Traffic Violations Case Results

Traffic Violations Case Results

To see just how successful our approach is, here are some representative results:

State v. C.B.

July, 2021
Charges: Driving After Cancellation, Inimical to Public Safety - Gross Misdemeanor

Case dismissed. The client was stopped by an officer who simply recognized him and believed him to be without a license. Unfortunately, the cop guessed right and confirmed the cancelled license before pulling him over. Armed with no defense and the client being on felony probation, the client set out to take immediate proactive steps to get valid and have the ignition interlock device installed in his vehicle. Recognizing the importance of now being valid and because he already served time after his arrest, the prosecutor was willing to outright dismiss the matter at North Star's request. Another incredible result by the North Star team.

State v. N.C.

June, 2021
Charges: School Bus Stop Arm Violation - Gross Misdemeanor

Dismissed. The client is an older woman and had no prior record. This charge was extremely burdensome to her and she knew she made a mistake. Without any true legal defense to work with, the North Star team set out to humanize their client and presented a strong plea negotiation. Realizing this was a deserving defendant, the prosecutor - to his credit - dismissed the case, believing what we explained about our client and that she would not pose a problem going forward. Another incredible outcome for a more than deserving client.

State v. N.C. Case Result

June, 2021
Charges: School Bus Arm Stop Violation - Misdemeanor

Stay of Adjudication. Client had no defense to the allegations. But, obtaining this outcome was critical due to his volunteer services. The North Star team put together a strong negotiating tactic and was able to get this needed outcome. The client is remorseful for his mistake and after completing his year of probation (with simple terms to abide by), this matter will be dismissed. Another great outcome for a deserving client.

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State v. B.N.

May, 2021
Charges: Driving After Revocation - Misdemeanor; Speeding Ticket - Petty Misdemeanor

Dismissal of the Driving After Revocation and subsequent plea to the speeding ticket at a reduced fine amount. The client had an incredibly unique and strong argument that he should not have been revoked at the time of the stop. Unfortunately, the prosecutor didn't care and pressed forward with the charge and refused to offer any reasonable plea deal. So, the North Star team got to work and brought a motion to dismiss the driving after revocation charge. And after submitting strong evidence and making a stronger argument, the judge dismissed this count. Then, faced with just the speeding ticket (and absolutely zero defense to it), we still negotiated a reduced fine amount on the day of the court trial. The client is extremely please to have gotten the North Star team engaged to fight for this just outcome.

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State v. M.H.

April, 2021
Charges: School Bus Stop Arm Violation - Gross Misdemeanor; No Proof of Insurance - Misdemeanor; Stop Sign Violation - Petty Misdemeanor

Stay of Adjudication to the bus stop citation and the remaining counts and cases are dismissed. The client was facing two separate cases that included a gross misdemeanor and misdemeanor traffic violation. Yet, despite his driving misconduct in short succession, the North Star team leveraged a motion to dismiss on a legal argument to get a plea offer that ensures he will not be convicted of anything so long as he abides by minimal terms of probation. The client is thrilled to be able to avoid not only a conviction, but also the possible loss of license.

State v. J.M.

April, 2021
Charges: Traffic Ticket - Unsafe Change of Course - Misdemeanor

Continuance for dismissal. This is not a unique outcome for typical traffic tickets. But, that's not the case when they involve an accident. Almost always, prosecutors want a conviction or, at a minimum, a plea of guilty, even if that plea ultimately is vacated. But, here, the North Star team utilized a patient and diligent approach to obtain an outcome in which there will never be a conviction or an admission of any wrongdoing. And the client will be able to maintain a perfect record in doing so. Outside of an outright dismissal - which would never happen here - this is the best possible outcome and one the client could not be happier with.

State v. M.I.

April, 2021
Charges: Underage Drinking and Driving - Misdemeanor

Plea to an amended petty misdemeanor count. The client retained North Star after already pleading guilty to the crime and receiving a misdemeanor sentence that included 10 days of stayed jail. So, not only were we trying to negotiate a non-criminal outcome, but we also had to get the Court and prosecutor to agree to withdraw the guilty plea to begin with. Thankfully, a strategic approach coupled with a proactive step by the client hit the right note and the prosecutor got on board with our request. The end result is that the client will not have a criminal record. For such a young kid, that is absolutely critical to achieve. What makes this more remarkable is that she blew a .06 - needless to say, avoiding a criminal record when she was nearly over the legal limit is a terrific case result.

State v. C.H.

March, 2021
Charges: Speeding in Excess of 100 MPH; Careless Driving - Misdemeanor

Plea to a Careless Driving as a petty misdemeanor offense. Client initially paid the fines for both charges immediately after receiving the citation. In doing so, he unknowingly assured the loss of his license for an extended period of time, stemming from a speeding ticket in excess of 100 mph. After getting notice of his upcoming revocation, he retained the North Star team to fix his error. And fix it we did. We filed a Motion to Withdraw his Guilty Plea and then successfully negotiated an outcome that does not result in a loss of license. Soon after his guilty plea was amended in the court record, his driving privileges were restored. This is the exact outcome the client needed and achieved because he hired us to fight for him.

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State v. R.S.

December, 2020
Charges: Failing to Drive with Due Care

Continuance for Dismissal. Client was charged with a traffic ticket due to an accident on 494 during rush hour. He rear-ended the vehicle in front of him, causing a fair amount of damage and possible injury to the driver. Thankfully, the client immediately sought insurance to take over the damages on the civil side, ensuring the victim was fully paid for her losses. And because he has a good driving record and retained the assistance of the North Star team, we were able to get an outcome that results in no plea or conviction. This is the appropriate outcome for an unfortunate accident.

Types of Charge(s): Traffic Violations Case Results

State v. W.G.

October, 2020
Charges: School Bus-Arm Stop Violation - Misdemeanor

Stay of Adjudication. The evidence - mainly the video - was clear in showing that the client continued driving by a school bus after it had extended the stop arm. Yet, with no real defense, the North Star team used their positive relationship with the local prosecutor and was able to successfully talk up the client's driving record, that he learned his lesson, and that he'll earn the dismissal with good driving conduct. The result achieved avoids a criminal record out of this traffic incident - exactly what the Client sought from North Star's counsel.

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