State v. B.S.

October, 2021
Charges: 6 counts of felony tax crimes

Plea to amended counts of a gross misdemeanor failing to file tax returns. The original offer was to plead guilty to felony counts and serve upwards of 180 days via custody and home monitoring. The plea agreement drastically improved this. The client will only be convicted of a gross misdemeanor crime and serve no more than 30 days, via 3 days in custody and the balance on home monitoring. The remaining terms of probation are minimal and only for two years. The best part is this plea agreement leaves the client in a much better position to salvage his professional license and, therefore, his career. Even when facing daunting felony charges, the North Star team pushed through with a strong strategy to achieve the client's goal and keep him on the right path moving forward.

Types of Charge(s): Felonies, Tax