Dan Seminars

Dan Seminars

Dan Adkins Seminars

dan adkins st. paul defense attorneyHere at North Star Criminal Defense, we take pride in learning from and teaching the legal community. Here are just some of the seminars that Dan has led.

  • Symposium on the Sufficiency of the Evidence in Criminal Cases 10/27/15
  • Data Harvesting, Background Checks, and the Fair Credit Reporting Act for Criminal Attorneys
  • Felonies and Firearm Rights: What Every Minnesota Criminal Law Attorney Should Know
  • Everything BUT the Trial School 3/25/15
  • McNeely to Bernard - Where are we? 4/7/15
  • DHS Disqualifications – From initial notice to the Court ofAppeals 5/15/15
  • Criminal Law Trial School 5/29/15

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