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State v. M.P., June, 2018

Charges: Felony Assault - Wisconsin case

Resolution: Stay of Adjudication, Misdemeanor. North Star's Dan Adkins teamed up with the incomparable Shirlene Perrin Law Firm to achieve the unthinkable. Client, who mistook one man for the fellow who had harassed and propositioned his girlfriend on an evening out, knocked that wrong man out cold, causing serious injuries and requiring ongoing care concerns. After lengthy negotiations, and maximum creativity on Shirlene's and Dan's part, the case concludes with an unaccepted guilty plea, a brief period on light conditions, and dismissal of the reduced misdemeanor count. Client will NEVER have a conviction on his record, if he complies with the terms he's accepted. Life-altering stuff, this.

State v. J.M., June, 2018

Charges: Gross Misdemeanor Child Endangerment

Resolution: Reduction to Disorderly Conduct, Fine only/Petty Misdemeanor. This nearly three year old matter came to Dan after two other lawyers had intervened, neither of whom could resolve the case and had simply set it for jury trial, unfortunately without any real defense. Dan negotiated with a team of prosecutors, and convinced them (armed with proof that his client had completed his recommended assessments and therapeutic programming) there'd be no repeat offenses. Demands for jail time and a jarring record of conviction (think lying/cheating/stealing/MASSIVE record-check impact) were dropped, and the case wrapped with minimal impact. Client is rapturous.

Order For Protection Matter – Hennepin County, June, 2018

Charges: OFP allegations in the nature of stalking and sexual predation

Resolution: O.F.P. DENIED, Court considering sanctions on Petitioner. How many lawyers actually contest OFP requests, or DANCO matters, or a Harassment Restraining Order, with any level of success? THESE FELLOWS DO. A litigant with a growing record of abuse of the court system sought to complicate the life of Mr. Adkins' client with an OFP--which would mean no more gun rights, no retention of a high-paying job, etc.--on the basis of outrageous but impactful allegations of misconduct. Mr. Adkins ensured the trier of fact knew the Petitioner's history of falsehoods and manipulation, and after two pointless trips to the courthouse, the judge is now considering the exceptional remedy of actually sanctioning the petitioner financially for her tomfoolery. Justice ACHIEVED.

State v. Confidential, June, 2018

Charges: Felony Drug Possession, Gun Present (Olmsted County)

Resolution: Stay of Adjudication. This prosecution, concerning a relatively massive amount of marijuana, marijuana oil, butters, gummies, etc. being transported from the great state of Colorado to points east (past Minnesota, as it happens), presented solid issues for a challenge to the stop of the defendant's vehicle, and a possible challenge to the expansion of the stop to search the trunk thereof. However, three passengers' having resolved their felony counts with guilty pleas meant the issues were not optimal, given the bench and its proclivities, so Mr. Adkins sought a resolution that would not entail an accepted guilty plea, would involve exactly no jail time or other sanctions other than a promise to behave, and would permit the defendant to return to his home state without onerous probationary conditions. He was successful, notwithstanding a semi-automatic firearm was also found in the trunk, and attributed to the owner and driver of the affected vehicle--our client. Remarkable result for a remarkable client, one with more to lose than most. Ask us about this matter, particularly if your matter concerns a foreign national or a person with multi-state criminal exposure.

State v. S.M., June, 2018

Charges: Felony 4th Degree Assault (of an Officer) and Gross Misdemeanor Obstruction of Legal Process

Resolution: Stay of adjudication to the assault charge. Offenses involving harming an officer and disobeying their commands are often difficult to resolve in a favorable manner. Almost always, the prosecutor will want a permanent conviction. Yet, Mr. Gempeler was able to get a stay of adjudication, which means the client will not have a conviction following her successful completion of probation. Another terrific result - and this was in a county in which Mr. Gempeler had yet to practice in, proving that our approach works across the State.

In re: OFP Against C.G., June, 2018

Charges: Order for protection sought against C.G.

Resolution: Order dismissed with prejudice. This matter, concerning the same fellow below and one day later, concerned a woman claiming maltreatment by a man with an extensive criminal record, who simply refuses to be judged solely thereby. The Court ruled in his favor, dismissing all demands to restrict his conduct, and is now considering our request that the petitioner pay our client back the funds he paid to US. Hired tigers, folks, and you will never wonder if you are being protected, or if your interests are being advanced.

State v. C.G., June, 2018

Charges: Probation violation on a felony matter

Resolution: Community Work Service only. This client, with enough criminal history points to qualify as a career criminal, neglected to notify probation when engaging in business transactions that necessitated approval from his agent, and was facing a stretch in state prison therefore. Mr. Adkins intervened, convinced the State to reconsider its demands, and the file will close early after some volunteer work by the client.

State v. S.B., June, 2018

Charges: Fourth Degree DWI - Controlled Substance

Resolution: Plea to an amended count of careless driving. The sentence was consistent with a standard first-time DWI offense - meaning, no jail or community service, minimal fine, and complete the DWI one-day program and MADD victim impact panel. Point being, the client didn't have to earn the careless driving with a more serious punishment. And, most importantly, because this was a controlled substance DWI, the client's license was never revoked. Achieving a non-DWI outcome in such an instance is rare because prosecutors care deeply about getting a record to enhance any future DWI's. After following the guidance of Mr. Gempeler, the client took the proactive steps necessary and provided the information about his studies and future career that were leveraged to get this incredible result.

State v. M.J., June, 2018

Charges: Gross misdemeanor domestic assault with a firearm and a misdemeanor domestic assault

Resolution: Stay of adjudication to a misdemeanor domestic assault. For a registered nurse, avoiding a permanent record permitted the client to keep her nursing license and preserve her good record. Such an outcome was hard to come by with a prosecutor that was dead-set on getting a conviction. After lengthy negotiations and setting the case on for trial, the North Star team finally obtained the appropriate outcome for a deserving client. It's this diligence and willingness to fight that led to this fantastic outcome.

State v. K.B., May, 2018

Charges: Felony Controlled Substance

Resolution: Stay of Imposition, no jail. This client, already on probation for a felony narcotics matter, avoided a mandatory minimum prison sentence for a marijuana grow operation in massive scale, and will serve exactly no days in jail for the plea. Tenth District practice is tricky, and requires lawyers with a key understanding of the personalities and the quirks in that region, running from Buffalo out west to Hinckley up north and to Cottage Grove and Afton in the south Metro. Do not hire just anyone in this arena--go with pros, who have practiced artfully here for decades in Mr. Adkins' case, and with incredible early success in Mr. Gempeler.

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