Gross Misdemeanor

Gross Misdemeanor

To see just how successful our approach is, here are some representative results:

State v. N.S.

July, 2021
Charges: 3rd Degree DWI - Refusal (Gross Misdemeanor); 4th Degree DWI - Misdemeanor

Case dismissed. Client was alleged to have refused the official breath test at the station. But, critically, he was not read the breath test advisory, which advises him of his legal rights (most importantly, his right to consult with a lawyer), prior to making a decision to take the breath test. So when he allegedly refused, the police's failure to advise him of his rights, which is required by law, his refusal isn't illegal. And without the refusal charge, the DWI investigation lacked sufficient facts to justify the fourth-degree under the influence charge. The North Star team set out to aggressively litigate these issues. But, short of the motion hearing, the State called in advance to talk over the case and quickly realized that it had to dismiss the case. Another terrific result for the North Star team and proving, once again, that it's strategic and strong approach gets results!

Types of Charge(s): DWI Case Results, Gross Misdemeanor

State v. C.B.

July, 2021
Charges: Driving After Cancellation, Inimical to Public Safety - Gross Misdemeanor

Case dismissed. The client was stopped by an officer who simply recognized him and believed him to be without a license. Unfortunately, the cop guessed right and confirmed the cancelled license before pulling him over. Armed with no defense and the client being on felony probation, the client set out to take immediate proactive steps to get valid and have the ignition interlock device installed in his vehicle. Recognizing the importance of now being valid and because he already served time after his arrest, the prosecutor was willing to outright dismiss the matter at North Star's request. Another incredible result by the North Star team.

State v. N.C.

June, 2021
Charges: School Bus Stop Arm Violation - Gross Misdemeanor

Dismissed. The client is an older woman and had no prior record. This charge was extremely burdensome to her and she knew she made a mistake. Without any true legal defense to work with, the North Star team set out to humanize their client and presented a strong plea negotiation. Realizing this was a deserving defendant, the prosecutor - to his credit - dismissed the case, believing what we explained about our client and that she would not pose a problem going forward. Another incredible outcome for a more than deserving client.

State v. J.R.

May, 2021
Charges: Interfering with a 911 Call - Gross Misdemeanor; two domestic assault charges - misdemeanors; and a misdemeanor disorderly conduct

Stay of adjudication to the lowest count, disorderly conduct, with minimal terms and requirements while on one-year probation. For someone facing a gross misdemeanor interference with a 911 call and having admitted to many of the allegations, this is an incredible result. Despite these challenging facts, the North Star team leaned on its great relationship with the prosecutor and persuaded her that this was the just and right outcome for the case. The client could not be happier he chose North Star Criminal Defense to fight for him and to get this result.

State v. M.H.

April, 2021
Charges: School Bus Stop Arm Violation - Gross Misdemeanor; No Proof of Insurance - Misdemeanor; Stop Sign Violation - Petty Misdemeanor

Stay of Adjudication to the bus stop citation and the remaining counts and cases are dismissed. The client was facing two separate cases that included a gross misdemeanor and misdemeanor traffic violation. Yet, despite his driving misconduct in short succession, the North Star team leveraged a motion to dismiss on a legal argument to get a plea offer that ensures he will not be convicted of anything so long as he abides by minimal terms of probation. The client is thrilled to be able to avoid not only a conviction, but also the possible loss of license.

State v. C.E.

April, 2021
Charges: Probation Violation -- Gross Misdemeanor

This matter, concerning a nearly immediate violation of the terms of a plea agreement for a client suffering from multiple addictive issues, resolved with no action, no sanction, and even accelerated termination of probation, when the client followed Mr. Adkins' advice and dove straight into a comprehensive dual-diagnosis treatment program. North Star and its powerful team of treatment specialists have been getting undreamed of results for more than two decades... please don't hesitate to reach out, and learn how we can assist you, and your loved ones, when these issues are at play.

State v. J.M.

April, 2021
Charges: Interference with Privacy - Gross Misdemeanor

Stay of Adjudication. Client was caught, on surveillance, using his cell phone to take upskirt videos of customers as they were in the store he was working at. The client immediately took proactive steps by seeing a mental health professional to address the underlying issues that led to his misconduct. At the same time, the North Star team researched a creative argument to raise to assist in plea negotiations. The combination led to this incredible result, where the client will not be convicted of any crime so long as he abides by minimal terms of probation. While his misconduct was abhorrent, his response and willingness to take strides to ensure this doesn't happen again earned this remarkable outcome.

Types of Charge(s): Gross Misdemeanor, Sex Crimes

State v. C.B.

February, 2021
Charges: 3rd Degree-Refusal - Gross Misdemeanor; 4th Degree DWI - Misdemeanor

Plea to a 3rd Degree DWI-Refusal. The client exhibited horrible driving conduct and registered a PBT significantly above .20. Needless to say, no defenses existed and he was clearly at an elevated alcohol concentration. Compounding all of that, he refused the formal breath test at the station, which prosecutors despise as it shows noncooperation. Despite all of these facts stacked against him, the North Star team negotiated an outcome in which the client faces no jail time, a minimal fine, and credit for having completed a chemical dependency assessment, a MADD panel, and a DWI class. As a result, the client will receive the benefit of being on unsupervised probation. Given the challenging facts, no jail and unsupervised probation is a great outcome and one the client is very pleased with.

Types of Charge(s): DWI Case Results, Gross Misdemeanor

State v. A.L.

December, 2020
Charges: Gross Misdemeanor DWI's

This client, facing a nasty DUI with a high test, multiple priors and a bleak outlook, receives no jail time, no further programming than that she'd already completed, and an utterly feathery landing, due to speedy steps in remediation and her talented lawyers. DUI cases confound even seasoned defenders, with relentlessly repetitive fact patterns and a thin list of available defenses--but North Star doesn't quit, and does not take the traditional approach to these matters. We got thinking caps, here, and we use them.

Types of Charge(s): DWI Case Results, Gross Misdemeanor

State v. B.K.

December, 2020
Charges: 2 separate cases, a year apart in the same county. 1st Case: 5th Degree Felony Drug Possession and Misdemeanor DWI. 2nd Case: 5th Degree Felony Drug Possession, and multiple gross misdemeanor DWI counts.

Stay of adjudication to the drug charges in BOTH cases and a single conviction to a misdemeanor DWI as a stay of imposition. The client quite literally committed the same offense twice within a years time frame. He drove drunk, was found slumped over in his car on a county highway, and had drugs in the center console. If this wasn't bad enough, the second offense was committed just shy of his sentencing on the first case, where the North Star team was going to argue that he learned his lesson. Still, despite the two separate cases and problems that causes, the North Star team counseled the client on the correct proactive steps to take - treatment, aftercare, and continued alcohol monitoring to prove sobriety. And by the time of the sentencing for both cases nearly a year and a half later, the client was able to convince the probation department and ultimately the Court - with our help, of course - to receive a stay of adjudication on BOTH cases. The result is that the client will NOT be a convicted felon and only have one DWI conviction on his record. Avoiding the felony drug possession conviction was critical for the client, too, because he received federal aid as a farmer, which would have been in jeopardy with such a conviction. The client is incredibly thankful he chose the North Star team to help him on his two cases. An early Christmas present for a deserving client!

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