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State v. D.J., August, 2016

Charges: Felony drug charge, obstructing legal process, etc.

Resolution: Diversion program. We are often approached by clients who have made an initial appearance in court, expecting a soft landing, who have been advised they don't qualify for diversion, or another favorable program to resolve their matter. In this instance, a patient approach with a thoughtful prosecutor resulted in a late-admission into diversionary outcome that was utterly unavailable at arraignment. These sorts of outcomes quite literally make our month.

State v. C.D.A., August, 2016

Charges: 1st Degree Felony Drug Crime

Resolution: A guideline sentence projected into the 180-month range will be concluded in less than a year in state prison, for this fortunate young man. A client with an extensive criminal history, for a variety of complex offenses, was able to negotiate (after ample proof of treatment-readiness and a commitment to sobriety) a Challenge-Incarceration-Program-eligible (call for an explanation of this program for clients with a long history of convictions) sentence of less than forty months. God willing and the trains on time, that client will be back in his family's arms in less than eight months; this, notwithstanding facing a true term of more than ten years for the (amply proven) alleged misconduct. No client is a lost cause, no case is too difficult, no circumstances are too damning for the lawyers at North Star.

State v. J.B., August, 2016

Charges: 3rd Degree DWI - Gross Misdemeanor

Resolution: Misdemeanor 4th Degree DWI. Client had a breath alcohol concentration of .23, a significantly high reading that usually does not lead to a misdemeanor plea. This favorable result was obtained due to the strategic negotiations and proactive approach from the client. To show just how favorable of a result this was, an experience defense attorney pled his client to a gross misdemeanor offense for a first-time DWI with .20 reading. So, with similar, but worse facts, Mr. Gempeler obtained a significantly better result.

State v. Confidential, July, 2016

Charges: Gross Misdemeanor Interference with a 911 Call - Domestic

Resolution: Client pled to a petty misdemeanor - a non-crime by law - disorderly conduct. In this matter, artful management of the court calendar and careful redemptive efforts by and for a thoughtful client resulted in all criminal counts being dismissed in favor of a petty plea, and a small assessment of costs. No other consequences will ensue, and the client is ecstatic. Considering the serious nature of the alleged offense and the consequences that can ensue from it, this is a remarkable result obtained by the attorneys at North Star.

State v. K.W., July, 2016

Charges: Gross Misdemeanor Assault

Resolution: Case Dismissed, on motion of Defense. Early Discovery demand and artful arguments on absence-of-evidence turns into justice for our client. Client was facing up to a year in jail and/or a $3,000 fine. Cases like this shows just how having an attorney represent you can make a world of difference.

State v. D.H., July, 2016

Charges: Gross Misdemeanor Harassment Restraining Order violation

Resolution: Case Dismissed. This client, in a years-long dispute with his neighbors regarding the conduct of our client's family, had faced multiple prosecutions relating to this Harassment Restraining Order, but that order and these charges were all dismissed on motion of the defense. Your lawyer needs to know how to artfully refuse to take 'no' for an answer, and time the motion for dismissal with extraordinary care. North Star does this routinely.

State v. C.A., July, 2016

Charges: Misdemeanor theft.

Resolution: Continuance for Dismissal. The terms of the agreement are minimal - small fine, no entry at place of theft, and no same or similar incidents (a non-issue with a clean record before this incident). With the client facing the possibility of losing her job if there was ever a plea or conviction, this was the necessary result obtained through the appropriate approach by North Star attorneys.

State v. L.C., July, 2016

Charges: Two separate Disorderly Conduct cases.

Resolution: Plead to one disorderly conduct and the other case is dismissed. Client received a stay of imposition on one case and had no jail or jail alternative (such as STS) imposed, despite being charged with two disorderly conducts in a matter of months for drunken misconduct in a residential community. The end game is the client has to comply with non-burdensome probationary conditions and pay the minimum fine. Considering what he was facing, the client was thrilled with this outcome and knowing we limited the possible negative collateral consequences that can stem from two convictions during a short period of time.

State v. S.L., July, 2016

Charges: 4th Degree DWI

Resolution: Careless Driving plea. Client was charged with a DWI at a .13 alcohol concentration level. Usually, the cut-off for a careless driving plea is a .10. Still, Mr. Adkins obtained this fantastic result due to his fantastic working relationship with the prosecutor and a client that was proactive in accepting responsibility for his actions. Together, this led to getting the just result for a deserving client.

State v. (Anonymous), June, 2016

Charges: Possible 1st and 3rd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct. Both Felonies.

Resolution: Zero charges levied against client due to incredible work by Mr. Adkins in a pre-charge capacity. After more than two months of investigation, negotiation and evidence-characterization, a metro prosecutor declined to file charges that carry near-automatic prison implications, and lifelong registration-as-sex-offender consequences. And the matter is now closed. Client can continue to pursue a bright future, with a new and healthy respect for how close he came to ruination. A banner day for the firm, and a far better day for the client and family. ‪

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