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State v. L.B., November, 2017

Charges: 3rd Degree Assault - Felony

Resolution: Gross Misdemeanor sentence to assault plea. The client had a rough night in which she bit off part of the victim's ear. Both parties were intoxicated. Our client had no criminal record and it was critical to avoid a felony record in order to keep her career. Based upon our counseling to be proactive in addressing chemical dependency and mental health issues, combined with our experienced negotiating, the client obtained an agreed-upon gross misdemeanor sentence to the charge. Ultimately, the client was ordered to serve no additional jail, pay a $100 fine, and complete an anger management assessment. Considering the circumstances, this is a fantastic and necessary result for our client.

State v. J.W., November, 2017

Charges: 3rd Degree DWI - Gross Misdemeanor

Resolution: Client pled guilty to the 3rd Degree DWI charge. Statutory minimums call for a short spell in jail and at least 28 days on house arrest. Mr. Gempeler successfully negotiated a result in which the client received credit for mental health and chemical dependency inpatient treatment in lieu of being order to serve time in jail and house arrest. Further, the client's treatment was credited so that he did not have to complete a separate chemical dependency assessment, per the usual conditions. Finally - and this is utterly rare for gross misdemeanor DWI offenses - the client was placed on unsupervised probation to the Court, meaning he saves several hundred dollars in hidden fees and makes the 2-year probationary period much less burdensome. Considering a complete lack of any viable defenses, this outcome is remarkable.

State v. Confidential, October, 2017

Charges: Second Degree Assault and Domestic Assault - Felonies

Resolution: Resolution of a case described below in greater detail, with a one-year commitment to state hospitals and an initial declaration that the client was incapable of proceeding due to mental illness. Client exited the hospital directly into in-patient treatment and his parents' home, and has recovered magnificently well. No additional jail, and NO PRISON, required of him, he will stay free so long as he stays on top of his medications and avoids re-arrest. This could easily have been an attempted murder and a sentence literally decades in length, had the wrong lawyer been responsible. A defining win for Mr. Adkins and North Star.

State v. A.V., October, 2017

Charges: 2nd Degree DWI - Gross Misdemeanor

Resolution: Client avoids mandatory minimum jail altogether, gets a car dead-to-rights on forfeiture returned at no cost, and recovers from a life-altering oversight, due to his and Mr. Adkins' efforts to prepare a powerhouse sentencing argument. Mr. Adkins leveraged facts that don't rise to the level of a full defense to convince a prosecutor known for hard-headedness to let the Court determine the sanction, and the result was outstanding. Attention to detail saved this case from a disastrous sanction coming down, and the client is as worthy as Mr. Adkins is of praise.

State v. M.M., October, 2017

Charges: Probation Violation - Felony Controlled Substance Crime (Lake of the Woods County)

Resolution: This matter proves we will go ANYWHERE for you, to get the best conceivable result. A client dead-to-rights on violating his probationfor a new conviction walked with nothing more than time served, due to exceptional hustle to confirm sobriety and treatment-orientation.

CONFIDENTIAL – Pre-Charge, October, 2017

Charges: Pre-Charge - Possible Criminal Sexual Conduct

Resolution: A person dealing with a motivated and irate former lover, fearing false allegations and the related collateral explosions, hired North Star to manage his communications and seek to forestall any litigation or other challenges, and found success immediately and in short order. Roughly 25% of the work North Star provides to its clients takes place BEFORE charges are laid, or a lawsuit is filed--it is never too early to seek our advice, or our intervention. Call immediately when confronting an accuser, or taking a step on a significant life adventure where an aggressive and talented lawyer can help.

State v. B.G., September, 2017

Charges: 2nd Degree DWI - Gross Misdemeanor

Resolution: Client charged with her third DUI, with a test result of .25...and escaped the process with no jail, no home monitoring, no sentence-to-service, no forfeiture, and no other killer probationary obligations. Dedication to recovery made the difference here, along with Mr. Adkins' sentencing-argument legerdemain. We know how to handle even the most challenging DUI situations, soup to nuts--use us TODAY.

State v. M.K., September, 2017

Charges: 3rd Degree DWI - Gross Misdemeanor

Resolution: Plea to 3rd Degree DWI. Client's breath test result was .21. No matter how hard we tried, the City was unwilling to consider a 4th Degree DWI. Still, the team at North Star worked hard to put our client in a position to minimize the consequences that would have come his way without our work. At the end of the day, the client was sentenced to no further jail or community work service, pay a fine, and placed on probation. The State wanted community work service, but Mr. Gempeler successfully argued for credit due to the client's community service and volunteer coaching. The client is very satisfied that the end result is minimal compared to what he expected, due to the hard work of North Star.

State v. T.J., September, 2017

Charges: Disorderly Conduct - Misdemeanor

Resolution: Stay of adjudication. Client has a clean criminal record and it was vital to keep it that way. After counseling the client on how to position herself into being a good candidate for this great result, the team at North Star used its good relationship with the city attorney to finalize this opportunity for the client to earn the right to keep her record clean.

State v. D.L., September, 2017

Charges: 4th Degree DWI - Misdemeanor

Resolution: Failing to Drive with Due Care guilty plea. The client contacted North Star the night of the incident. After some strategic and lengthy discussions, the client blew .079, which means his license was never revoked because it was below the legal threshold. Still, the State charged him with a DWI because, in theory, he was over the legal limit when he was driving. Despite having never appeared in this county before, Mr. Gempeler negotiated an incredible result of failing to drive with due care, which is far better than the typical plea negotiation to a careless driving. The client received an incredibly light sentence and keeps his record clean of any major violation. He could not be happier that he contact North Star the night of the incident and got their counsel through this difficult time in his life.

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