Drug Crimes


Controlled Substance Crimes Sentencing - How to Get a Reduction in Prison Time

Minnesota’s sentencing laws used to be more penal than just, particularly in the everlasting ‘war on drugs.’ Sentencing reform in 2016 provided some help in stopping the law from being overly punitive toward controlled substance cri…
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Drug Detection Dog Search in a Secured Apartment Building - Get a Warrant!

This week, the Minnesota Court of Appeals issued an important decision, pulling back the expanding usage of drug detection dogs for searches of controlled substances. In State v. Edstrom, the Court of Appeals held that law enforcement must get a warr…
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Entrapment Defense

The entrapment defense is an affirmative defense that may defeat charges against a defendant. It can apply to many kinds of charges, including drug crimes and solicitation of a prostitute. An entrapment defense exists when law enforcement lures a def…
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Drug Crime Sentencing - New Laws Effective Today

Effective today – Aug. 1 – Minnesota’s drug laws received a much needed update for drug crime sentencing. An antiquated system more in tune with the failed “War on Drugs” from previous decades is finally abolished in fav…
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City of Minneapolis Marijuana Laws Will Now Match State Laws

The City of Minneapolis – never one to hold back in pursuing criminal “justice” – is correcting a ridiculous inconsistency between its own laws and those of this State. The City Council voted unanimously on Friday to reduce po…
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Expungement of Drug Charges in Minnesota

One of the grounds for a statutory expungement is for certain drug charges. Pursuant to Minn. Stat. 609A.02, subd. 1, a person may seek an expungement of a drug charges in which the person received a statutory stay of adjudication for 4th or 5th degr…
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Confidential Informant's Identity May Be Disclosed

Often, the State relies upon snitches (or, more politically correct – a confidential informant (“CI”)) to prove their case against a defendant. You see this often in drug cases. The State values this ‘insider’ informatio…
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Subsequent Drug Crime Convictions in Minnesota

EDITOR’S NOTE: The law has changed since this post. Here is a link about the law change on this topic: https://www.northstarcriminaldefense.com/drug-crime-sentencing-new-laws-effective-today/ For possession or sale drug crimes, the penalties im…
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