Case Results

State v. S.M.

June, 2020
Charges: Two separate cases - 4th Degree Assault of a Police Officer (Gross Misdemeanor) and a Disorderly Conduct case (misdemeanor) - McLeod County

Plea to the 4th Degree Assault, sentenced as a misdemeanor, and the disorderly conduct case was dismissed in its entirety. On top of this great outcome, the client was ordered to do no further time in custody or community service - despite probation recommending an additional 120 hours of community service. The fine was the bare minimum that could be imposed, too. The client is battling alcoholism, which led to these charges. She was also on probation at the time of the incident for a felony 4th degree assault of a police officer and picked up a DWI, too. Despite all of that, the North Star team successfully negotiated this a misdemeanor outcome. Proactive steps by the client are instrumental. And this client did everything she could to earn this outcome.

State v. M.K.

June, 2020
Charges: Obstructing Legal Process - Gross Misdemeanor; Fleeing on Foot, Underage Consumption, Fake ID, and Public Urination - Misdemeanors

Stay of Adjudication to the Fleeing on Foot charge and a petty misdemeanor conviction for the underage consumption charge. The remaining charges were dismissed. With a stay of adjudication, the client is never convicted of the offense, so long as he abides by manageable terms of probation for one-year. And after he does this, he will walk away from this case without a single criminal conviction on his record since the petty misdemeanor conviction is not a crime under Minnesota law. For a college student who was doing well and has a bright future, avoiding a long-lasting criminal conviction record was necessary. Thankfully, he heeded North Star's advice to take proactive steps that convinced the prosecutor that he was a good kid, who just made some poor decisions one night. Another fantastic result for our client.

State v. D.F.

June, 2020
Charges: Security of Access Points Violation (Metropolitan Airports Commission Ordinance) - Misdemeanor

Stay of Adjudication. Client worked at the MSP-Airport for TSA and was assigned to guard a hallway access point that separated the public side from the secure side of the airport. Unfortunately, a person was able to gain access to the secure side when he was looking for something away from the area. As you can imagine, the MAC prosecutor takes these ordinance violations very seriously. The client had no criminal record and was determined to avoid it so he could maintain good opportunities for employment. Thanks for the negotiations by the North Star team, the client preserved his clean record with this incredible outcome.

Types of Charge(s): Misdemeanor

State v. H.T.

May, 2020
Charges: Reckless Driving - Misdemeanor

Stay of Adjudication. Client is a young man that was concerned that a conviction to the offense could lead to a job consequence. Despite no real defense, the North Star team advised the client on some proactive steps that he could take to improve our negotiating leverage. And it worked! The prosecutor appreciated the steps taken and knowing that the client learned his lesson from his poor decision-making. The result is this incredible outcome, one that gives the client the opportunity to avoid any conviction and maintain his employment without concern.

State v. A.B.

May, 2020
Charges: Careless Driving - Misdemeanor

Plea to an amended count of Failing to Drive with Due Care as a petty misdemeanor. The client's driving conduct certainly warranted the charge - erratic driving that led her to striking numerous vehicles when she was unsuccessfully navigating an alley and narrow road. The blood test did not find anything in her system, though the driving conduct certainly pointed to something that should have been discovered. Nonetheless, with no legal defense, the North Star team successfully negotiated this great outcome for a young client who has a bright future. With this outcome, she avoids a careless driving conviction that could lead to the termination of her insurance and increased premiums, and, most importantly, does not result in a criminal conviction. A petty misdemeanor is not considered a crime under Minnesota law. The client, therefore, maintains her perfect record and is back on track for her future.

State v. M.V.

May, 2020
Charges: School Bus Arm Traffic Violation - Misdemeanor

Continuance for dismissal. Client had a good driving record and wanted to ensure she didn't make a criminal record for a one-time mistake. Despite no defenses, the North Star team utilized a smart strategic approach, and not to mention it's good relationship with the prosecutor, to get this incredible outcome. After one year and obeying simple terms of probation, the matter will be dismissed.

Types of Charge(s): Moving Violations

State v. J.M.

May, 2020
Charges: Underage Consumption - Misdemeanor

Case DISMISSED. For a young man, with an incredibly bright future, a lot was at stake to avoid a criminal record. But, the client made some smart decisions at the time of the incident, including not submitting to a PBT. Such a PBT is a search and can be declined. He smartly did so, leaving little other evidence to support the charge. And after a careful review of the evidence, including a diligent review of the evidence involving the other kids at the scene, the North Star team developed a strong argument that there simply was insufficient evidence for the case. So, some communications with the prosecutor - who we have a great relationship with (which always helps) - led him to realize the same thing and the State dismissed the case - without even a motion to dismiss pending. A perfect and just result for a good young man.

Types of Charge(s): Minor Consumption, Misdemeanor

State v. D.S.

May, 2020
Charges: Two Driving After Suspension and No Proof of Insurance Citations - Misdemeanors

Dismissal of one and a continuance for dismissal on the other. Both cases were dated, but both had warrants from missed court appearances. The North Star team used the clients impressive resume since these incidents - including service in the Army - to approach the prosecutors about not only removing the warrants, but also to resolve the cases. One prosecutor understood that the appropriate and just result - given the age of the offense and accomplishments of the client - warranted an outright dismissal. The other agreed to an outcome that is admittedly a significant departure from that jurisdictions typical approach on this type of case. The dismissals allows the client to continue with both his civilian and military careers without these being a burden, which was a major concern for him at the time he approached North Star.

Types of Charge(s): Moving Violations

State v. T.M. / T.M. v. Dept. of Corrections

May, 2020
Charges: Habeas Corpus Petition and Request for Compassionate Release

CLIENT RELEASED, some fifty (50) months early. This client, who was represented by another firm when he entered a plea of guilty to First Degree Drug charges hoping for a sentencing departure to probation, was instead immediately remanded to state prison for a lengthy term. His health, already radically declining on the day he was sentenced, immediately disqualified him from any programming (such as the Challenge Incarceration Program, or 'Boot Camp') that would have ended his prison stay quickly or at any discount. The client hired North Star to be creative in challenging his sentence and to secure his release in any way humanly possible... and we DID JUST THAT, by way of an order recently permitting him to leave prison immediately. Mr. Adkins and his team used the habeas corpus petition process to get the Court's attention, and convinced the Court and the Department of Corrections' legal team that a release would not only be justified, but would save our client's very life. Compassionate release in the middle of this pandemic is logical, it is wise, and it is increasingly difficult to secure, as political implications infect hearings and conversations about true justice in the face of a deadly invisible enemy. If your loved one is serving a prison sentence, anywhere, and you believe their health is threatened (particularly if they suffer from a preexisting deadly condition or are likely to develop severe reactions to the coronavirus), please contact the team at North Star immediately. There are few lawyers on the planet who have successfully litigated these issues, and Dan and James would love to win for you, and yours.

Types of Charge(s): Felonies

State v. S.M.

May, 2020
Charges: Order for Protection Violation - Misdemeanor

Case DISMISSED. Client was facing a serious domestic-related charge for pocket-dialing his ex-wife who had obtained an order for protection against him. Complicating things is the fact that the pocket-dialing occurred when the client was at a gun range. Certainly, the prospect of potential intimidation for the protected party was a primary concern of the State. Nonetheless, the North Star team utilized the progress and closing of the family law matter to the client's benefit in negotiating and convincing the prosecutor that dismissing the case was the proper and just result. Needless to say, client is overjoyed to avoid a criminal record from a truly innocent mistake.

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