Case Results

State v. F.L., April, 2017

Charges: Second Degree DWI, Gross Misdemeanor

Resolution: An extremely high PBT test and two aggravating factors out of Washington County, settled as essentially a 4th Degree DWI. The forfeiture of his motor vehicle dismissed and car returned without costs, driving privileges reinstated, and no jail time. This client was representing himself, facing a mandatory 6 months in jail, a three year revocation of his driving privileges, and the loss of his treasured vehicle. After six months of careful negotiations and strong efforts to reform himself, the client gets his car back, avoids so much as an HOUR in custody, and moves forward with his new baby and family intact. Hard to say what aspect of our work was responsible for this outcome, other than a relentless commitment to integrity-based advocacy, and carefully-managed relationships with judges, judicial staff, prosecutors and clerks. A great, great outcome.

State v. C.S., March, 2017

Charges: 5th Degree Domestic Assault, Misdemeanor

Resolution: Stay of Adjudication result out of Hennepin County. Tough facts, including damning photographic evidence, became less important than a thoroughgoing approach to counseling and reconciliation between the parties, and a thoughtful prosecutor. Remember, a victim doesn't control the charging decision any longer, if they ever truly did; even more important, the State retains full authority to take a case forward, including to trial. It takes a careful, highly experienced hand to manage a complex assault matter, even with a recanting or reluctant complaining witness/'victim,' so do NOT assume a case will be dismissed without extreme care and planning, and a lawyer from North Star.

State v. (Confidential), April, 2017

Charges: Fraud/Theft by Deception/Receiving Stolen Property, Felony

Resolution: Case out of Washington County was Continued for Dismissal/Diverson. An outstanding client gets a better result. Complex facts, unfortunately rather easy to prove as misconduct and insurance fraud, was disproven sufficiently by aggressive investigation and outstanding work by North Star support staff for the State to offer a short-term dismissal program, no guilty plea required. Client, a professional and highly concerned about his reputation in the community, can move forward with confidence and a clean sheet. One of three ideal outcomes, on the same morning in Washington County.

State v. M.M., April, 2017

Charges: Threats of Violence, Felony (and Second Degree Assault pending charge, if a trial demanded)

Resolution: Case out of Washington County was dismissed on day of trial. Intense investigation led to a rapid dissolution of the State's case, preserving a perfect lawful record of a talented professional man. A voluntary confession wasn't the massive hurdle it generally would be, after North Star's efforts came to bear on the case; however, this matter and so many others do point up how absolutely vital, how critical it is to get strong legal representation at the outset of your case, before you even know you are a target. Always, ALWAYS demand to be represented by counsel when questioned by police or prosecutors, simply always. The lawyers at North Star are available 24/7/52 to assist you, at your beck and call. Do not act alone, or you may find yourself sitting alone, making hard choices the wrong way. This was the third of three perfect results, same morning.

State v. B.N., March, 2017

Charges: Disorderly Conduct, Misdemeanor

Resolution: Case out of Mille Lacs County was continued for dismissal. Disorderly conduct doesn't sound too serious, but it can be when a our client narrowly missed being charged with felony damage to property and witness intimidation counts, and the defendant was on active probation for a far more serious conviction. After months of careful therapeutic efforts and careful law-abiding behavior, the State assented to Dan's proposal to make the case inactive outright, and formally dismissed in six more months of quiet time. Client couldn't be happier.

State v. D.W., April, 2017

Charges: 5th Degree Criminal Sexual Contact - Gross Misdemeanor

Resolution: Case dismissed. A team approach helped build and prep a strong defense in the lead-up to trial. Shortly before trial was set to begin, the State dismissed the charges. North Star knows when not to be Minnesota Nice. In doing so, it earned the correct result for an innocent client.

State v. W.K., March, 2017

Charges: Obstruct Legal Process, 5th Degree Assault (2 Counts), and Disorderly Conduct

Resolution: Case was dismissed. Mr. Gempeler utilized a big picture approach with a like-minded and thoughtful prosecutor to prove that the client was simply not the person that committed the alleged offense. Instead, the client was at a low point, caused by mental health issues. Over the course of a year since the date of the incident, the client took significant and meaningful strides to improve his mental health and gain stability in his life, thus demonstrating that he was not a public safety concern. The prosecutor recognized this and agreed that a dismissal was appropriate and deserved. This is the type of personalized legal strategy that North Star offers its clients - an understanding of who they are, what happened, and how to get them back on their feet, which benefits them personally, but also leads to these type of terrific results.

State v. M.Y., March 2017

Charges: Shoplifting - Misdemeanor Theft

Resolution: Continuance for Dismissal. Shoplifting (theft) case out of Anoka County. Besides an outright dismissal, this is the best possible result a client can achieve in their case. Assuming our client stays law abiding for a year, this case will be completely dismissed and stay off their record.

State v. T.H., March, 2017

Charges: 5th Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct

Resolution: Stay of imposition, with a misdemeanor conviction the result. Client - who faced gross misdemeanor charges and possibly an additional felony count if the case was pushed to trial - pursued a proactive, accountable strategy that resulted in the Judge commending him and stating, on the record, that he knows the client is a "stand-up guy". Due to the smart, personalized legal strategy implemented, the client faces no jail, a $100 fine, and minimal conditions during his probation. Upon his satisfaction of probation, the conviction will be deemed a misdemeanor. This is the exact result the client wished for.

State v. S.C., March, 2017

Charges: 3rd Degree DWI

Resolution: Plea to a 4th Degree DWI with a standard result. This is a terrific result for a client that registered nearly three-times the legal limit on his first-time DWI. Due to a proper strategy and a pro-active approach by the client, Mr. Adkins was able to secure an outcome that resulted in no further jail or community service time, a small fine, and minimal conditions during probation. This is a misdemeanor offense and the client is put in a position to succeed going forward.

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