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State v. L.T., August, 2018

Charges: 3rd Degree DWI - Gross Misdemeanors

Resolution: Plea to a 3rd Degree DWI, but the sentencing was well below the statutory minimums. For any second time offenses, the DWI law mandates that the driver serve 30 days in custody, with most of that on house arrest. On top of that, most pleas result in a lengthy probationary term and significant fine. Here, the client was credited for three days served upon his arrest, and placed on two years probation with no additional time to serve (not even on house arrest). The fine was minimal. The North Star team leveraged a stop issue and utilized its strong relationship with the local prosecutor to get this atypical and great result for a deserving client. Goes to show that even when the law may require a penal sentence, the North Star attorneys know how to get the best results for their clients - even in the face of statutory minimums.

State v. R.B., August, 2018

Charges: 4th Degree DWI - Misdemeanor

Resolution: Plea to a 4th Degree. Sentence included no jail, no community service, a minimal fine, and probation to the Court. What makes this outcome remarkable is that the incident involved terrible driving conduct that led to an accident. With absolutely no available defense, the team at North Star still negotiated an outcome that is better than usual, notwithstanding the accident - which is often motivation for a prosecutor to seek more penal sentencing terms.

State v. D.N., August, 2018

Charges: 3rd Degree DWI - Gross Misdemeanor

Resolution: Plea to a 4th Degree DWI - Misdemeanor. What makes this result so incredible is that the incident involved a serious accident and a breath alcohol reading more than twice the legal limit. And on top of getting a misdemeanor, the client received probation to the court, with no further custody time or community service to complete and the minimum fine of $300. In serious accident DWI cases, cities are want to give such a great outcome. But, with a smart strategy and a proactive and remorseful client, the City Attorney knew this was a client deserving of this incredible outcome.

State v. T.H., July, 2018

Charges: 5th Degree Drug Possession - Felony

Resolution: Stay of Adjudication. Client is a young man with an incredibly bright future. The North Star team critically analyzed the facts and defenses of the case, and successfully obtained this important outcome - one that will ensure the client's clean criminal record will remain clean. After a brief probationary period and following through with the conditions of probation, the case will be dismissed.

State v. A.R., July, 2018

Charges: Multiple DWI's - Gross Misdemeanors

Resolution: Home Monitoring only. Mr. Adkins' client caught a nasty, high-test DUI arrest, more than ten years after a run of three other DWI convictions, and not two months later, caught another case, with a neighboring jurisdiction. Most lawyers would tell you that client was facing as much as a year in custody for this run of poor decisions, but with careful planning, intervention of treatment and the interlock program, and fraught negotiations with sometimes incredulous prosecutors, this client avoided another HOUR in jail. Remarkable result, for a remarkable team, and a wonderful (healing!) client.

State v. C.R., July, 2018

Charges: Social Host Citation - Misdemeanor - St. Paul City Ordinance Violation

Resolution: Dismissed by the prosecutor. Even though we received an incredible first offer for our client to complete a diversion program and the case would be dismissed. Ever diligent, Mr. Gempeler carefully reviewed the ordinance in play and the summary of the incident in the citation. In doing so, it was discovered that the State lacked facts to satisfy the definition of a key element to the charge. After raising this issue with the prosecutor, she agreed and dismissed the case. While this citation may not seem like much, to a client without a criminal record and was seeking employment in a highly competitive marketplace, it was critical to earn this outcome.

State v. J.T., July, 2018

Charges: 2nd Degree Burglary - Felony

Resolution: Plea to an amended count of gross misdemeanor theft. The client was facing mandatory prison time based on the charge and the State was initially seeking a plea to the count as charged with significant jail time to be served. For an older client without any criminal history, avoiding a felony and any jail was imperative. The client ultimately earned a non-felony, no jail, and probation to the court after taking proactive steps and through Mr. Gempeler's proper guidance and negotiations.

State v. R.S., July, 2018

Charges: 3rd Degree Felony Assault and Gross Misdemeanor Theft

Resolution: Stay of Adjudication to the assault and a stay of imposition to the theft. Despite causing a broken hand to the victim and a rather significant history of misconduct occurring during the same time period, the Defendant avoided the felony, had no restitution imposed, and got a minimal jail sentence for a three-year probationary period. The State wanted sixty days in jail and a five year probation term, plus restitution. The judge advised counsel before the hearing he was still deciding restitution and contemplating a thirty day jail term. Based on Mr. Gempeler's argument and the Defendant's own statement, the judge moved on his positions significantly when issuing the ultimate sentence. The Defendant deserved this incredible result because he is the poster child for rehabilitating yourself and becoming a true asset to the public prior to the case wrapping up. He has a bright future, despite his multiple transgressions, because of his proactive approach to rehabilitation and by retaining North Star - a firm uniquely talented in handling multiple matters and putting people back on the right track when all is said and done.

State v. E.V., July, 2018

Charges: Misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct

Resolution: Diversion resulting in a dismissal. Over the next six months, the client must complete some community service and pay a nominal fee. Upon his completion of that, the case will be dismissed. The client was facing the possibility of stalking charges. Yet, the careful and persistent negotiations by the North Star team led to a result that allows the client to keep his record clear.

State v. M.M., June, 2018

Charges: Gross Misdemeanor Theft, Shoplifting

Resolution: Diversion. If the client can complete 24 hours of community service, attend a PERT class, and remain law abiding for the next six months, the case will be dismissed. There is no admission to facts, plea, or any conviction associated with the case. Considering evidence showed the client shoplifted $1,600+ from Target over the course of several weeks, obtaining a complete dismissal is rare and needful for a young woman with a bright future.

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