Case Results

State v. B.R.

October, 2021
Charges: Order for Protection Violation - Misdemeanor

Continued for dismissal. Client was alleged to have violated an OFP that protected the ex-wife of the protected party. The allegations had holes in them and investigation into the accuser revealed damning information that led to an ability to leverage this rare, but outstanding outcome. The client was thrilled to avoid the risk of trial and get a resolution that included no risk and just time until the case is ultimately dismissed. He is thrilled he retained the North Star team to guide him through this maze and get him back on his feet.

State v. B.S.

October, 2021
Charges: 6 counts of felony tax crimes

Plea to amended counts of a gross misdemeanor failing to file tax returns. The original offer was to plead guilty to felony counts and serve upwards of 180 days via custody and home monitoring. The plea agreement drastically improved this. The client will only be convicted of a gross misdemeanor crime and serve no more than 30 days, via 3 days in custody and the balance on home monitoring. The remaining terms of probation are minimal and only for two years. The best part is this plea agreement leaves the client in a much better position to salvage his professional license and, therefore, his career. Even when facing daunting felony charges, the North Star team pushed through with a strong strategy to achieve the client's goal and keep him on the right path moving forward.

Types of Charge(s): Felonies, Tax

State v. T.L.C.

August, 2021
Charges: 1st Degree Drugs Sales / Possession - Felonies

Stay of Imposition with no further jail to serve. This is a MASSIVE victory. The client was facing a mandatory commitment to prison for many years. Worse, this mandatory commitment was based on TWO separate statutory reasons applicable in her case. And the client had no viable defense to the charges. Yet, unfazed by these significantly difficult facts, the North Star team worked with our client to get her in a strong position to improve our negotiation position. Armed both her good behavior since the incident, proactive steps, and a clean overall record, we were able to negotiate an outcome that kept her out of prison or jail, and she will earn a misdemeanor after her probationary period, which only includes minimal terms. When all is said and done, she'll have a misdemeanor conviction with no further time to serve, all completed within the time frame that she would have been in prison under the presumptive commitment law. An absolutely incredible outcome by the North Star team.

Types of Charge(s): Drug Crime Case Results, Felonies

State v. L.X.

August, 2021
Charges: Furnishing Alcohol to Minors - Gross Misdemeanor

Case dismissed. The client was caught selling alcohol to a minor as a liquor store employee. It was a sting operation, so no real defense presented itself. Yet, the North Star team knew how to negotiate with the prosecutor and get the client to take sufficient proactive steps to earn this agreed-upon dismissal. Another incredible result for a deserving client.

State v. C.I.

August, 2021
Charges: 5th Degree Assault - Misdemeanor

Case dismissed. The client faced allegations on a classic he-said/he-said incident. But, there were very favorable facts that he was defending his dwelling against a potential burglary. The State, though, pursued these charges as if he attacked the individual, unprovoked. Unwilling to bend to always-improving offers, the North Star team ramped the case up for trial, filed pre-trial motions to litigate certain issues, and was ready to get the acquittal at trial. The State dismissed the case the week before trial. They know we mean business and were ready to get this just and right outcome, even if required facing the uncertainty of a trial. The client was thrilled, nearly shedding tears of joy and relief when we told him the news.

Types of Charge(s): Assault Case Results, Misdemeanor

State v. S.T.

August, 2021
Charges: Indecent Exposure - Gross Misdemeanor (in presence of minors); two misdemeanor 5th degree assault charges; and a misdemeanor disorder conduct charge.

Stay of adjudication to the indecent exposure charge and a conviction to the disorderly conduct charge. With zero defenses available and rather awful facts, the North Star team still achieved this fantastic result, where the client avoid a criminal conviction record relating to either the sex crime charge or the assaults. A remorseful and proactive client followed our guidance and did what needed to be done to create the negotiating leverage to obtain this result. Another incredible result from a difficult set of circumstances, which is the norm for us!

State v. N.S.

July, 2021
Charges: 3rd Degree DWI - Refusal (Gross Misdemeanor); 4th Degree DWI - Misdemeanor

Case dismissed. Client was alleged to have refused the official breath test at the station. But, critically, he was not read the breath test advisory, which advises him of his legal rights (most importantly, his right to consult with a lawyer), prior to making a decision to take the breath test. So when he allegedly refused, the police's failure to advise him of his rights, which is required by law, his refusal isn't illegal. And without the refusal charge, the DWI investigation lacked sufficient facts to justify the fourth-degree under the influence charge. The North Star team set out to aggressively litigate these issues. But, short of the motion hearing, the State called in advance to talk over the case and quickly realized that it had to dismiss the case. Another terrific result for the North Star team and proving, once again, that it's strategic and strong approach gets results!

Types of Charge(s): DWI Case Results, Gross Misdemeanor

State v. N.R.

July, 2021
Charges: 4th Degree DWI - Misdemeanor

Plea to an amended count of Careless Driving. While this is a common outcome for a first-time DWI, it is NOT common for cases involving a .14 BrAC, which is what this client blew at the station. Almost always, anything above a .10 or .11 (if the prosecutor is being particularly generous) leads to a plea to a misdemeanor DWI. But, the North Star team is never deterred by this unwritten rules of the practice and always willing to give it our best effort to get the atypical outcome. And, here, with our fight and strategy, we achieved this truly amazing outcome and the client is beyond thrilled, knowing the long odds in getting it.

Types of Charge(s): DWI Case Results, Misdemeanor

State v. H.H.

July, 2021
Charges: Misdemeanor trespass

Continuance for dismissal. The client is a young professional who was caught breaking into a refinery site with her boyfriend trying to steal expensive machinery parts, tools, etc. Despite this being a more serious trespass case and what they were likely trying to accomplish, the North Star team achieved this incredible result to keep her record clean of this offense. After complying with minimal terms of probation for one year, this entire case will result in a dismissal - without any acknowledgement from the client of wrongdoing.

Types of Charge(s): Misdemeanor

State v. J.A.

July, 2021
Charges: Two domestic assault charges (misdemeanors); two assault charges (misdemeanors); and a misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

Case dismissed. The client had a viable self-defense claim and the allegations were nebulous, as well. We pushed for a trial, knowing the complainant had a history of false allegations and not further pursuing them in the criminal justice system. The North Star team successfully negotiated an almost no-lose proposition with the State. IF the witness reasserts herself, they would still offer a diversionary outcome, which would still mean no conviction. As the trial approached, the North Star team corresponded with the prosecutor about the case and he ultimately realized the right decision was to dismiss the case entirely. Another fantastic result by the North Star team.

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