Theft & Shoplifting Case Results

Theft & Shoplifting Case Results

To see just how successful our approach is, here are some representative results:

State v. B.S.

July, 2020
Charges: Probation Violation on Mail Theft and Drug Crimes - Felonies

Early Discharge from Probation. This probation violation was supported by reams of documentation of failures on the part of Mr. Adkins' new client, but a term of restorative work (and commitment to sobriety) by the client and artful arguments via Zoom technology meant the client is not only not headed to prison or jail, but will be released from probation early with a stern lecture.... If your family member (or you) faces allegations of failure on probation, please don't hesitate to contact North Star immediately. You'll be stunned how much aggressive representation can change the outcomes.

State v. Confidential

April, 2020
Charges: Fraudulent Insurance Representations, Theft - Multiple Felony Counts

Reduction of counts to Gross Misdemeanor or below. This case, actually a set of cases, initially exposed our client to not only a felony conviction, but the loss immediately of a lifelong avocation, for which he had expended decades of effort and countless dollars in training and equipment. After extensive negotiations and aggressive reparative efforts by Dan and the North Star team, the client will not only have the chance to seek a gross misdemeanor from his misconduct, but has written agreement from the prosecutor that the cases will be amended to that outcome--erasing the risk that a judge would disagree with Dan's request. Client is giddy--s/he gets to keep working, and keep climbing, in an incredibly competitive environment.

State v. C.E.

August, 2019
Charges: Felony Burglary charges

Stay of Imposition to a Gross Misdemeanor burglary charge, with no jail to serve. A savvy and diligent defense put the client in a position to both avoid a felony conviction and earn a misdemeanor record after completing probation. For a young man that was simply caught up with the wrong crowd, Mr. Adkins worked tirelessly to advocate for this client and get the County Attorney on board with his bright future and why this outcome was just. The client could not be happier he got North Star to fight for him.

State v. J.M.

July, 2019
Charges: Theft by Swindle - Gross Misdemeanor

Stay of Adjudication. Client was caught switching UPC stickers at Target over the course of several visits. Yet, even though the city rarely grants this type of resolution, the proactive approach by North Star and the savvy negotiating led to this incredible result, allowing the client to keep her record clean.

State v. R.W.

May, 2019
Charges: Felony Theft

Stay of Adjudication. Even though Mr. Gempeler was appearing in a county he has never been to before, he negotiated this great result for his deserving client. What's more, the conditions of probation are almost non-existent - pay restitution, letter of apology, and have no same or similar incidents. The Judge even announced he will cut his probation in half if he is tending to his obligations properly.

State v. Y.V.

December, 2018
Charges: Misdemeanor Theft by Swindle

Continuance for dismissal. The client was a sought-after man by Fleet Farm for allegedly switching UPC codes on products and returning items in order to profit off the exchanges. A complicated case that resulted in complicated police reports that simply did not connect all the dots for the State. Due to this and the client's good overall record, a continuance for dismissal was negotiated so that the client can take the guaranteed outcome and put this stress behind him.

State v. E.M.

October, 2018
Charges: Misdemeanor Theft - Shoplifting

Continuance for dismissal. Despite the State's initial offer being a good offer, one that is common for most shoplifting cases, the North Star team still pushed, highlighting the client's good overall record, positive facts about the case, and her career ambitions for why a better result - the best possible result - was appropriate and needful. For a young mother, keeping her record clear was critical in order to best provide for her family in the future.

State v. R.S.

July, 2018
Charges: 3rd Degree Felony Assault and Gross Misdemeanor Theft

Stay of Adjudication to the assault and a stay of imposition to the theft. Despite causing a broken hand to the victim and a rather significant history of misconduct occurring during the same time period, the Defendant avoided the felony, had no restitution imposed, and got a minimal jail sentence for a three-year probationary period. The State wanted sixty days in jail and a five year probation term, plus restitution. The judge advised counsel before the hearing he was still deciding restitution and contemplating a thirty day jail term. Based on Mr. Gempeler's argument and the Defendant's own statement, the judge moved on his positions significantly when issuing the ultimate sentence. The Defendant deserved this incredible result because he is the poster child for rehabilitating yourself and becoming a true asset to the public prior to the case wrapping up. He has a bright future, despite his multiple transgressions, because of his proactive approach to rehabilitation and by retaining North Star - a firm uniquely talented in handling multiple matters and putting people back on the right track when all is said and done.

State v. M.M.

June, 2018
Charges: Gross Misdemeanor Theft, Shoplifting

Diversion. If the client can complete 24 hours of community service, attend a PERT class, and remain law abiding for the next six months, the case will be dismissed. There is no admission to facts, plea, or any conviction associated with the case. Considering evidence showed the client shoplifted $1,600+ from Target over the course of several weeks, obtaining a complete dismissal is rare and needful for a young woman with a bright future.

State v. S.O.

April, 2018
Charges: Theft and Theft by Swindle - Gross Misdemeanors

Stay of Adjudication to the theft count and the theft by swindle count was dismissed. The case involved a concerted effort between our client and a colleague who stole merchandise from a retail store they worked at. Any workplace theft is a serious crime that prosecutors are want to give any sort of meaningful deal, let alone one that would keep a conviction off the defendant's record. Due to the great relationship North Star has developed with the City over the years and the proper approach, the client is afforded the opportunity to keep her record clean and her future bright.

Theft & Shoplifting Case Results

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