U.S. v. Confidential

December, 2016
Charges: Possible Money Laundering/Postal Fraud, Possible Litigation Abuse/Copyright Fraud

In two separate investigations, our clients received notices (but not quite a formal target letter) indicating they might be subject to an indictment if they were unwilling to come forward and proffer (formally answer questions about possible crimes, of their own or other people). In light of Mr. Adkins' more than two decades of experience in these matters, North Star is uniquely positioned to assist in these matters, including isolating issues with the investigators before a meeting, ample and aggressive meeting preparation for the client in advance of the proffer, artful postures throughout the meeting (which can be confrontational and unpleasant), and careful follow-up post-meeting. In both of these matters, the clients were quickly and comprehensively excluded from any prosecution, and their involvement going forward (as, say, trial witnesses) may well be eliminated. This work is detailed, and takes a light hand. Never ever handle these sorts of meetings without a talented and aggressive team of attorneys.