Minnesota Assault Case Results

To see just how successful our approach is, here are some representative assault case results:

In a Washington County matter, Dan Adkins successfully sought and received a probationary sentence for a young person who nearly killed a friend in an alcohol-fueled event. Had this matter been charged as attempted homicide, a sentence in the hundreds of months would have been the starting point, for either negotiations or a result after a guilty verdict. As it is, aggressive work by the legal team and a tremendous commitment on the part of the client to address mental health and drug/alcohol dependency issues in residential treatment brought about a remarkable result. After a relatively short spell on probationary conditions, this person can move forward positively and thoughtfully, having never visited the inside of a Minnesota Correctional Facility. Truly incredible result.

Continuance for Dismissal. Client had no defense. She allegedly assaulted a fellow wedding-goer for no reason, except for a possible mental health breakdown. The client took immediate proactive steps following the incident, specifically directed at figuring out what caused the incident. After completing the same and demonstrating that this truly was a one-night, random incident that will not happen again, the client earned this fantastic result, which preserved her clean record. She is thrilled that she got the North Star team to properly advocate for her - and use our great relationships with the prosecutors, who knew they could trust us and, therefore, our client.

Stay of adjudication to one count of assault. Making this outcome even more remarkable is the fact that we avoided the requirement for domestic abuse programming that was recommended by probation in the pre-sentence investigation is usually imposed for any domestic assault case. The proactive steps - advised to be taken by the North Star team - proved to be the difference in both the negotiations and "sentencing." Now the client can keep his record conviction free thanks to this incredible result.

Gross Misdemeanor sentence to assault plea. The client had a rough night in which she bit off part of the victim's ear. Both parties were intoxicated. Our client had no criminal record and it was critical to avoid a felony record in order to keep her career. Based upon our counseling to be proactive in addressing chemical dependency and mental health issues, combined with our experienced negotiating, the client obtained an agreed-upon gross misdemeanor sentence to the charge. Ultimately, the client was ordered to serve no additional jail, pay a $100 fine, and complete an anger management assessment. Considering the circumstances, this is a fantastic and necessary result for our client.

Continuance for dismissal. Client was facing serious assault charges stemming from an incident involving his opposition to political protesters in his neighborhood. Admittedly, his response was far from ideal. But, he took proactive steps following it to address his anger and show that he was not a public safety risk. Despite the possibly underlying political statement issues associated with the case, the North Star team achieved this needed result, thereby affording the client to continue searching for new employment without the stain of an assault and/or disorderly conduct conviction on his record. The client is thrilled to have chosen the North Star team to fight on his behalf through this case and challenging time in his life.

Acquittal at trial on ALL nine counts. A vigorous case led to a trial that spilled in to a second week. The North Star team fought tooth and nail the entire case and prepared a strong self-defense and defense of others defense. While the video evidence supported these affirmative defenses, ultimately defending 13 bullets and two innocent minor bystanders getting hit is no easy task. But, Mr. Adkins and Mr. Gempeler were up to the task. After the case was submitted, the jury deliberated for only 3 hours (including the lunch hour) before returning Not Guilty verdicts on all nine counts. The client and his family got the justice he so rightfully deserved and they are thrilled they had the North Star team fighting for them when they needed it the most.

Conviction on Receipt of Stolen Property. The client in this case, with a lengthy and troubling criminal history, faced a sentence of effective life in prison, had Hernandizing and other components been left to a judge to compile. Rather, Mr. Adkins worked with a thoughtful prosecutor to reduce the client's exposure to the sixty months he'd necessarily face as a felon handling a gun (in this case, shooting up a party where he'd been assaulted only moments before), with a count of offense being one that keeps the client eligible for Boot Camp--and a potential return home only six months out, rather than a DECADE. If you have an unfortunate prior record, for felonies, for violence, or merely for traffic violations, and your new case means trouble, call Dan Adkins and North Star NOW. There is no time to waste, and there is no time that MUST be served, if you and Dan can coordinate your defense.

Acquitted at a jury trial. Client was alleged to have engaged in a rather violent road rage incident in Carver County. Even with an offer of a stay of adjudication - which would have resulted in a dismissal and eliminate the risk associated with trial - the client was consistent that he wanted his day in court to show that he did not engage in the type of violent assault the State was alleging. The State had three separate, independent witnesses that all alleged they saw our client viciously assault another driver. The driver, himself, said the same thing. Yet, Mr. Gempeler crafted a brilliant trial strategy and theme that carried the day. Armed with photographs that simply did not match the allegations, Mr. Gempeler attacked the case and the witnesses, impeached them all, and showed how their stories were incomplete and continued to change with the passage of time. Most notably, he had the primary witness - an off-duty Sergeant, former detective - throwing her hands up and asking the State's attorney whether she, the officer, could object to Mr. Gempeler's questioning. Needless to say, the cross examination was thorough and devastating to the State's case. As a result, the State's case lacked credibility, believability, and ultimately reasonably doubt existed. The jury returned a not guilty verdict in short order, proving again that we are Not Always Minnesota Nice when fighting for our clients.

Stay of Adjudication, Misdemeanor. North Star's Dan Adkins teamed up with the incomparable Shirlene Perrin Law Firm to achieve the unthinkable. Client, who mistook one man for the fellow who had harassed and propositioned his girlfriend on an evening out, knocked that wrong man out cold, causing serious injuries and requiring ongoing care concerns. After lengthy negotiations, and maximum creativity on Shirlene's and Dan's part, the case concludes with an unaccepted guilty plea, a brief period on light conditions, and dismissal of the reduced misdemeanor count. Client will NEVER have a conviction on his record, if he complies with the terms he's accepted. Life-altering stuff, this.

Mr. Adkins waives wand, magic results... or so it would seem. In this matter, a dad who allegedly pointed his firearm at another driver in a road rage dispute, rolled the dice with complete acceptance of responsibility, with his lawyer working hard as hell, and trusting a wise and worldly judge, notwithstanding a smart and motivated prosecutor arguing strongly in opposition, and... the felony evaporates. Client will move forward with no loss of rights, with no horrific 'Felony' attached to his name, with no outsized probation length or conditions... North Star was created for these moments, for clients like this, and for these wins. Get on board, if you or someone you love has exposure like this, and we will create your version of this dismount.