Case Results

State v. CONFIDENTIAL, August, 2017

Charges: Solicitation of a Minor for Sex Act, Felony

Resolution: Client avoids the requirement that he register for a decade or longer as a sex offender, avoids a nasty series of onerous probationary requirements, and returns to his family with a Stay of Imposition of Sentence. Legal arguments including the impact of the First Amendment motivated the State to reach a satisfactory plea deal for this exceptional client, who used the event to soul-search and commit to a far more cautious outlook.

State v. T.S., July 2017

Charges: 4th Degree DWI - Misdemeanor

Resolution: Plea to a Failing to Drive with Due Care. The DWI charges were dismissed. The typical result in such a case would have been a Careless Driving conviction. But, Mr. Gempeler and the team at North Star knew that pushing the matter, combined with a thoughtful negotiating strategy, could land our client an even better outcome; one that is rare for DWI cases. This is a fantastic result for a wonderful young man whose record remains clean.

State v. K.J., June, 2017

Charges: Shoplifting - Misdemeanor

Resolution: Our team at North Star was able to swing a diversion program for our client. Additionally, a bare minimum in fees and conditions during diversion were imposed. As long as the client remains law abiding, gets to keep her record clear as a result. Another great win for the North Star team.

State v. CONFIDENTIAL, June, 2017

Charges: 2nd Degree Control Substance Crime - Felony

Resolution: Client with massive immigration exposure resolved a prison-commit narcotics matter with a sentence consistent with a gross misdemeanor! No prison term, minimal terms of probation supervision, a stay of imposition of sentence, no additional jail time past the days served upon arrest. All this, and no deportation. Client retained the ability to fight to recover cash assets taken in the search of his home, though that is an uphill battle--just the capacity to ASK is of value. Staggering result!

State v. J.W., June, 2017

Charges: First and Second Degree Controlled Substance Crimes - Felonies

Resolution: Client was approved for a program that will avoid not only a brutish mandatory minimum sentence of five years in prison, but also the guideline sentence of up to twelve years--in favor of an intensive drug treatment program at the Department of Corrections, which will have him home nearly as fast as if he had entered the Boot Camp/Challenge Incarceration Program (which typically shortens any sentence of 72 months or less to roughly 8 months in prison and the balance on conditional release). Client had complications in his record and on this case that disqualified him from Boot Camp, but continuous hustle and creativity on Mr. Adkins' part resulted in a highly rare and welcome discount for the client.

State v. T.B., June, 2017

Charges: 4th Degree DWI - Misdemeanor

Resolution: Client pled to a misdemeanor careless driving with no jail to serve, a minimum fine, and only one-year on probation to the Court. In addition, the client did not have to waive his fight in the implied consent case. Ultimately, the license revocation that automatically happens following a DWI was rescinded. The end result for the client - no DWI on both his criminal and driving records. This is a clean sweep, victory for the client.

State v. D.V., June, 2017

Charges: 1st Degree Assault - Sentencing Attorney only

Resolution: Probationary sentence. Mr. Adkins was retained with less than two months to counsel and advise the client on how to position himself best for a life-altering sentencing hearing. Through this counseling, the client became proactive in obtaining services while in custody and wrote a thoughtful letter, demonstrating his remorse and acceptance of responsibility for his actions. The judge told the courtroom that he took the bench prepared to send the client to prison, pursuant to a presumptive commitment of 4+ years. After Mr. Adkins' savvy and persuasive sentencing argument, the judge reversed course and placed the client on probation and sentenced him to serve no prison time. This is truly a remarkable outcome. And it goes to show that it is critical to be sure you are prepared to fight for your future at all times throughout the case. Even at sentencing when it seems like the deck is stacked against you, the right approach and sentencing attorney can lead to incredible results.

State v. (Confidential), May 2017

Charges: Narcotics and Driving Offenses - Felony

Resolution: Complex negotiations with police officials at the University of Minnesota resulted in a decision to nolle prosequi, or declination to prosecute, for a worried young man wrestling with extreme anxiety and some unwise decisions. Relief at the outcome for the client was palpable.

State v. (Confidential), May 2017

Charges: 1st Degree Assault, Possible Attempted Murder - Felony

Resolution: In a Washington County matter, Dan Adkins successfully sought and received a probationary sentence for a young person who nearly killed a friend in an alcohol-fueled event. Had this matter been charged as attempted homicide, a sentence in the hundreds of months would have been the starting point, for either negotiations or a result after a guilty verdict. As it is, aggressive work by the legal team and a tremendous commitment on the part of the client to address mental health and drug/alcohol dependency issues in residential treatment brought about a remarkable result. After a relatively short spell on probationary conditions, this person can move forward positively and thoughtfully, having never visited the inside of a Minnesota Correctional Facility. Truly incredible result.

State v. (Confidential), May 2017

Charges: Domestic Assault - Misdemeanor

Resolution: Dan and James worked together to not only resolve this matter via a continuance for dismissal--relatively rare for a crime wherein actual battery is verified--but executed a full and final expungement of the matter on the anniversary of the agreement. Client now moves forward with no record whatsoever, and the family he created can carry on without the burden of a criminal notation.

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