Case Results

State v. M.S., June, 2016

Charges: Felony DUI, First Degree Burglary, Felony Domestic Abuse No Contact Order Violation, among many charges

Resolution: Misdemeanor outcomes. Client's long-term relationship dissolved poorly, multiple felony counts resulted, Then two separate DUI matters allegedly occur. An utterly inclusive and long-term commitment to sobriety, and verification of the same, changed the tenor of the case completely, and a presumptive prison sentence was avoided completely. Client is able to maintain employment, keep his home, recover his work truck, and move on with his life, and was overjoyed with his results.

State v. A.B., June, 2016

Charges: Client had four pending cases - 3 separate cases with the same charge - DANCO Violation - and the fourth case included the following charges: 4th Degree Assault of an Officer, Obstruction of Legal Process, 4th Degree DWI, DANCO Violation, and petty drug possession. These four cases were venued in two different counties - Anoka and St. Louis.

Resolution: Client pled to three misdemeanor charges: Obstruction of Legal Process, 4th Degree DWI, and DANCO Violation. Client has no jail time to serve and must complete standard programming for chemical dependency and domestic abuse. This was an incredible result for a client that, at one time, had five pending domestic-related matters. In the end, he will have no new jail time, minimal fines, and be on probation with standard conditions. For a young man with no criminal record, limiting the damage to only one domestic-related conviction, a single DWI, and an obstruction is a home run. The client is ecstatic and thrilled with this outcome.

State v. M.D., May, 2016

Charges: Misdemeanor Failing to Yield

Resolution: Continuance for Dismissal. Client was charged as a result of an accident that was no one's fault. The client had a completely clean criminal and traffic record and it was imperative to keep it that way. Mr. Adkins negotiated this desirable outcome and kept the prosecution costs to a minimum - $100 - and restitution was reserved. Client is thrilled with this outcome.

State v. L.J., May, 2016

Charges: 5th Degree Possession Record

Resolution: Expungement granted from the bench. Client obtained a statutory stay of adjudication - pursuant to Minn. Stat. 152.18 - of a felony drug possession charge. The client was an RN that obtained drugs from her place of employment. Due to the thorough petition and arguments at the hearing, the judge made the rare decision to grant the expungement from the bench.

State v. N.G., April, 2016

Charges: 7 Felonies, 1 Gross Misdemeanor, 12 Misdemeanors - All related to the manner in which the client ran his used car business.

Resolution: Stay of imposition to a gross misdemeanor "unlicensed sales finance company" charge that will become a misdemeanor at the conclusion of the brief probationary period. The original offer from the state was to plead to three felonies and to serve significant time. Through diligent and thorough research and preparation, Mr. Gempeler became the expert on these unusual charges and was educating the State about the issues it faced in proceeding forward. Realizing this, the State was ready to make the major concession in its offer after Mr. Gempeler further humanized his client, showing that he deserved the deal obtained. Considering the client was staring at 20 total counts, including 7 felonies, the client is beyond relieved to have only a misdemeanor record and not have to serve any jail. This was a significant victory.

State v. J.A., May, 2016

Charges: Misdemeanor Domestic Assault

Resolution: Stay of adjudication to a city ordinance violation of disorderly conduct. Client faced his second domestic assault charge in a two-year span involving the same complaining witness. Mr. Gempeler leveraged a possible self-defense claim and information he learned through the complaining witness to obtain this incredible outcome. The client is thrilled to be able to walk away without a criminal record after these two serious allegations were levied against him.

State v. T.L., April, 2016

Charges: Driving After Suspension - Misdemeanor

Resolution: Continuance for dismissal. Due to a proactive approach by the client and the hard negotiations by North Star, this client achieved the best possible outcome. The end result is no conviction, no hit in his driving record, and the ability for a young adult to move forward without a criminal record.

State v. C.N., April, 2016

Charges: Malicious Punishment of a Child - Gross Misdemeanor

Resolution: Plea to an amended count of misdemeanor disorderly conduct. The client must complete a mere five days of community service, pay a minimal fine, and follow the terms of her CHIPs case for one year of probation. This is an incredible result for the client because the consequences of a conviction at trial - which was likely - would have resulted in her being kicked out of the Army without pension, she could have lost her job, and, most importantly, it would have made it all but impossible to fight for reunification with her kids in the pending CHIPs matter. But, now, with the plea to a disorderly conduct with zero facts relating to her children, none of those collateral consequences are in play and she can work towards getting her children back. This truly is a fantastic result that was negotiated on her behalf.

State v. A.W., March, 2016

Charges: First Degree Burglary, Domestic Assault

Resolution: Stay of adjudication on misdemeanor counts only. Mr. Adkins was able to achieve this incredible resort with a short probationary period as well. And, if the client, as anticipated, successfully completes that period without violating his terms, the matter will be dismissed outright on motion of the prosecutor, and thereafter be eligible for potential expungement. This, notwithstanding the case starting out as a mandatory-minimum jail, and possible prison-commit matter; the judge did announce, as he placed the matter on hold for six to twenty-four months, that Mr. Adkins had "achieved a remarkable resolution" for his client. It's always nice to even impress the Judge.

State v. R.K., February, 2016

Charges: DWI - 3rd Degree - Expungement

Resolution: Expungement Granted. Client had a 10+ year old DWI out of Carlton County. It was a high reading. Still, due to a well-drafted petition and effective arguments, the Court granted an expungement of this DWI - a rare outcome across the State. Courts are very protective of DWI convictions and few have been granted statewide. It's a justified result for a client deserving and ready for his second chance.

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