Pre-Charge Case Results

To see just how successful our approach is, here are some representative results:

In Re: Confidential

June, 2021
Charges: Pre-Charge - 3rd Degree Murder

A young man's best friend, and frequent partner in addiction, turns up dead from an overdose, and our man has been texting him that very day about providing him with synthetic and fentanyl-laced pills--and just that type of narcotic triggered the overdose. After an initial (disastrous!) phone call with the lead homicide detective in Ramsey County, our man calls Mr. Adkins. After North Star's intervention, the investigation into our client is closed, no charges filed, no (second) life destroyed, no prison, no trial.... Never, never ever confront police alone, or without the assistance of talented aggressive PROVEN trial winners, like James or Dan. Just don't--the police are exceptional at obtaining inculpatory statements, and you have no training in this field. Mr. Adkins has successfully extracted folks from possible felony exposure since before graduating law school, back in the Stone Age. There are no tricks, no traps, no verbal judo battles he's not avoided, or removed, or prevailed in for his clients. Simply a staggering result, and deeply appreciated by the client and his loving, relieved family.

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State v. Confidential

July, 2020
Charges: Pre-Charge on Drug Crimes - Felonies

This matter, concerning a relatively massive haul of multiple drugs and at least four firearms, could have cost the client more than five years' prison time, and had the matter gone federal.... Instead, Mr. Adkins was able to convince the County Attorney's Office to dismiss all charges before the matter was actually publicly filed, and before a single court appearance. Truthfully, these sorts of results are not common... but they happen here, at North Star, more than you'll find at any other Minnesota firm.

State vs. Confidential

April, 2020
Charges: Felony criminal sexual misconduct - Pre-Charge

Declination/Nolle Prosequi Letter pending (no charges!). This client, a young man accused of sexual misconduct at his high school, was initially set to meet with investigators to (hopefully!) explain some miscommunication and contextualize a relationship. After a call to North Star, hoping to confirm the good intentions of the investigators and to be told he had the right strategy in mind, that meeting was immediately cancelled, and the client declined to respond to any officers' questions. The complete absence of physical or social-media evidence to confirm the (false, but compelling) allegations of the classmate has resulted in no charges being filed. This is still a developing matter, in light of the fact that the statute of limitations won't expire for many years yet, but the first steps are utterly wonderful. North Star provides exceptional and timely pre-charge representation several times each month, and we love these no-charge decisions as much as a jury acquittal.

Types of Charge(s): Pre-Charge Case Results, Sex Crimes

State v. Confidential

March, 2020
Charges: Pre-Charge - Potential federal or state drug charges

Client was allegedly involved in a drug trafficking ring across state lines with her significant other. She wisely retained the North Star team after a search was executed as his residence. Through several communications with the investigator and reaching out to the U.S. Attorney's office, the client successfully avoided even being charged.

Types of Charge(s): Pre-Charge Case Results

State v. K.F.

March, 2019
Charges: Pre-Charge - Possible Felony Assault and Domestic Assault

County Attorney's office DECLINED TO CHARGE the client and even went so far as instructed the investigator to immediately release the client from custody. Within hours of being retained, the North Star team gathered sufficient information from the family to relay to the County Attorney who was in the middle of reviewing the file for charging. With this additional information, the choice was clear - this client needed to be released without charges immediately and returned to her family. The family was overjoyed at this news and emphasized they were right to choose our team over other firms they were considering. Another case where the North Star team's immediate hustle and tenacity leads to another incredible result.


October, 2017
Charges: Pre-Charge - Possible Criminal Sexual Conduct

A person dealing with a motivated and irate former lover, fearing false allegations and the related collateral explosions, hired North Star to manage his communications and seek to forestall any litigation or other challenges, and found success immediately and in short order. Roughly 25% of the work North Star provides to its clients takes place BEFORE charges are laid, or a lawsuit is filed--it is never too early to seek our advice, or our intervention. Call immediately when confronting an accuser, or taking a step on a significant life adventure where an aggressive and talented lawyer can help.

Types of Charge(s): Pre-Charge Case Results, Sex Crimes

State v. A.N.

May, 2017
Charges: Pre-Charge - Possible misdemeanor domestic assault charges

No formal charges. The client contacted North Star within hours of the alleged incident happening. Immediately, our team got on the phone to contact the prosecutor. In doing so, we bought time to provide additional information for the prosecutor's consideration when making a decision whether to charge our client or not. Based upon the information provided, the prosecutor gave our client the opportunity to earn the chance to never be charged with the domestic assault. Our client eagerly completed the requested proactive steps, leading to the prosecutor to formally acknowledge that she will never be charged. This was an absolutely critical outcome for a person in the nursing field, where even a charge of domestic assault can lead to the possibility of losing her career. What makes this outcome that much more impressive is that the prosecutor commented that he had never, in his several decades as a city prosecutor, done anything like this before. Needless to say, the client was thrilled that she immediately got the North Star team on her side.

State v. (Anonymous)

June, 2016
Charges: Possible 1st and 3rd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct. Both Felonies.

Zero charges levied against client due to incredible work by Mr. Adkins in a pre-charge capacity. After more than two months of investigation, negotiation and evidence-characterization, a metro prosecutor declined to file charges that carry near-automatic prison implications, and lifelong registration-as-sex-offender consequences. And the matter is now closed. Client can continue to pursue a bright future, with a new and healthy respect for how close he came to ruination. A banner day for the firm, and a far better day for the client and family. ‪

Types of Charge(s): Pre-Charge Case Results, Sex Crimes

State v. (Confidential)

July, 2015
Charges: Felony Damage to Property Pre-Charge Matter

After extensive research and interviews by North Star Criminal Defense staff, charges noll prossed (declined to be charged) by police and complainant. Client was a college senior who got to complete his education without a nasty charge with turpitude aspects. Another example of soft-glove negotiations fronting iron-fist litigation capacity, all to a favorable result. Client is overjoyed.

Types of Charge(s): Pre-Charge Case Results