Gross Misdemeanor Expungement

Gross misdemeanors in Minnesota are the most severe level of misdemeanor. If you have a gross misdemeanor on your record and have not been convicted of a new crime for at least three years after completion of your sentence, you are most likely eligible for an gross misdemeanor expungement under the new Minnesota expungement law.

Starting in 2015, Minnesota changed their laws regarding the clearing of criminal records. No matter how short or severe your criminal record is, you may benefit from an expungement in ways you have not have considered. Gross misdemeanor convictions on your record can impact your job prospects or make attaining a loan more difficult. Leaving any previous arrest or criminal history on your record unexpunged can be costing you thousands of dollars every year in lost potential revenue.

Some stats can better put into perspective just how important an expungement can be:

  • 1 in 4 Minnesotans have some form of a criminal record
  • 87% of employers perform background checks on job applicants
  • 26% of employers would not extend an offer to an otherwise qualified candidate because of a non-violent misdemeanor conviction.
  • More than 60% of colleges currently consider criminal histories in making enrollment and scholarship decisions.
  • One gross misdemeanor moving violation will raise your car insurance premiums on average a few hundred dollars, especially if you're a young driver.
  • Certain gross misdemeanor convictions can result in a 10-year disqualification for licensing through the Department of Human Services (DHS).

Clearly these statistics show that an expungement of any of your records will have a positive impact on your life, no matter how small those records may be. There are a number of different options and which one applies to you will depend on your particular case.

Do You Need an Attorney?

It is possible to get a gross misdemeanor expungement, but its less likely without an attorney. Some gross misdemeanor expungements can be easily obtained, but unless they are decades old the court will still put up some resistance due to the seriousness of gross misdemeanors. Having an attorney will ensure that the best possible argument is made on your behalf while you are free to continue living your life. We know how to argue the 12 factors for your gross misdemeanor expungement. Through our experience of obtaining expungements throughout the State, we know the ins and outs of the gross misdemeanor expungement law and what the court likes to hear. You can schedule a free consultation with us by contacting us here.

Not Yet Eligible?

Even if you are not yet eligible for a gross misdemeanor expungement, you may be eligible for a misdemeanor or petty misdemeanor expungement. The fewer crimes on your record, the easier it will be to obtain expungements down the road. Additionally, there are steps you can take now that can make the process easier when you eventually are eligible. Don't wait, schedule a free consultation today.

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