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State v. J.S., December, 2018

Charges: 2nd- and 3rd-Degree DWIs, False Info to Police (gross misdemeanor), and misdemeanor driving after revocation.

Resolution: Stay of imposition to a gross misdemeanor 3rd Degree DWI. The State initially wanted a plea to either a 2nd degree or a 3rd Degree and False Info. The North Star team fought back. After narrowly losing a challenge on the stop, the Court agreed that the State could not charge the 2nd Degree DWI because the pending DWI had not been resolved. On the day of trial, the State not only agreed to just a 3rd Degree DWI - meaning the client wasn't also pleading to the False Info charge - but it also agreed to a stay of imposition. When all is said and done, the client will walk away with a misdemeanor DWI. A remarkable outcome considering the client had a pending misdemeanor DWI from only a few months before this case.

State v. Y.V., December, 2018

Charges: Misdemeanor Theft by Swindle

Resolution: Continuance for dismissal. The client was a sought-after man by Fleet Farm for allegedly switching UPC codes on products and returning items in order to profit off the exchanges. A complicated case that resulted in complicated police reports that simply did not connect all the dots for the State. Due to this and the client's good overall record, a continuance for dismissal was negotiated so that the client can take the guaranteed outcome and put this stress behind him.

State v. S.S., October, 2018

Charges: 5th Degree Assault - Misdemeanor

Resolution: DISMISSED. Client was facing charges stemming from a fight in which he was wrongfully identified as the perpetrator. Instead, he was the peacemaker in a fight involving multiple individuals. Thankfully, Mr. Gempeler and the team at North Star diligently reviewed the witness statements and discovered that the State had charged the wrong individual based on the description of the perpetrators. With a photo of the client from the night in question, Mr. Gempeler easily persuaded the State to dismiss the case without even needing to file a formal motion.

State v. J.B., October, 2018

Charges: Driving After Revocation - Misdemeanor

Resolution: Stay of Adjudication. The client had 8 prior convictions of similar charges - a huge amount that makes successful plea bargaining damn near impossible. But, this client was also different. He had all but completed the driver diversion program prior to this incident. Utilizing this and working with a prosecutor that understood the need to get individuals back and valid, an plea bargain was reached whereby the client can immediately seek reinstatement of his driving privileges, thereby ending the vicious cycle he had been on. An absolute must of a result that we achieved.

State v. E.M., October, 2018

Charges: Misdemeanor Theft - Shoplifting

Resolution: Continuance for dismissal. Despite the State's initial offer being a good offer, one that is common for most shoplifting cases, the North Star team still pushed, highlighting the client's good overall record, positive facts about the case, and her career ambitions for why a better result - the best possible result - was appropriate and needful. For a young mother, keeping her record clear was critical in order to best provide for her family in the future.

State v. J.P., October, 2018

Charges: 5th Degree Drug Sales and three counts of 5th Degree Drug Possession - All Felonies

Resolution: Stay of adjudication. 3 years probation, no jail, minimal fine, and simply the need to follow the recommendations of the CD assessment and submit to random UA's. Considering a rifle and significant cash was also found in the client's bedroom (i.e. in his possession), obtaining a stay of adjudication was not automatic. With the counseling of the North Star team to get a CD assessment, become sober, find full-time work, and get a fresh start on life, the client put himself in a position to earn this important outcome, which is ultimately a dismissal of the case in just a couple years when he's discharge from probation early.

State v. J.L., October, 2018

Charges: Indecent Exposure - Misdemeanor

Resolution: Continuance for dismissal. For minimal costs and the only condition being to remain crime free, the client will keep a perfect record. For a young man, the prospect of facing this type of record with a conviction would be devastating to his future career. Yet, without any legal defenses, the North Star team still knew how to negotiate this critical outcome for our needful client.

State v. J.K., September, 2018

Charges: Malicious Punishment of a Child - Gross Misdemeanor

Resolution: Sentenced to a misdemeanor - no jail, minimum fine, and conditions that only require the client to stay the course. The State initially sought a gross misdemeanor sentence with significant jail time. But, with the right approach and a proactive client, the North Star team achieved this great outcome on a case that involved physical punishment that left noticeable harm to the young child. The North Star team was instrumental in keeping the client focused on turning this negative incident into a positive with the client focusing on bettering himself as a person and a parent.

State v. B.M., September, 2018

Charges: Solicitation of a Minor - State appeals downward departure to a GM sentence

Resolution: Court of Appeals affirmed - meaning it agreed with the GM sentence on this felony charge. The State was so upset that North Star achieved a GM sentence at our request for a departure at sentencing that it appealed the ruling. Despite some new case law that went against the client, the North Star team successfully argued that grounds existed to support the departure and the Court of Appeals agreed. Obtaining the GM sentence was an incredible outcome. Add on the success at the appellate level shows how committed and strong the North Star team is in achieving rare and fantastic outcomes for our clients.

State v. L.S., September, 2018

Charges: 4th Degree DWI - Misdemeanor

Resolution: Pled to an amended count of Failing to Drive with Due Care and received probation to the court. Without much of a defense, the team at North Star was still able to obtain this incredible and atypical outcome due to his strategic negotiations and relying upon its strong relationship with the prosecutor. Together, we knew how to approach the City to get this needful result. Now, the client has much less risk of this record impacting her burgeoning career.

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