Case Results

State v. J.R., November, 2016

Charges: Felony 3rd Degree Assault

Resolution: Stay of Adjudication. The client was placed on 5 years probation (with the understanding being that he'll be released early around the halfway mark) with minimal terms and conditions and costs ordered for $100. For a father of two with a clean criminal record, it was imperative to earn the opportunity to keep his record clean and put him in a position to have this matter expunged. Without any real viable defenses, this is a remarkable outcome achieved through strong advocacy and a client that was proactive in addressing possible chemical dependency and anger issues before a plea.

State v. A.S., November, 2016

Charges: Obstructing Legal Process - Misdemeanor

Resolution: Continuance for Dismissal - 6 mo. and costs of only $100. Typically, city prosecutors are reluctant to make reasonable offers on this type of charge. Mr. Gempeler was aggressive in asserting that the charges were trumped up. Short of a contested hearing, the prosecutor agreed that a continuance for dismissal for a short six months was appropriate. The client simply couldn't turn this offer down because it got the result deserved and desired - a dismissal. In addition, there is a mutual understanding that the client will get an expungement after the six months. A terrific result for a young and deserving client.

State v. M.G., November, 2016

Charges: Felony identity theft and fraud

Resolution: Dismissed. This matter, involving crimes of a turpitude nature (lying/cheating/stealing, the sort of stuff that could result in a person being refused a loan, employment, residential applications being tossed, trial testimony rendered worthless, etc.), was dismissed after a year-long negotiation, in light of some thoughtful and aggressive investigation by Mr. Adkins and his team, and the client was returned to a safe position with his large-scale business and his pristine reputation as a savvy but fair businessman.

State v. B.S. / State v. J.B., November, 2016

Charges: B.S.--over 24 open cases, including Felony Identity Theft and Theft; J.B.--two open Felony DANCO matters, multiple probationary offenses.

Resolution: North Star has become literally the place to go for assistance via a furlough to inpatient dual-diagnosis treatment and therapies. Both of these clients--staring a months-long delay in custody with bail that simply could not be posted (or on hold-without-bail, worse yet), prior to trial and potential long prison sentences--received judicially-approved placement at treatment facilities that may well keep them out of any further custodial time, while North Star attorneys work feverishly on soft landings or a favorable trial strategy. No firm, literally no firm, has the record that North Star has created in this field.

State v. B.A., November, 2016

Charges: 3rd Degree DWI - Gross Misdemeanor

Resolution: Pled guilty to 4th Degree DWI, Misdemeanor. Client picked up her second offense within 5 years. Statutory minimum requires 48 hours in custody and 28 days on house arrest. Due to the tactful approach of North Star, the client obtained a misdemeanor result, no jail, a minimal fine, and only 2 days of sentence to service. The client was ecstatic with this terrific result.

State v. M.T., November, 2016

Charges: Expungement - Felony Theft

Resolution: Expungement granted. Client was convicted of a felony theft that was eligible for an expungement. But, due to a conviction in 2011, the Court considered whether the waiting period was satisfied based upon the ambiguous language in the statute. Mr. Gempeler's persuasive oral argument convinced the judge that the client was eligible for an expungement. And, as always, Mr. Gempeler's diligence and thoroughness in preparing the Petition carried the day for a deserving client.

E.R. v. D.W., November, 2016

Charges: Order for Protection

Resolution: Dismissed. North Star represented the Defendant against trumped up allegations of sexual misconduct. The OFP was vacated and dismissed at the contested hearing.

State v. A.M., November, 2016

Charges: Felony theft

Resolution: Diversion and dismissal. Client was charged with a workplace theft - a serious offense that would have a long-lasting negative impact on his ability to gain employment in the future. The client was not eligible for diversion, thereby facing an offer to plead guilty to the offense as charge. Do to North Star's diligence and careful discussions with the County Attorney's office, the client became eligible for the diversion program more than a year after the alleged incident. The client is now able to keep a clean criminal record and stands a good chance to get an expungement of this record soon after he completes the diversion program.

State v. K.G., November, 2016

Charges: 5th Degree Assault

Resolution: Dismissed. Through the careful and thorough investigation by our team, we developed a strong defense and were able to detail our client's version of events, which differed from the police reports (to no one's surprise!). Based upon the information we provided, the local city agreed to dismiss the case. The client maintains a clean record, his ultimate goal in the case.

State of Wisconsin v. J.B., October, 2016

Charges: Felony drug charges

Resolution: Stay of adjudication. In yet another extra-state matter handled by North Star, a client facing a life-altering conviction for drug distribution will avoid any serious implications for a two-year term of stayed adjudication, and the judge himself crafted a creative exit if that term is completed successfully--the matter will be returned to court, dismissed formally and expunged, notwithstanding far stricter rules on that remedy in Wisconsin. The client was visually amazed, and physically triumphant, at the outcome, and has been given a new lease on life--quite literally.

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