State v. T.Y.

July, 2022
Charges: 3rd Degree DWI - Gross Misdemeanors

Plea to an amended count of 4th Degree DWI as a misdemeanor. This is truly a remarkable outcome for the client because she registered a .26 breath alcohol concentration - more than three times the legal limit. Negotiating down to a misdemeanor DWI is no easy task, even when the client blows a .17 (just over the .16 aggravating factor level). So, to achieve a misdemeanor outcome with this high of a reading is unheard of - except for when North Star Criminal Defense gets involved (because this isn't our first time pulling this off even). Taking a big picture approach, the North Star team figured out what was at stake and how to get the outcome needed for the client to be able to keep moving forward without having this be a major hurdle. Mission accomplished!

Types of Charge(s): DWI Case Results, Gross Misdemeanor