What is the Terroristic Threats Crime in Minnesota?

Generally speaking, the terroristic threats crime in Minnesota is the old name for a felony crime that tends to capture a lot of serious misconduct that doesn’t fall neatly into a felony level assault. Unfortunately, the term has not gone away despite the legislature changing its name to Threats of Violence. (Can’t teach an old dog new tricks, apparently.) And we say unfortunately because the name itself – terroristic threats – badly over represents the nature of the crime. No one wants the word ‘terroristic’ on their criminal record, for obvious reasons.

Let us explain why the name of the crime being terroristic threats in Minnesota was so misguided and also why it is so critical to get a terroristic threats defense lawyer to help you.

Terroristic Threats or Threats of Violence?

The crime of terroristic threats has everything to do with the last word – threats. It is the act of making a threat of a future crime of violence or that there is an explosive or explosive device at a location. Simply put, the easiest examples of terroristic threats crimes are threatening to kill someone or making a bomb threat. Surely, these are serious crimes, deserving of a felony even, but labeling it terroristic goes too far. That’s why the new name of Threats of Violence more aptly describes the misconduct at issue.

Minnesota Defenses to Threats of Violence

As with any type of serious crime, knowing the possible defenses and how to fight back against these serious allegations is critical. As St. Paul criminal attorney’s, we know the ins-and-outs of these allegations and how to raise novel arguments to defend against these charges. One of the first areas to explore a defense is the level of intent behind the threats made, whether they were made with specific intent or reckless disregard. More, looking at whether the defendant acting in transitory anger, which can dispel the requisite intent under the right circumstances. 

Beyond just those unique defenses, these terroristic threats charges are not always the easiest of cases to successfully prosecute. For one, this statute tends to grab alleged misconduct that doesn’t fit a felony assault because of ambiguity or troublesome facts for the State. For that reason, opportunities exist to mount a successful defense that the alleged misconduct simply does not rise to the level of terroristic threats in Minnesota. The North Star team understands this as St. Paul criminal attorney’s and our terroristic threats case results show this.

Here’s an example of a terroristic threat case we defended. A former juvenile client was charged with making a bomb threat in his high school. The school was evacuated, K9’s were brought in to help clear the entire premises, and news broke throughout the region about the bomb threat. Needless to say, the County Attorney was committed to holding those accountable to the crime and would not fold the case easily.

Still, the St. Paul criminal attorney’s at North Star Criminal Defense mounted a strong defense, challenged the allegations, and utilized an expert to counter the State’s. Ultimately, our defense attorneys negotiated an outcome where the case will be dismissed after minimal probation. Most importantly, the plea deal meant the client never had to acknowledge any wrongdoing, and his record remains spotless.

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Faced with such daunting allegations – formerly terroristic threats, now threats of violence – a defendant should not defend these charges without a team of criminal defense lawyers that know how to fight and advocate on their behalf. There is simply too much at stake to not do so. Contact us today and we’ll get started right away.