Failing to Pay Taxes / Failing to File Tax Returns - Felony Crimes

There are two certainties in life: death and taxes. Very few enjoy the process of filing tax returns and paying their taxes. But, it’s an obligation we cannot avoid. IF you do avoid it, though, you could receive the attention of the IRS or face…
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Dishononored Check Issuance - Requires Proof of Intent

We’ve recently made a point to covering various crimes in greater detail that fall under the umbrella of theft. This week we cover dishonored check issuance, commonly known as writing a bad check. Dishonored check issuance, is essentially writi…
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Bribery - One Name, Three Unique Crimes

Bribery is a unique crime in it’s variety and scope. There are three different acts that constitute bribery in Minnesota. They are: general bribery, which typically applies to government officials; commercial bribery for private industries; and…
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