Case Results

State v. T.L., April, 2016

Charges: Driving After Suspension - Misdemeanor

Resolution: Continuance for dismissal. Due to a proactive approach by the client and the hard negotiations by North Star, this client achieved the best possible outcome. The end result is no conviction, no hit in his driving record, and the ability for a young adult to move forward without a criminal record.

State v. C.N., April, 2016

Charges: Malicious Punishment of a Child - Gross Misdemeanor

Resolution: Plea to an amended count of misdemeanor disorderly conduct. The client must complete a mere five days of community service, pay a minimal fine, and follow the terms of her CHIPs case for one year of probation. This is an incredible result for the client because the consequences of a conviction at trial - which was likely - would have resulted in her being kicked out of the Army without pension, she could have lost her job, and, most importantly, it would have made it all but impossible to fight for reunification with her kids in the pending CHIPs matter. But, now, with the plea to a disorderly conduct with zero facts relating to her children, none of those collateral consequences are in play and she can work towards getting her children back. This truly is a fantastic result that was negotiated on her behalf.

State v. A.W., March, 2016

Charges: First Degree Burglary, Domestic Assault

Resolution: Stay of adjudication on misdemeanor counts only. Mr. Adkins was able to achieve this incredible resort with a short probationary period as well. And, if the client, as anticipated, successfully completes that period without violating his terms, the matter will be dismissed outright on motion of the prosecutor, and thereafter be eligible for potential expungement. This, notwithstanding the case starting out as a mandatory-minimum jail, and possible prison-commit matter; the judge did announce, as he placed the matter on hold for six to twenty-four months, that Mr. Adkins had "achieved a remarkable resolution" for his client. It's always nice to even impress the Judge.

State v. R.K., February, 2016

Charges: DWI - 3rd Degree - Expungement

Resolution: Expungement Granted. Client had a 10+ year old DWI out of Carlton County. It was a high reading. Still, due to a well-drafted petition and effective arguments, the Court granted an expungement of this DWI - a rare outcome across the State. Courts are very protective of DWI convictions and few have been granted statewide. It's a justified result for a client deserving and ready for his second chance.

State v. K.K., February, 2016

Charges: Juvenile Traffic - School Bus Violation

Resolution: Continuance for Dismissal. Client is a honors student with aspirations to attend a well-respected college. Obtaining a dismissal was critical to avoid creating a red flag in college applications. What was once feared to be a gross misdemeanor charge is now resolved as a traffic ticket with a 6-month probationary period and no fee or fine. The client is ecstatic with this outcome and knowing that she can keep her record clean.

State v. D.M., February, 2016

Charges: 3rd Degree DWI-Refusal

Resolution: Dismissed. Case was previously dismissed when the cop failed to show. The State re-filed the same charges. Armed with six motions, all with credible legal grounds, the cop again failed to show at the contested hearing, forcing the State to dismiss the case again. There's probably a reason the cop didn't show twice - he didn't want to face the music for the bad stop and being caught on tape saying: "I have my drunk for the night." Even if the cop showed, the outcome would have been the same.

State v. N.M., February, 2016

Charges: Contempt of Court, Stalking, and Attempted Coercion

Resolution: Dismissed. Client was initially charged with just contempt of court - which was wrongfully filed. Prior to the contested hearing, the State added the two additional counts. After further consideration and discussions, the case was dismissed prior to the contested hearing. This was the appropriate result when the initial charge was baseless and the State then employed the shotgun method of trying to make one charge fit. Ultimately, none did and the dismissal was warranted. A great result for a veteran of the armed services.

State v. J.G., February, 2016

Charges: 1st and 2nd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct and Contact

Resolution: Found not guilty on both counts at a jury trial. Midway through the case, the State amended the complaint to change the second count to one that was - to its hope - more likely to stick. Mr. Adkins fought like a bulldog, displaying incredible cross-examination skills that ultimately proved instrumental to the just result. The jury deliberated for a very short amount of time, further proving just how damn good Mr. Adkins was a lead trial attorney. A just result for a client facing registration requirements and being labeled a felon for something he did not do.

State v. A.S., February, 2016

Charges: Underage Consumption

Resolution: Continuance for dismissal. The client was in the process of wrapping up a prior underage consumption citation when he picked up a second while in school. Despite two pending underage consumptions, Mr. Gempeler was able to negotiate a resolution that will prevent any conviction on his record, which is critical for a college student about to enter the work force.

State v. P.P., January, 2016

Charges: 5th Degree Drugs Possession - Felony

Resolution: Case dismissed. Mr. Gempeler successfully raised the immunity defense during pre-trial negotiations. The client was only discovered due to a possible overdose. A new statute grants immunity to those that need immediate medical assistance. Through careful research and investigation, Mr. Gempeler had this defense ready for a contested hearing, prior to the County dismissing the case entirely.

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