Minor Consumption Attorney

Minnesota has a “zero tolerance policy” when it comes to underage consumption of alcohol. This means a minor may not consume any alcohol without facing the possibility of receiving a minor consumption ticket in Minnesota. But, you may be…
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Minnesota's Revenge Porn Law Ruled Unconstitutional

In December 2019, the Court of Appeals struck down Minnesota’s revenge porn law that made it illegal to “intentionally disseminate an image of another person who is depicted in a sexual act or whose intimate parts are exposed.” Minn. Stat.…
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Vehicle Forfeiture - How to Get Your Vehicle Back

To many, the most severe collateral consequence stemming from a DWI is the vehicle forfeiture. The vehicle forfeiture law is convoluted, but in essence it means that, if you are convicted of a second-degree DWI, or worse, then the State may lawfully…
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Lying to Police is not Obstruction of Legal Process in Minnesota

Obstruction of legal process in Minnesota is a very serious charge, but it also can be overcharged by cops that are inpatient or simply out to get a defendant. One way in which we have seen it overcharged is when a defendant is not cooperating or lyi…
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Being Nervous Does NOT Permit Expanding the Scope of the Stop

Anyone who gets pulled over will tell you – if they’re being honest – that they were being nervous when talking with the cop. It doesn’t matter if the driver was hiding something illegal in the vehicle or was simply pulled ove…
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