State v. L.D.

March, 2019
Charges: Pre-Charge - Possible Felony Drug Charges

No Charges Filed. Client was pinched for a serious felony drug case. With the guidance of the North Star team, the client negotiated an agreement with local law enforcement to become an informant. Needing a team of attorneys by his side to enforce the agreement with law enforcement, the North Star team worked closely with the parties to ensure the expectations were reasonable and understandable, and that the objective was achievable. Otherwise, often the terms are due unrealistic, leading to failure and charges being levied, despite an informants best efforts sometimes. Even though the cops may come across like they're acting in good faith, always remember, their first priority is their interests only. This young client was thankful for the North Star team by his side to allow him to avoid the lifelong impact a felony drug case can have.

Types of Charge(s): Drug Crime Case Results