Case Results

K.M. v. C.S., February, 2018

Charges: Harassment Restraining Order - Sought against client

Resolution: Opposing party obtained an ex party harassment restraining order against our client - meaning, the Order was imposed without a hearing initially. Client challenged it and the Order was dismissed prior to the hearing after further investigation and developments led to the opposing party doing what was necessary - dismiss the HRO without the hearing. Client was incredibly stressed with this challenging situation and grateful for the patience and guidance of North Star in not only fighting for her, but in getting the right result.

State v. B.S., February, 2018

Charges: School Bus Arm Violation - Misdemeanor

Resolution: Stay of Adjudication. Minimal fine and terms of one-year probation are essentially non-existent. After the year probation, this matter will be dismissed without a conviction on the client's clean record - a critical outcome for her and her future.

State v. K.L., February, 2018

Charges: Driving After Suspension - Misdemeanor

Resolution: Client pled guilty to an amended count of public nuisance. The reason for the curious outcome is that this plea - and the client had no viable option but to enter a plea - will not lead to another traffic violation ending up on his driving record. For a client with a bad driving record, this outcome does not result in further suspension of his driving privileges and does not add another violation that could have gotten him further suspended because of the sheer number of violations over a short time period. This kind of attention to detail allows for creative outcomes to put the client in the best position possible after the case is done.

State v. D.S., January, 2018

Charges: 3rd Degree DWI

Resolution: Plea to a misdemeanor 4th Degree DWI and placed on unsupervised probation for one year. Despite an elevated reading, the client is not required to complete any jail or jail alternative - such as house arrest or even community service - there was no fine, and he received credit for the chemical dependency assessment and care already completed. Another great result for a deserving client.

State v. D.S., January, 2018

Charges: Felony theft by swindle

Resolution: Stay of imposition for three years. Client stole in excess of $18,000 from an employer through an elaborate scheme he had developed. This was his first criminal case and he lost everything as a result of the charges. After barely losing a motion to dismiss evidence seized pursuant to search warrants, the client positioned himself properly to limit his exposure. The end result is the client will earn a misdemeanor conviction after probation. On probation, he must complete the gambling addiction program he had started, continue going to GA, continue with other mental health care, and is only required to serve three days in jail - far less than the sixty initially sought by the State. All in all, it's a fantastic result for the client.

State v. B.S., January, 2018

Charges: Misdemeanor School Bus Stop Violation

Resolution: Stay of adjudication for only $200 and no same violations over the next year. The State initially wanted a straight plea and conviction. But, after thoughtful negotiations from the team at North Star, we were able to preserve the client's clean criminal record with this outcome.

State v. R.G., January, 2018

Charges: Traffic matters, including driving after suspension and no proof of insurance, out of two different counties.

Resolution: One of the traffic cases was dismissed in its entirety, while the other was resolved for a continuance for a dismissal, meaning the client did not offer a plea and will never be convicted of anything. Her record will remain clean, which was critical for a commercial driver.

State v. M.D., January, 2018

Charges: 3 separate cases out of two counties. In one county, the client had two cases: one misdemeanor obstruction of legal process and one misdemeanor public intoxication. In the other county, the client picked up a misdemeanor disorderly conduct and fleeing on foot.

Resolution: Stays of adjudication on the obstruction of legal process and disorderly conduct charges, and then a petty misdemeanor sentence for the public intoxication. Because of this incredible result, the client's future is saved. He is a National Guard member and would have been barred from being deployed later this year and possibly discharged from the service if he was convicted of these offenses. The primary county initially was steadfast in claiming it needed a plea to the obstruction charge because the client already had a stay of adjudication in the other county. Yet, with the right approach by Mr. Gempeler and some proactive measures taken by the client, the State agreed to give the client a second chance and earn the right to keep his future intact. It's a tremendous result and shows just how committed the team at North Star is in looking big picture and fighting for your future.

State v. B.M., December, 2017

Charges: Prostitution - Agreeing to Hire a Person Reasonably Believed to be under 18, but at least 16. Felony

Resolution: Client straight pled to the single count and we successfully argued for a gross misdemeanor sentence. The client engaged in text communications that were damning and led to an attempt to hire an undercover officer posing as a 17 year old for sexual acts. The client listened to Mr. Gempeler's counsel about being proactive in addressing any potential underlying sexual deviancy. He completed a day-long John's School, devoted to education on sex trafficking to offenders. He took a lot from this class and presented himself as the right candidate, deserving of a gross misdemeanor sentence. To go the extra mile, we hired a private consultant to prepare our own pre-sentence investigation to ensure that our client would come across to the judge in the best light possible. This proved critical to Mr. Gempeler's ability to artfully argue for the gross misdemeanor sentence. For a client with zero criminal history and in the process of starting his own business, avoiding a felony prostitution record was necessary. This is a difficult outcome to achieve, but done so because of the thoughtful and creative manner in which Mr. Gempeler navigated the case.

State v. B.P., December, 2017

Charges: Felony fleeing a peace officer and misdemeanor DWI

Resolution: Client straight pled to the two counts and obtained a departure to a gross misdemeanor sentence with no additional jail to serve. The County Attorney would not consider a non-felony outcome on the fleeing charge due to the client speeding in excess of 100 mph and extinguishing his headlights, while drunk. The client heeded our firm's advice in being proactive in obtaining a chemical dependency evaluation, following the recommendations, serving his revocation period, and having no further criminal issues. Utilizing a compelling client and the fact that he ceased the fleeing in short order, Mr. Gempeler was able to make the successful sentencing argument. On top of that, we negotiated a buy-back for the forfeited vehicle. Altogether, the client is thrilled to avoid the felony, not have to serve additional jail, and have his car back. Another client back on track without having this one-time mistake define him.

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