Threats of Violence Case Results

To see just how successful our approach is, here are some representative results:

State v. K.F.

July, 2024
Charges: Threats of Violence; Assault - Felony Counts

Stay of Adjudication. Mr. Adkins is becoming a bit of a wizard in the Greater Minnesota counties; nowhere did this benefit a client as much as in this case, with a man facing a possible long jail or even prison sanction for heinous threats against his neighbor (a former police officer). However, with great patience and a highly precise approach to treatment and restorative justice, the client exits with a Stay of Adjudication, no conviction, light terms on probation, and a path to full expungement of this matter in less than two years. Ridiculously wonderful results.

State v. P.W.

April, 2024
Charges: 2nd Degree Assault with a Firearm and Threats of Violence - Felonies

Acquittal at trial. Client was alleged to have pulled a gun on his brother-in-law, while threatening him. If convicted, he would've faced a mandatory 3-year prison commitment. From the very beginning, he was adamant the charges were false, and he wanted his day in court. Mr. Gempeler put on a masterful trial, hammering every witness the State called and even flipping the officers to lay positive foundational testimony for the closing. The jury deliberated for less than two hours - a remarkably short time, especially over a lunch hour. The County Attorney was flustered the entire trial, never able to counter the sound strategy and technique Mr. Gempeler used throughout. You know it's a good trial performance when the primary bailiff compliments the attorney, and two jurors waited in the courthouse lobby after the trial for a business card because they were so impressed and wanted the North Star team should they ever need us. Delivering justice for a deserving client is why we do this and is the best feeling in our line of work.

State v. T.K.

April, 2024
Charges: Threats of Violence - Felony

Plea, but an agreement to a dispositional departure, resulting in a gross misdemeanor conviction with no jail to serve and a minimum fine. The client was alleged to have waved a gun (turned out to be a BB gun) at another driver in a road rage incident. Complicating matters, he was no probation for a felony drug case. Despite these challenging facts, Mr. Gempeler worked hard on the prosecutor, stressing the client's efforts at sobriety, to achieve this incredible outcome. The Judge praised the client for his efforts, but understood it is a journey and gave him every opportunity to succeed moving forward. All because of the hard work the North Star team put into the case to achieve such a fantastic outcome.

State v. C.R.

December, 2022
Charges: Threats of Violence - Felony

Plea to an amended count of disorderly conduct. No time to serve, minimal fine, and an easy year on probation. The case was in the midst of jury selection when the State finally came to its senses and gave us the outcome we've been seeking since the beginning. Though we were ready for trial and had an excellent trial strategy, the juror pool was admittedly less than ideal. But, with the added pressure of a trial looming and our prep on full display, the State came around and the client immediately jump at the opportunity to resolve this for a misdemeanor disorderly conduct. He avoided risking a felony trial and all that comes with it, and assured himself an outcome that can keep him on the right path moving forward. To say this is a win is an understatement. Client is thrilled with the outcome and North Star's hard work on his behalf.

State v. A.R.

June, 2022
Charges: Threats of Violence - Felony

Departure granted. Sentenced as a gross misdemeanor over the State's strenuous argument. The client had made drunken threats of shooting up a bar and made a hand-gun motion. Despite this, the North Star team convinced the judge that these were less serious facts than a typical threats of violence case, which is not a small undertaking. With a well-researched written argument and a strong oral summation at the sentencing hearing, the Court agreed that the defense had proven to be correct and granted the departure. For a gentleman that enjoys hunting with family, this was a critical and fantastic result.

State v. B.R.

December, 2021
Charges: 2nd Degree Assault with a Dangerous Weapon (Felony); Threats of Violence (Felony); False Imprisonment (Felony); Domestic Assault (Misdemeanor)

Norgaard plea, received a stay of adjudication on the threats of violence charge, stay of imposition to an added count of interfering with an emergency call (gross misdemeanor), and a stay of imposition to the misdemeanor domestic assault charge. This negotiated outcome results in no felony conviction on his record and, instead, just misdemeanor convictions. For an individual facing three serious felony charges, including the second degree assault with a dangerous weapon that would've required a year in prison if convicted, this is a fantastic result. The top priorities for the client were avoiding a felony record and prison time. The North Star team engaged in extensive and creative negotiations over lengthy litigation, ultimately culminating in this deal on the doorstep to trial. Considering the allegations, a motivated victim, and challenging evidence to overcome, accomplishing the client's objectives seemed unlikely to begin, but eventually came to fruition with the strategy implemented.

State v. H.B.

January, 2021
Charges: Threats of Violence; Conspiracy to Commit Threats of Violence - Juvenile Felony Case

Continuance for dismissal. The client was alleged to have partaken in a written bomb threat made inside a high school. It goes without saying that this was a major case that the State was committed to pursuing to the full extent that they could. The State even went so far as to hire a handwriting expert to help its case. Nonetheless, the North Star team stepped up and prepared an excellent defense to the case, including retaining an expert of our own to successfully counter the State's expert opinion. Eventually, with thoughtful discussions about the factual issues the State has and a deserving client, Mr. Gempeler finally got the State to come down to this incredible offer - one that does not include an admission to any facts and ultimately leads to a dismissal of the entire case after six short months on probation with minimal conditions. The client and his family could not be happier it chose the North Star team to fight for their son, who can now push forward in his life without a devastating criminal record.

State v. C.X.

October, 2020
Charges: Threats of Violence - Felony; Assault - Felony

Mr. Adkins waives wand, magic results... or so it would seem. In this matter, a dad who allegedly pointed his firearm at another driver in a road rage dispute, rolled the dice with complete acceptance of responsibility, with his lawyer working hard as hell, and trusting a wise and worldly judge, notwithstanding a smart and motivated prosecutor arguing strongly in opposition, and... the felony evaporates. Client will move forward with no loss of rights, with no horrific 'Felony' attached to his name, with no outsized probation length or conditions... North Star was created for these moments, for clients like this, and for these wins. Get on board, if you or someone you love has exposure like this, and we will create your version of this dismount.

State v. S.D.

October, 2020
Charges: Threats of Violence - Felony

Dismissed. Client was facing a felony case, resulting from an alleged incident with his significant other. The facts, though, simply didn't add up and the complaining witness was adamant that she did not want to pursue this case further. Add in a thoughtful motion to dismiss filed by the North Star team, the State finally concluded that they had to drop the case. And did so prior to the motion hearing date, demonstrating the strength of the argument and how the North Star team leveraged all of the circumstances to obtain this just result for the client. Another fantastic result achieved by the right balance of aggressive advocacy and thoughtful discussions/negotiations with the State.

State v. Confidential

September, 2019
Charges: Felony Second Degree Assault, Threats of Violence

This client, a veteran and incredibly valued member of the North Star family now, was facing the loss of a high-six figure annual income, his home, a relationship with his kids that he could control... his life was in essentially a tailspin when Dan and James interceded and substituted for another attorney, and began working on positive outcomes. After more than a year of aggressive motion practice, of careful negotiations, and of cautious optimism on the part of this fragile client, Dan secured a gross misdemeanor outcome over rabid state's opposition. This means the case was ALWAYS a misdemeanor, never a felony; the client can negotiate his future with confidence and joy, as opposed to fear and loathing... The entire office simply exists to seek and achieve results like this. Please carefully consider your choice in lawyers: it is one of the most important and consequential decisions you can ever make, and we are deeply desirous of getting you the best conceivable results.