White Collar Crimes Lawyers

White collar crimes generally refer to those types of crimes involving financial fraud, misrepresentation, or scams. Both state and federal statutes list a wide-rage of white collar crimes, and they all carry serious consequences. White collar criminal defense is a complex area, and virtually impossible to fight on your own. North Star Criminal Defense has white collar crime lawyers well-versed in defending these charges. If you have been accused of a white collar crime, you need aggressive and sophisticated representation to fight these charges and clear your name. Your liberty and professional reputation are at stake. Contact us as soon as possible.

Types of White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes include fraud in the following areas:

    • Bankruptcy: attempts to defraud creditors or the court
    • Corporate actions: executive decisions affecting stock value and shareholders, including self-dealing
    • Bank and financial institutions: misrepresenting asset risk and return of specific investment classes
    • Insurance: obtaining insurance claims through deception
    • Securities and commodities: insider trading, unfair dealing, breach of fiduciary duty to clients
    • Money management and investment: Ponzi schemes and management of false investment portfolios
    • Money laundering: channeling illegally obtained funds through legitimate businesses
    • Health care
    • Tax Evasion and Fraud
    • Computer crimes: computer hacking and other allegations of fraud perpetuated through a computer

Other types of white collar theft offenses are:

Methods of Defending White Collar Crimes

If you have been accused of a white collar crime, the most important element is whether you acted intentionally or simply were negligent or careless. Crimes of fraud require that you were planning to deceive others for financial or professional gain, and that can be difficult to prove in some cases. At North Star Criminal Defense, we are prepared to be your advocate and defend you against all charges. Our methods of defense include:

  • Conducting our own investigation into the allegations and supporting evidence, including the direct actions that form the basis for the charge
  • Using modern forensic accounting techniques to refute allegations of fraud
  • Evaluating the actions of law enforcement and prosecution in their methods of obtaining evidence, statements or other information
  • Raising any defenses or motions based on violations of your due process rights and other Constitutional protections
  • Demonstrating that you lacked the intent to commit fraud or deception, and were only negligent or made unintentional mistakes
  • Assessing the role and involvement of superiors or others who were directing your actions and carry ultimate responsibility

All of these methods may be available if we can begin your defense from the early stages, and before sensitive information is gathered without our oversight. In many cases, documents and records must be subpoenaed and there are specific legal standards that must be met. For this reason, you need a white collar lawyer who understands the intricacies of criminal investigation and can protect your rights.

North Star Legal Defense - Aggressive and Sophisticated Defense

White collar crimes are complex charges and require sophisticated representation. Few criminal defense firms are truly qualified to handle these charges. With over 45 years of combined experience, the white collar crime lawyers at North Star Criminal Defense are the criminal defense team you need fighting for you.

We know that accusations of a white collar crime can be devastating to your personal and professional life, and we understand how critical it is to present a diligent and aggressive defense on your behalf. Often, managers, partners and employees are drawn into a white collar prosecution simply due to their presence on-site or conducting normal work activities. Prosecutors may attempt to name as many defendants as possible to bring pressure on innocent participants to testify against their superiors.

As your attorney, we will resist these tactics and insist that prosecution support the charges against you with verifiable evidence. North Star Criminal Defense is your ally against unfounded charges or accusations, and we will work to clear your name and reputation. Please contact us as soon as possible for a consultation so that we can begin to work on your defense today.