Case Results

State v. Confidential, May, 2018

Charges: Gross Misdemeanor Assault

Resolution: Reduction to Disorderly Conduct, Stay of Adjudication. A victim reports having been choked to the point of asphyxiation by her boyfriend, and having been punched repeatedly by our client, and felony charges against the boyfriend and a nasty gross misdemeanor complaint against our man ensue. Mr. Adkins negotiated carefully and well, and potentially career-ending criminal charges will be removed outright from the record in a short period of time. No jail, no onerous terms of probation, nothing other than payment of minimal costs was required, and the client is over the moon.

OFP Matter – Washington County, May, 2018

Charges: Order For Protection Defense

Resolution: Mr. Adkins succeeded in getting this order dropped, after providing opposing counsel ample evidence to rebut her claims on behalf of her client. This avoids the collateral consequences, including a loss of gun rights, that almost always ensue from these civil/family orders. If you are served with a petition for a harassment order or a family-court order for protection, do not delay in calling Dan or James, and do NOT seek to handle this matter alone. Attorneys are essential to rights-protection generally, but nowhere more clearly than in these contentious matters.

State v. C.B., May, 2018

Charges: Solicitation of a Minor - Felony

Resolution: Reduced after argument to Gross Misdemeanor. After more than 2 years of negotiation and litigation, this matter was presented to a judge on motion to sentence as a gross misdemeanor, with no jail time to serve, with the State opposing our request. We prepared the client for his pre-sentence interview carefully and well, researched all issues in framing our arguments, and exited the courtroom with a young man having avoided a life-altering felony outcome. He keeps his job, his living arrangements, and his HOPE, all moving forward and intact.

State v. K.B., May, 2018

Charges: Felony Fleeing and Gross Misdemeanor DWI (with an elevated reading)

Resolution: Plea to the gross misdemeanor DWI and the felony fleeing charge was dismissed. Additionally, the vehicle was returned to the client, instead of being forfeited due to the second degree conviction. So, after all is said and done, the felony count is dismissed, the vehicle is returned, and the client faces a standard second-time DWI sentence. With such an expensive vehicle possibly being forfeited and the additional felony count, such an outcome is truly remarkable. The client was expecting far worse in a smaller community in which he knows there have been worse consequences. Despite this being the first trip to a northern county for North Star, our professional approach quickly gained the trust of the County attorney and led to this great outcome. Some worry that hiring a "big city" attorney for a case outside of the metro can work against you. That's not the case with our attorneys because we know how to establish the rapport with the prosecutor quickly and fight the case in the appropriate manner. Our clients get fantastic results, everywhere.

State v. B.H., April, 2018

Charges: Promotion of Prostitution and RICO - Felonies

Resolution: Probation, time served. A young lady tied deeply into a high-profile and infamous prostitution ring avoided as many as 23 years in prison--what her co-defendant received--and received a time served outcome on a downward departure agreement with the State, with Dan Adkins's assistance. Intense negotiations and a respectful personal relationship with the opposing team made all the difference in this case, and the client gets to resume her efforts to recover from some disastrous choices.

State v. D.V., April, 2018

Charges: Kidnapping and Human Trafficking - Felonies (Out of Wisconsin)

Resolution: Time Served. A client already serving a probationary sentence for First Degree Assault in Minnesota was ordered to return to northwestern Wisconsin to face a completely separate matter, with a presumptive sentence in the decades in length. After negotiations, and a comprehensive investigation by Mr. Adkins and his local counsel, the State dismissed all serious felony counts and permitted the case to resolve as a low-level felony concerning a failure to prevent another person from selling narcotics. This gentleman's life gets restarted, he can return to his family and his employment, with conditions he will easily handle to avoid a return to jail or a trip to prison. This is another example of the lengths to which North Star will travel to assist you and your family: Dan has practiced in 15 states and federal jurisdictions already, and can obtain the right to practice in every state. We maintain a strong national network of firms to help in any/every state where you might have legal issues.

State v. M.J., April, 2018

Charges: Felony Domestic Assault - Strangulation and multiple Domestic Abuse No Contact Order (DANCO) violations

Resolution: Probation. This client was, shall we say, not quite ready for prime time, and continued to reside with his accuser, for many months after initial arrest. After intense and repeated negotiations, the felony was resolved as a Stay of Imposition (probation) with a modest jail term and staggered sentencing going forward, several DANCO violations dismissed, and the DANCO itself now formally removed. North Star is equal to all emergencies, and can handle any developments, including clients not quite ready to succeed.

State v. S.O., April, 2018

Charges: Theft and Theft by Swindle - Gross Misdemeanors

Resolution: Stay of Adjudication to the theft count and the theft by swindle count was dismissed. The case involved a concerted effort between our client and a colleague who stole merchandise from a retail store they worked at. Any workplace theft is a serious crime that prosecutors are want to give any sort of meaningful deal, let alone one that would keep a conviction off the defendant's record. Due to the great relationship North Star has developed with the City over the years and the proper approach, the client is afforded the opportunity to keep her record clean and her future bright.

State v. V.X., April, 2018

Charges: 2nd Degree DWI - Gross Misdemeanor

Resolution: Plea to a 3rd Degree DWI. The initial offer from the State was for 45 days to be served in custody - a truly terrible offer for a second-time offender. Through North Star's strategic approach, the client was afforded an opportunity to plead to a 3rd Degree, with no jail to be served. Importantly, the plea to a 3rd Degree now positions the client to seek the return of her vehicle that was pending forfeiture on the conviction to a 2nd Degree. This last part was the primary goal of the client. Another client more than satisfied with our diligent and aggressive defense.

State v. J.P., April, 2018

Charges: 3rd Degree DWI - Gross Misdemeanor

Resolution: Acquitted of the driving under the influence count after a jury trial. Convicted of the .08 or more count. Due to the loss of license that would result from any conviction, the client was forced to take this case to trial, despite not have much of a legal defense. Still, Mr. Gempeler crafted a creative argument and defense to beat one of the counts. This proved crucial when arguing sentencing. The State sought jail time and house arrest, consistent with the statutory minimums. Armed with the acquittal, Mr. Gempeler successfully argued for no jail and only house arrest, plus a shorter probationary period. Even when you lose at trial, you can win in the long run with a sentence better than what the State was offering.

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