month mandatory jail sentence and a permanent record for a horrible accident, walks out of a virtual hearing with no jail to serve, his vehicle returned, a conviction on radically reduced counts, and his license intact. Aggressive negotiations and timely treatment efforts, by Mr. Adkins and his client, respectively, result in a fantastic conclusion.

Types of Charge(s): DWI Case Results, Gross Misdemeanor

State v. T.P.

July, 2019
Charges: Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor - Gross Misdemeanor

Continuance for Dismissal. The allegations were rather serious, to say the least, in that the underage party proceeded to have a mental breakdown while intoxicated into the very early morning hours. The client had some child protection services issues that resulted. But, due to her cooperation and compliance with the same, she regained custody and is back to being the mother the children need. As a result of that, the City rewarded her renewed focus on her own health and commitment through this incredible outcome.

Types of Charge(s): Gross Misdemeanor

State v. J.K.

September, 2018
Charges: Malicious Punishment of a Child - Gross Misdemeanor

Sentenced to a misdemeanor - no jail, minimum fine, and conditions that only require the client to stay the course. The State initially sought a gross misdemeanor sentence with significant jail time. But, with the right approach and a proactive client, the North Star team achieved this great outcome on a case that involved physical punishment that left noticeable harm to the young child. The North Star team was instrumental in keeping the client focused on turning this negative incident into a positive with the client focusing on bettering himself as a person and a parent.

Types of Charge(s): Gross Misdemeanor

State v. J.M.

June, 2018
Charges: Gross Misdemeanor Child Endangerment

Reduction to Disorderly Conduct, Fine only/Petty Misdemeanor. This nearly three year old matter came to Dan after two other lawyers had intervened, neither of whom could resolve the case and had simply set it for jury trial, unfortunately without any real defense. Dan negotiated with a team of prosecutors, and convinced them (armed with proof that his client had completed his recommended assessments and therapeutic programming) there'd be no repeat offenses. Demands for jail time and a jarring record of conviction (think lying/cheating/stealing/MASSIVE record-check impact) were dropped, and the case wrapped with minimal impact. Client is rapturous.

Types of Charge(s): Gross Misdemeanor

State v. Confidential

May, 2018
Charges: Gross Misdemeanor Assault

Reduction to Disorderly Conduct, Stay of Adjudication. A victim reports having been choked to the point of asphyxiation by her boyfriend, and having been punched repeatedly by our client, and felony charges against the boyfriend and a nasty gross misdemeanor complaint against our man ensue. Mr. Adkins negotiated carefully and well, and potentially career-ending criminal charges will be removed outright from the record in a short period of time. No jail, no onerous terms of probation, nothing other than payment of minimal costs was required, and the client is over the moon.

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