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State v. Confidential, December, 2017

Charges: Felony Domestic Assault - Strangulation

Resolution: Mr. Adkins was able to resolve this complex felony for a continuance for dismissal on misdemeanor grounds, after assisting the complaining witness and his client to create a creative resolution not only to the criminal case, but also the custody battle that had been starting up when the offense conduct occurred. If your matter has family-law considerations, you need to contact North Star RIGHT AWAY, so a coordinated approach can be instituted and your rights protected from the start. Client was overjoyed, and his initial attorney's claim that no defense existed proved utterly inaccurate.

State v. M.M., December, 2017

Charges: Various felony level offenses - drug crimes, theft, false information ...

Resolution: Further proof that North Star has become the ONLY place to take a family member or friend with a raft of open matters, facing a multitude of sentences for a rash of misconduct. This client faced a massive hit in a neighboring state for violations of parole, and had enough open cases in Minnesota to face an almost larger term HERE. Mr. Adkins worked with prosecutors all over the state to reduce her exposure to no additional jail time, and prepared her to return to a program back in her state that will permit her to be home for the holidays this Fall. When you need your lawyers and their team to handle this sort of complication, and this many opposing prosecutors and cops, you'd be foolish not to call North Star. We have perfected this challenging effort.

State v. (Confidential), December, 2017

Charges: Third Degree Controlled Substance Crime - Introducing Drugs into a Prison (Felony)

Resolution: Client faced a mandatory expansion, by nearly a decade, of her existing prison sentence, for introducing drugs to a jail while she was serving a prison term. Negotiations and aggressive investigatory work by the North Star team - particularly Mr. Adkins - resulted in less than three months' extra time to serve. A fantastic outcome for a client working her tail off to rehabilitate herself.

State v. R.S., December, 2017

Charges: Felony theft (out of two counties) and misdemeanor theft from a workplace

Resolution: Client straight-pled one felony case to the judge and was granted a downward departure to a gross misdemeanor sentence. The other felony case out of a different county was dismissed as part of the global resolution. And the client received a stay of imposition, vacate and dismiss, on the misdemeanor case. So, even though he was facing three separate cases (including one more that remains unresolved), the client will have only one gross misdemeanor conviction remain on his record. The sentence is incredibly lenient too - no jail, no house arrest, small fine, and some community service to do. The deserving young man literally changed his life around following these incidents and is sober for over a year by the time sentencing rolled around. That, along with a strong argument for the departure by the North Star team, led to this fantastic result that will allow him to continue to succeed going forward.

State v. K.N., December, 2017

Charges: Gross Misdemeanor - Shoplifting

Resolution: Diversion. Client will be placed on a few months of diversion, wherein she only needs to complete some community service and pay a small fee. The typical request to complete a class regarding shoplifting was waived due to the client's proactive approach in addressing her underlying gambling addiction. The end result is a complete dismissal of the case and a client that is on her way to combating her addiction. This is what matters most to the team at North Star.

State v. J.K., December, 2017

Charges: 4th Degree DWI - Misdemeanor

Resolution: Client pled guilty to a careless driving. At a .11, the client was initially too high to receive a plea offer to a careless driving. After the North Star team advised the client on how to take proactive steps to improve his lot and then understand the big picturing surrounding the impact this case could have on the client, a strategic negotiation was implemented, netting the careless driving plea. On top of that, the client was placed on unsupervised probation (saving him hundreds of dollars and a headache) and not ordered to complete any community service even.

State v. C.S., November, 2017

Charges: First Degree DWI - Felony

Resolution: Bad-facts, fifth-offense in ten years, DUI arrest did not resolve where it was headed, with a prison commitment and gnashing of teeth. Client will complete the Safe Streets First Program, with jail time waivable with good conduct and on a staggered sentence. Devoted participation in aggressive dual-diagnosis treatment saves the day, and the client worked diligently with Mr. Adkins to put his best feet forward, again and again.

State v. Confidential, November, 2017

Charges: Indecent Exposure - Misdemeanor

Resolution: Mr. Adkins resolved this embarrassing little vignette with a dismissal and tab charge of petty misdemeanor disorderly conduct, closing the door on a highly prejudicial conviction that this small-business owner did not need. We specialize in sensitive matters handled with exquisite care and creativity.

State v. E.T., November, 2017

Charges: Domestic Assault - Misdemeanor

Resolution: Continuance for dismissal. Client is a young woman who is a licensed nurse in the state. A domestic assault conviction would effectively end her young career. Heeding Mr. Gempeler's counsel, the client sought mental health treatment that proved critical to obtaining this necessary result. The State initially offered a great outcome, but one worse than the one achieved. Most defense attorneys would've seized this first offer and been pleased with the result - not Mr. Gempeler. He knew a better outcome was available and knew how to negotiate to get this better and amazing result on behalf of a deserving and needful client. Now, there is no record of any plea or conviction and the client maintains her perfect criminal record.

State v. Confidential, November, 2017

Charges: Credit Card Fraud and Identity Theft - Felonies

Resolution: Client who was seized literally from the door of her courtroom at an omnibus hearing, and detained by INS officials for weeks thereafter, resolves her case with a no-jail-time misdemeanor, no fine, NO PROBATION... when the felony counts contemplated a significant fine, probation for up to 10 years, and almost certain deportation in this post-reality Federal Administration. An ideal outcome.

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